Top Web Design Resources for Students

Top Web Design Resources for Students

Website design is a valuable skill that every person should possess now because it unlocks limitless possibilities. Designing websites can be a gateway to pursuing a career in one of the seemingly most sustainable careers, computer programming. 

Apart from that, students can make some money on the side by designing websites for small businesses and bloggers who need these services. Some students may decide to use their web design skills to create a personal blog and start bankrolling it to make some extra money. 

To help you get started on this, here are the top 10 web design resources for students.

Opera Web Standard Curriculum

Opera Web Standard Curriculum introduces students to the world of web design using more of a theoretical approach, leaving students to test their own knowledge. If you’d like to learn more but keep thinking, “I wish someone could do my english homework to free up my time,” click the link. You’ll make more room in your schedule for your design projects.

Students that are up for a challenge can choose this learning resource because it does not simplify things down to the absolute basics. Even the teaching style is designed for students to use their own powers of discernment. 

The results are seasoned website designers that can work exceedingly well independently. Students will not see much of video tutorials but the curriculum is passed on using plain text. 

Although the teaching style is plain text, it is by no means boring to students. Instead, the written material is written in a lively and manner with great formatting and structure.

Google Code University

Google Code University is by far one of the best introductory courses in web design and has a course that is aimed for beginners. The name of the course is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from the Ground Up. 

Throughout the curriculum, students will gain more insight into how to start scripting code using these programming languages. Afterward, they will learn how to add color and other elements when coding their website design. 

Students will learn how these 3 languages can be used to achieve one goal in a single project. The learning resource has a lot of video tutorials that are produced by developers working for Google. All of their expertise and knowledge is poured into this course to help you get started on your journey of designing websites. provides students with a wide range of professionally produced videos that introduce students to web design and advances to more sophisticated topics about this skill. The videos are tutorials of how to create your own fully functional website design and in addition to that, there are books and documentaries about this industry.

There is a lot of material you can gain access to when joining You can opt-in for the free tutorials or pay for the monthly subscription. 

The resource can be trusted because it has been around since 1995, providing authoritative content about web design. Once you have covered the material about web design, there is a variety of other material on this website that can advance your skills.

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Top Web Design Resources for Students

Mozilla School of Webcraft

Mozilla School of Webcraft has been designed for students that require free learning material related to website design. The Mozilla browser team created a comprehensive web design course and uploaded it for free on the Peer to Peer University. 

You can enjoy the free material that is available open-source on this online learning platform. Mozilla uploaded a comprehensive curriculum about website design with different challenges testing your knowledge about this acquired skill.  

Using this learning platform can help you learn how to design a website from scratch and gives the opportunity to test that knowledge. 

You can learn how to design sites using HTML, CSS, and PHP, which are some of the most common programming languages in the world. Mozilla School of Webcraft can take you from being a beginner to a capable web designer.


Codecademy is one of the most popular platforms to learn almost any programming language related to website design. It is also very reputable in this industry, with some of the greatest web designers backing it up and claiming to have learned to program using this platform. There are various courses you can choose from, including website design and other related curricula.  

The approach used by this online learning resource is teaching students practical skills. Those enrolled in one Codecademy’s courses are prompted to take challenges and tests to assess their capabilities. 

If your score is not satisfying, you can retake that module until you’re satisfied with the understanding and practical capabilities of the concepts discussed in it.

Stack Overflow 

Stack Overflow allows novice designers to get some mentoring from seasoned industry professionals with years of experience. The platform works on the principle of members asking questions and anyone with an answer to provide one. 

If you are somehow stuck when writing code for web design, this resource can be used to ask why your code is misbehaving and how it can be fixed.  

Once you have mastered the profession of designing websites, it only seems fair to reciprocate the gesture to other novice designers. Stack Overflow is more of an online community reaching out to help others who are in need of their thoughtful service. Regardless of the programming language you're using, this resource will help you gain access to answers from real industry professionals.

Top Web Design Resources for Students


freeCodeCamp is an online website design learning resource that is absolutely free, with no hidden fees or required monthly subscriptions. The curriculum found at this online resource is structured for students to move at their own pace as they wade through the various stages of website design and development. 

There are many other skills related to web design that are taught by freeCodeCamp and you get a certificate upon completing each module. 

You get the certification for free of charge, unlike a lot of online learning resources that require a certain amount of money to get a certificate. Moreover, this online resource's website has a treasure trove of articles and blog posts made by industry professionals that can help you gain more insight into web design. 

Google Sites

Google Sites simplifies the task of designing websites by eliminating the need to write tedious lines of code. Some students would like to see instantaneous results and learning how to code a web design might take a long while. 

Whereas using this resource will make their work very simple by using drag and drop features. Students can just click a few buttons and their website design will start coming to life. 

They will have full customizability over the appearance and icons of the website design. The greatest part is that the website will be responsive, making it perfect for all screen sizes. Google Sites comes at no charge and can be used by beginner website designers who would like to start getting the hang of things in web design.


WordPress is one of the greatest resources for students learning web design that would like to see how a CMS looks like and how it operates. Using this platform can help them recognize how they can upload their code to be deployed online. 

Generally, this resource can be used to test the theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios. You can also see other alternatives for designing websites such as buying a theme and tweaking it here and there to meet your requirements. 

When you choose the latter route, the design process is exponentially simplified because the website can be designed much easier with a theme that has been made beforehand. All you have to worry about is adding your own images and dragging and dropping certain elements to the design for your touch.


Treehouse is the perfect resource for students that would like to learn how to design websites using HTML and CSS. The platform also includes lessons on JavaScript, equipping students with all they need to design beautiful and responsive websites. It is video-oriented, providing students with an opportunity to see how the code comes to life and what they should expect after deploying their designed site. 

Everything on this platform is easy to get used to because the interface is simplistic and minimal without any unnecessary elements that complicate the experience. Almost everything has been covered about website design using the abovementioned programming languages. 

The site uses gamification to make the learning process much more desirable and enticing. You can test your knowledge using the gamified tests and get achievement badges throughout the entire curriculum.

Final thoughts

These resources are designed by true industry professionals that have years of experience in this field. They have been simplified enough for complete beginners to grasp website design concepts without any intensive prerequisite knowledge. 

Most of the resources outlined above have plenty of video content for students that prefer a visual and more practical way of instruction. There are a lot of benefits that lay ahead in your journey of studying web design. Sign up for a course and use the resources surrounding you to consistently garner more knowledge about designing websites.

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