Color Psychology and Web Design

It is a proven fact that colors have a substantial impact on people. Therefore, all designers have to pick and combine colors wisely. A well-thought-out website's color scheme can increase sales, engage users, improve the retention rate, and boost a brand's recognition. 

Vice versa, a bad color scheme on a website can alienate users and force them to leave a website even if it offers great information or best-value products.

In case you're a web-designer or create a website by yourself, you should pay thorough awareness to the colors used on your site. They can make your website successful or kill it in the very beginning.

By reading the post below, you will learn more about the psychology of colors and discover which ones to use on your site. Also, you will find out how to combine them correctly.


This one is the most vibrant color. It is very prevalent in marketing since it provokes a lot of emotions. Also, it raises heart-rate and makes people breathe faster. This color attracts attention, so it's vital not to overuse it. Red should be utilized for highlighting critical sections of a website. Otherwise, it may increase aggression and irritation that will not positively affect website users.

red colour psychology

For instance, red can be utilized to notify users about a promotion or a limited offer. Feel free to use this color for buttons that help convert a visitor into a client. It's a perfect color for any CTA messages.

Top three color patterns for websites with red:

  • #FF0000, #E8A392, #FFE6D9, #FFE6D9;

  • #EB2121, #009862, #9C44FF;

  • #E54E4E, #57423F, #BFA5A3, #008FF6, #005EBD.


Orange is a compromise between aggressive read and yellow. It combines the best characteristics of both these colors and brings some welcoming emotions to website visitors.

It is a fun color that stimulates physical activity. It's widely used on sites that sell sports goods and children's products.

This color helps highlight essential items on a site and can be used more than red since it's not so aggressive. Orange can help draw attention to CTA elements. Therefore, don't hesitate to highlight featured products with this color. Also, you can make the subscription and sign up buttons orange on your site.

Do you want to create an alluring website design that uses orange as the main color? Check out these top color palettes:

  • #6E3B00, #006B60, #61BAAD;

  • #FFA600, #514538, #B8A99A, #00D98B, #00A058;

  • #F8AE24, #A98C66, #FFF8EA, #DFE0DF.


This color is often used to evoke cheerful feelings. According to different studies, yellow is associated with happy emotions, so that it's perfect for any travel, entertainment, or charity website.

Color Psychology and Web Design Yellow

However, there is a flip side to using yellow in web design. Modern people, especially those who live in urban areas, have a different attitude to this color. It is caused by the widespread use of yellow for warning signs. Thereupon, there is no guarantee that yellow will evoke positive emotions. Vice versa, it can increase awareness in your site visitors.

However, if you decide to use this color for building your site, check out the best color matches with yellow:

  • #FFF400, #006B5F, #C3FCF1, #659B91;

  • #FFF976, #FFC6A4, #F88F70, #BC5B40;

  • #F4EA0B, #AFAB99, #00E9DE, #95B1AE.

Anyway, never be shy to combine other colors with yellow to create a unique palette for a website. However, if you're a student who doesn't have a lot of spare time for experiments, the color patterns above will be helpful. Alternatively, you can use paper writing services like the Assignment Geek. It is a site that helps students get their homework done fast.


This color is the calmest, among others. It's a symbol of fertility, environment, calmness, refreshment, peace, etc. This color doesn't irritate people, even if it's a dominant color in a website's palette. Thereupon, all sites that use green are connected with nature, organic food, tourism, health, and renewable energy. 

However, aside from all the obvious associations, green is also a great color that evokes creativity. A lot of studies show that green color helps boost creativity. 

Also, it's a great color for attracting attention as well. People will likely notice items that stand out on a green background. The best colors that draw the attention of website users on a green background are white and yellow.

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In case you want to use green as a dominant color on a website but don't which colors will match it well, here are the top three color schemes:

  • #0BFF00, #8BAF7F, #DFF8D5, #004D73; 

  • #53D625, #E4E3D9, #7C794D;

  • #54E122, #7E9870, #F5FBF1, #161E11.


