How To Be More Creative

1. Create the Right Environment

Every single individual can be creative, you simply require the right environment, stimulus, and support. Children are full of creative energy  in part because they have not yet learned to fear the criticism of their peers or experienced embarrassment from failure. This is why firms like Google go to great lengths to provide employees with a workplace resembling an adult playground. The goal is to create an environment that lets employees feel comfortable with vocalizing creative, even wacky, ideas.
Businesses that value creativity need to do their best to foster a creative, safe space where unusual ideas are celebrated and where creativity is nurtured. Though not all creative ventures will work out, ultimately some will. So try to work in bright, light spaces with plenty of fun, playful toys and "distractions" around to keep your inner child happy.

2. Doodle and Sketch

Two tips here really but they are in the same area so I've combined them into the one.

Doodling, contrary to popular opinion, does not demonstrate a lack of focus. In fact, doodling can enhance recall and activate unique neurological pathways, leading to new insights and cognitive breakthroughs.  So when your in a creative rut, just relax your mind and let the pen loose. 

Always keep a sketchbook handy and have a deskpad at your workstation so you always have a surface to draw on when an idea hits or when trying to eek one out. Don’t over analyse your results just draw to get an idea out of your head and out into the world so it isn't forgotten or dismissed by your mind before it's given a chance.

3. Try New Things

Creativity flourishes when you put yourself outside of your comfort zone and try something new. So try painting, pottery, or woodworking, learning a new language, picking up a new instrument, or taking a class. Anything really, as long as it's new - even a new method of doing what you always do, just in a different way. It may give you a new perspective on things.

4. Try the 30 Circles Test

This creative exercise comes from researcher Bob McKim,

Take a piece of paper and draw 30 circles on the paper. Now, in one minute, adapt as many circles as you can into objects. For example, one circle could become a sun. Another could become a globe. Try to create as many as you can in one minute.

It's unlikely you'll get to 30, largely because we have a tendency as adults to self-edit. Kids are great at simply exploring possibilities without being self-critical, whereas adults have a harder time. Sometimes, even the desire to be original can be a form of self-editing.


One of the best ways to help your creative process along is visualizing what you are trying to achieve. If you don't at least have an idea in your mind of what you are trying to achieve then you are unlikely to know when you are finished or even if you are making progress.

Simply close your eyes and create a mental image of what you are doing and how you want it to progress. See yourself being successful and creative and you will be.

And if my top 5 tips for being creative are not enough then perhaps the infographic below will be.
I'm not sure where I found this wonderful infographic but thought I'd share it anyway as I have found it a very useful reference when the dreaded creative block rears it's ugly head. If you do know where it came from then let me know through the comments as I'd love to give them credit.

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