7 Interior Design Trends to Boost Your Property Price


7 Interior Design Trends to Boost Your Property Price

Our home is the biggest and often the most important purchase we will make in our lifetime. Some people plan to live in a property for a long period of time and others move on more regularly — whatever the case, we all want the value of our properties to increase. Of course, not everyone has the budget to carry out extensive renovations or extensions.

However, you may not realize that simply updating the interior décor in your home could make a big difference. If you would like to boost the value of your home, this article outlines how interior design can help and provides seven interior design trends to consider.

How interior design can boost property value

When a prospective buyer views a property, they need to be able to imagine themselves living there. New homeowners will put their own stamp on a property at some point after they have moved in, but many will want to live in the property for a while before embarking on major changes.

For this reason, redecorating your home in line with one of the more popular design trends can have a significant and positive impact on property prices and possibly a quicker sale.

1. Traditional farmhouse

Wooden beams, open fireplaces, warm colors, and large open kitchens are hugely popular. Whether your home is in the countryside or a more urban area, interior décor which reminds us of a traditional farmhouse is one of the most popular trends.

How to Achieve a Traditional Farmhouse Interior Style

While you may not have the ability to add beams into your home, there are a number of ways you can transform your interior to become a dreamy farmhouse style. The first, and possibly easiest, way to do so is to focus on neutral tones on the walls and ceiling. However, this doesn’t mean you need to paint every wall in your home white. There are several neutral shades that would look wonderful in any room. Your bedroom, for example, could become a calming soft beige. At the same time, you could mix it up with a soft grey in the living room or kitchen. Avoid dark colors, especially if you do live in a property that features wooden beams, as these can make the room feel smaller than it is.

Don’t forget what makes farmhouses so lusted after: the traditional elements. This is where you can mix and match new items with beautiful vintage pieces. A classic piece of farmhouse décor is a dresser, where items can be displayed. A vintage dresser can be expensive, but many modern stores now stock their own versions of traditional dressers, making adding this key piece to your home much more accessible.

Additionally, if you do have any older furniture in your home or even items that have been handed down to you, these can be given a new lease of life by upcycling them. This project is great if your old furniture is darker in color, as painting it a lighter color can make it look brand new and completely different. You could choose to upcycle old dining tables and chairs to create a new feel, or you could choose to even paint your bedframe and bedroom furniture to match your new wall color.

2. Rustic

Although related to farmhouse, rustic homes are slightly different as they emphasize the homely, well-worn, and handmade elements of interior design. Second-hand, high-quality furniture with character as well as cozy soft furnishings and weathered wood will give your home the rustic appeal so many people are looking for in a home.

3. Scandinavian

Scandinavian style is not only incredibly popular but is also one of the simplest approaches to interior design. Try to declutter the home, use whites with blocks of color and chunky knitted throws to inject that sought after feeling of hygge. Visit Decorilla for tips on injecting hygge in your home.

How to Achieve Scandinavian Interior Style

This style is understandably extremely popular and one many wish to emulate. Doing so can be relatively easy (and cheap!). Scandinavian style incorporates natural materials within bright, light, airy rooms. Like the farmhouse style, steer clear of dark colors for this one. The Scandinavian style embraces white, beige, light gray, and pastels to create a soothing, calm vibe within the home. For those wanting a splash of color, create a statement wall that matches the more neutral tones, such as beige with a pale blue on one wall.

As expected for a style originating in a colder climate, the Scandinavian style also embraces warm textures, such as chunky knitted blankets and cushions. This style allows you to play with textures to create a cozy home. A fluffy (faux) sheepskin rug is a key element that can bring a whole room together.

Furthermore, this style is one that lends itself to minimalism. Less is better with Scandinavian style, and by keeping accessories to a minimum, it creates a clean slate. A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind, and this is one logic Scandinavian style agrees with! Of course, having personal photos and effects is important, but don’t be afraid to keep your walls bare.

4. Contemporary

Modern homes with lots of contemporary furniture, clean and crisp colors and smart technology are a dream come true for a lot of people, especially younger buyers.

5. Bohemian

Originally used to refer to Roma gypsies and the traveling lifestyle, bohemian is a hard trend to describe but is reminiscent of an artistic, spiritual, adventurous, quirky, and eclectic aesthetic. Using color, fabric, and influences from cultures around the world can provoke a strong reaction, but for the right property and buyer, it could be a match made in heaven.

How to Achieve Bohemian Interior Style

This style is truly one where color and texture can reign free! Bright, warm colors are ideal for bringing into your home for this style, creating a welcoming atmosphere. What’s more, the brighter, the better with the shades! A bright turquoise feature wall is one way to make an impact within your living room, while yellow kitchen cupboards are a sunny addition.

Perfection and minimalism aren’t a key aspect of the Bohemian style. Rather, it thrives on quirky, imperfect pieces, and showcasing as many fun, interior elements as possible. One key room you can turn into a Bohemian masterpiece is the living room. In here, think low, comfy seating, thoroughly decorated with bright cushions and throws. Add in a bright red bookcase and place a variety of objects on the shelves, not just books, to create an intriguing feature within the room. If you upcycle the bookcase or seating, that just adds to the allure of Bohemian living and allows you to bring something back to life.

Don’t forget natural elements, either. Fill your home with a variety of plants, which will also help improve the air quality within your home. There are a number of plants that will have pride of place in your home, but also provide a variety of benefits. For example, lavender is famed for its calming properties, ideal if you find yourself frequently stressed and anxious. Jasmine has a beautiful scent, while aloe vera purifies the air by removing formaldehyde and benzene, which are common within cleaning products.

6. Minimalist

Minimalism is self-explanatory but is a safe choice when it comes to selling a home as it enables new owners to imagine themselves there without much effort. Clear out the clutter, get rid of everything you don’t need, and focus on creating as much space as possible.

7. Industrial

Industrial interior décor is not to everyone’s taste, but in some properties, it can be fantastic. Generally, industrial homes will include exposed brickwork and metal structures like beams alongside mechanical design features.

How to Achieve Industrial Interior Style

In contrast to the above styles, industrial is one where you can truly make an impact with your walls alone. A common sight within industrial interior design is undoubtedly an exposed brick wall. By adding an exposed brick wall (you can do so with wallpaper if you cannot expose the bricks within your home), it also means you can redecorate and change the color scheme within the room easily.

Open plan living is key within the industrial style, which can be difficult to achieve if you live in a traditional home. Difficult but not impossible, however. Removing walls that aren’t load-bearing is possible, but you will need to enlist the help of a professional builder and architect to do so.

The industrial style also features reclaimed items within the décor. For example, it’s common to see old lighting fixtures and exposed metal piping within a room, all adding to that enticing style. While some might believe that the industrial style is cold and bare, you can make it your own by adding personal items and by including a variety of warm colors, both on the walls and within the elements you feature.

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