Blue is a color that is associated with calmness, professionalism, independence, trust, security, etc. Therefore, it's the most popular color since a lot of people like it. However, you should know that men like blue more than women. 

That's why it's widely used by financial institutions, healthcare institutions, and even the world's largest social media platform. This color evokes a feeling of confidence and tells people that they can trust them. 

Facebook, PayPal, CapitalOne, and even Academized are great examples of how blue color is used to build user confidence. The last one in the list, Academized, is an online assignment writing platform that writes college papers for students. The Academized review will help you learn more about this site. Their website uses blue to build trust in students and convince them that they will receive top-notch papers with no delays.

If you want to create a website that will gain confidence from the first sight, by using blue color, scroll down below and find some great color palettes: 

  • #22C0E1, #005B95, #E6F4F1, #FCFCD4;

  • #0D23B5, #978AB5, #FBF8FF, #1D1927;

  • #22C0E1, #00AF8F, #106F60, #233933.

It should be noted the blue is also associated with a lack of emotions. Therefore, this color won't boost impulsive sales on your website.


This color isn't very popular in web development. It's associated with wealth, power, and beauty. Thereupon, it's frequently used on websites that sell or promote beauty products. Also, this color is connected with astrology, massage, yoga, and spirituality. It's the #1 color that is used for websites that are related to these niches. 

Color Psychology and Web Design Violet

Violet is a dark color that can hardly catch someone's eye and grab attention. It's recommended to add more colors like yellow, white, or orange to highlight CTA elements on a website. 

If you want to use this color on your website, check out these palettes with violet:

  • #BF0CE5, #C299C8, #FFE7FF, #5DBAB2; 

  • #941CAE, #B5A7B6, #807381, #AC2800, #EC600C;

  • #EC92FF, #9972A0, #FFE7FF, #00524D.


Brown is always considered a boring color for web-development. It is associated with organic products. Also, it's a great color to showcase natural and rustic products. Brown is a top pick of websites that sell antique goods or hand-made furniture. 

Also, this color helps showcase a high level of professional experience. Therefore, it's widely used for building personal web pages for lawyers and other experts with a great background in a particular niche.

These color matches will help you build an attractive website with brown: 

  • #964B00, #B98764, #FFE9CF, #00C9AC;

  • #B5651D, #956B60, #402E32;

  • #964B00, #B96823, #DE8741, #FFA65F, #FFC77E;


Black is a powerful color used for luxury, elegance, glamour, fashion, etc. This color isn't widely used in web development as it is applicable for websites that promote very expensive products, like luxury handbags, jewelry, cars, and watches.

In most cultures, this color is also associated with darkness and death. It's used for sites that cover tragic events or offer funeral services. Therefore, you have to be careful using black in web design. It shouldn't be overwhelming, especially if used on a website that showcases luxury goods.

If you don't want to go wrong with black color on a website, check out some top-notch color matches with this color: 

  • #000000, #303030, #FFE3F1, #00C9C8; 

  • #000000, #CF9EAC, #887177, #170000, #3A2F0B; 

  • #000000, #B9B9B9, #00AAA9, #28161C.


The primary problem with this color is that most people don't consider it as a color. They think that white is merely a default background and doesn't impact users at all. 

However, this color is associated with cleanliness, happiness, and coolness. That's why white is often used on healthcare websites. Also, huge white spaces on websites are a new trend in web design. 

It helps focus users' attention on products and crucial information only. The tendency to leave a lot of white spaces on websites has appeared due to the "banner blindness." These days, Internet users ignore web page zones that contain ads or are filled with a large amount of information. 

If you want to build a website that brings the feeling of spaciousness and doesn't let users miss crucial details, don't be shy about adding white spaces. 

Interesting Fact

Colors play an essential role in our lives. In most cases, they are a decisive factor that drives users to take action on a website. Up to 90% of the first impression depends on the used colors. 

Also, users spend less than five seconds to examine a new website and decide if they want to stay on it. If you're going to create an appealing website that will attract a lot of users, they should like it from the first sight. Therefore, you need to use an appropriate color for your site.

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