Web Design Tips That Will Make Your Online Store More Responsive

The future of business depends on company owners that focus on e-commerce strategies and perfect their online stores for their customers. Streamlining your online business can be your strongest advantage compared to your competitors. This is why you need to make your platform responsive, appealing, and easy-to-use by your customers. Web designing can be a little complicated, but with the right tools, professional help, and determination, you can continue providing your customers with an excellent online store that works conveniently. 

Read on to learn more about designing an online store that is more responsive with these helpful tips.

Improve Your Checkout System

Improve Your Checkout System

Any business or website owner should understand that improving your checkout system can do wonders for your online store. One of the strongest ways to know whether your website is responsive is by checking your cart abandonment rates to see if you need to minimize them significantly. This should be one of your main goals because a lot of customers add items to their online cart and then cancel it at the last second. You need to be honest and upfront with your online visitors.

Whether it was because of extra fees, a complicated checkout process, too many pages until the payment page, or even the high shipping costs, many factors give your potential customers reason to leave your platform and not buy from you. Design an appealing progress indicator that gives your online shoppers the peace of mind they need. The indicator gives them the reassurance they want when they see the checkout process is going forward. Try to minimize your checkout pages and allow the customer to have a hassle-free checkout experience.

Make Your Online Store Easy to Navigate

You should always make your online store easy to navigate. It makes your website look appealing and prevents your platform from looking too clunky. A customer wants simple drop-down menus and categories. Don’t split your product categories into a hundred subcategories that will only confuse your customers. Advice from the web designers at Sandcastle-Web.com suggests that you improve your online visitor’s experience to ensure that your platform is responsive. You need to make sure your customers are happy with your design and that they can navigate through every category easily and effortlessly.

This minimizes the chances of losing visitors and shoppers to your competitors. Add a search bar to make it convenient for customers to search for specific products. Allow them to filter the search in the easiest way to find the right type, size, price, and color for a product. When your online store is appealing and easy to navigate, they will stay longer and will most likely purchase the product they’re searching for. Not only that, but they will also come back for more because they had a memorable and excellent user experience.

Design It for Mobile Devices

Designing your website for mobile devices first can make your platform more responsive. It is a growing SEO trend to design websites for mobile devices first and then making the platforms compatible with computers. You need to understand that the mobile commerce world is growing significantly because a large percentage of online shoppers use their smartphones to purchase products, nowadays. You have higher chances of succeeding if you appeal to mobile users first. It’s also easier to design a website for mobile users and then make the necessary changes for it to be compatible with desktop users.

You won’t have any technical issues when you start to design your online store this way. If you focus on the SEO tactics and strategies that revolve around mobile web designs, then your platform will get excellent traffic and would be a lot more responsive. Customers love the convenience of smartphones because they can use their devices anywhere and whenever they want. Making your store accessible to them through mobile searches first is your chance to increase your sales. The positive exposure you will get is a lot higher and you can ensure a higher percentage of customers this way.

Add Share and Follow Buttons for Social Media

You need to add a share and follow button for social media influence. This can change your platform significantly and make it highly responsive. It gives online shoppers and visitors the chance to share what you have to offer and make more people check out your content. When you combine this with your social media outlets, you can increase the exposure for your online store. You need to place them conveniently on the top or the bottom corners of the platform.

Make the icons for each button visible and easy to notice and add as many buttons as possible because customers can have various accounts on different social media outlets. You will need to invest in a social sharing tool that can make the process easy and fast. The cost you spend on this step is worth the positive results you will get. Just think of it as a non-pushy method of asking your customers to share your content and follow you on social media.

High-Quality Images

Customers love high-quality and appealing images, but the trick is working out the details around the size of those images. You must make sure that the images aren’t too heavy that it slows down your online store. Slow platforms drive customers away and that can decrease your responsive levels significantly. You need to work on your Cascading Style Sheets tool (CSS) to set up the rules for each image and how it will be displayed on different screens. Customers have different devices and screens that they can use to visit your platform. You should make sure that the store doesn’t slow down for them on any type of screen.

Determine which images need to be handled differently depending on their size and width. This must be done correctly because it can drive the customer’s decision of buying a product. High-quality images give you credibility and it allows the online shopper to see, feel, and learn more about the product. Give your customer multiple angles to click on for your images because it can help them decide. Modify each image to work correctly with your CSS tool and make sure that the customer’s user experience is still enjoyable. Your images can be a contributing factor to how responsive your online store can be.

Make Your Online Store Secure

Make Your Online Store Secure

Every website owner should make their platform secure and safe. Customers should feel safe and comfortable when they browse your store or while purchasing products from you. This is why you should implement the SSL encryption to get the certified stamp of approval that makes customers feel safe. This gives you more credibility and it allows customers to make more purchases because they know that their transactions with you are secured and encrypted. They will feel a lot more comfortable when they fill in their details and credit card information because it’s encrypted by the transport layer security system.

You can rest assured that your sales will skyrocket with the secure sockets layer (SSL) certification and your customers will not abandon their online shopping carts so easily. It fully authenticates your online store and it can be a competitive advantage to you because some online stores don’t have this type of encryption system. This increases customer loyalty levels and it attracts more customers to you over time, making your website very responsive and successful in the digital world.

Implement the Best-Seller Icons

You should implement the best-seller icons on your most purchased products. This helps thousands of customers that have difficulties when it comes to making decisions. Some customers may stare at your product page for hours because they aren’t sure yet which product would be more appealing. However, adding a best-seller icon can convince them to make faster purchasing e decisions because it shows them that this product is loved by other customers. It changes the customer’s psychology and makes them think that they should get that item too.

When they see the majority of other shoppers are going for something specific, this means that it’s too good to ignore. This increases your sales numbers dramatically because everyone loves best-seller products. This is a small method of helping online shoppers with their decision-making process. Just remember to only add this icon to your most popular products that are in demand. It gives you more credibility and people will know that you’re an honest online store owner. This will make your platform more responsive.

You should know that the digital world can increase your chances of success. Online stores and e-commerce platforms make customers happy because of how easily accessible and convenient they are. Every aspect of a digital store can improve your brand recognition and customer satisfaction levels, but you must make sure that your online store is designed appropriately to attract more customers every day. This is how you can guarantee that your platform is responsive enough to gain more positive traffic and increase your sales. Just remember to follow these steps to transform your online store to one of the highest-ranking platforms online. 

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