How to Boost SEO by Optimizing Your Website Design

How to Boost SEO by Optimizing Your Website Design

Let’s start with an example to make the concept of SEO simpler. Remember the time when you got your first roller skates and they came with training wheels. Practicing on it, you realized how you would never be able to skate without them. In time your parents took them off and now you had to skate with more concentration on balancing yourself. Soon that became easy too and you could glide down the road without any support or training wheels.

That is exactly what SEO or Search Engine Optimisation does for your website. It reduces the dependency on paid advertising and bidding keyword wars. It makes sure every customer looking for a particular product finds it easily. SEO efforts involve several techniques like optimizing a site’s coding, creating unique content for the website, creating a structured hierarchy on a page, and so on. SEO benefits take time but provide long-term free traffic to businesses.

Is SEO And Web Design The Perfect Mix for Business Growth?

Design affects the visual aspect of your website and SEO affects how your website will be found by prospective customers. Designers and SEO experts perform different tasks. Though they seem to appear like two different sides of a coin, it doesn’t mean that SEO and web design don’t work together. When the put is put to work together, it can have a tremendous positive impact on your company’s website.

Too often businesses don’t think about SEO until after the website is designed which results in a shiny website but lacks marketing principles that are not added. SEO is not a cherry to be added on top of the cake after it’s ready. The majority of businesses need a website designed with SEO to succeed online. SEO is most effective when done along the same lines of web design.

SEO-friendly websites get more traffic from users from search engine results. It is important to design and develop a website with users and search engines in mind. This the key benefit that SEO-friendly websites provide. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage the use of SEO in the initial stages of website design so that you don’t have to make last minutes changes to accommodate both key factors.


How To Improve Your SEO With Web Design?

How To Improve Your SEO With Web Design?

A digital marketing firm hired by a business helps to design and develop websites with the best SEO practices in mind. Ther marketing strategies involve designing and redesigning projects from the beginning by collaborating with the designer and SEO expert to create a search engine and user-friendly website. They understand the importance of the interplay between a site’s design and its ability to rank high in organic searches. Improving your website design with SEO doesn’t have to be difficult.

Read below the five ways the two elements can be used together.

1. Make your website Mobile-friendly

As per the statistics of 2020, a total of 50.8% of website traffic was generated by mobile devices. If your website is not yet mobile-friendly, you are already many years behind your competition. Half a decade ago, Google even made mobile-friendliness a ranking factor for websites.

Without a mobile-friendly website design, your website would incur a high bounce rate as it would not load properly. This could plummet down your rankings on Google.

2. Ensure Your Design Is Easy To Read

Tempting as it can be to showcase your audience everything you offer, it is not the best choice. Also, the text style can sometimes be impossible to read. We have all been through an experience where we landed on a website with a big bulk of information written in light-colored fonts. Users can be paralyzed by the high volume of menu options and move away from the website if they don’t see what they are looking for right away.

At the same time, a menu full of captivating options may excite the user to dig deeper with a call to action button right in front of them. The more the options, the more it will lead to decision fatigue for your conversions.

3. Pay Attention to Website Speed

A website should ideally load in 2 seconds. 53 percent of websites are abandoned by users if the load time is more than 3 seconds. Apart from website speed being one of the most important aspects of SEO, it also affects Google’s ability to crawl it. It is a ranking signal and must be adhered to.

If your website is slow, it is important to find out what makes it so. It could be for any reason from unoptimized images, unnecessary plug-ins to unclean codes.

4. Sitemaps Are Crucial For SEO

A sitemap is a visual aid for your audience to find information on your website. Take it as a roadmap for your website guiding the user through his journey on your website. If the sitemap is unclear they could face many unplanned and unpleasant stops. It guides them where you want them to go instead of going in circles and losing interest, thereby abandoning the website.

Apart from this, sitemaps assist in SEO strategies by assisting search engines to know your website is available and can be crawled. A sitemap is essential if you are building a website or even updating a current one.

5. Build Trust With Users

A key to establishing users that will come back to you do business, again and again, is to build up trust and visibility. Don’t just talk about your brand but also show samples of your good work. Trust building has become one of the most important underlying brand SEO factors.

Building trust takes time but commitment can lead to new leaps and bounds. One way to build trust to create quality content that is helpful for the user. Avoid cheesy sales language and larger-than-life promises.

Top 8 Benefits of SEO Optimised Website Design

Now that we have a clear idea of how to optimize SEO with website design, let’s take a look at how your business will benefit from this important aspect.

1. High-Quality traffic to your website

People looking for your product or service will find you in the suggestions. Your users find you in a genuine way instead of being hoarded by paid advertisements. Thereby you get traffic from users who matter the most!

2. Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

As compared to profits from paid ads, SEO-optimized websites with little investment can get higher benefits and a better ROI. It becomes an ideal way to boost sales for new start-ups that do not have high budgets for big advertising campaigns.


3. Affordable and Cost-Effectiveness

The money required for acquiring new customers is free with the right SEO strategy plan. The inbound nature of SEO-optimized websites helps businesses to save money as compared to outbound strategies. As it targets users who are specifically looking for your product or service, it results in more cost-saving leads generated than other marketing aspects. 

4. Targeted Business Growth

Not only can SEO optimized websites boost your sales and increase your profits by reaching the right users, but it can also bring in new customers your way while retaining the existing ones. By providing multiple ways of reaching your users, you can reach your targeted audience and potential customers effectively.

5. Competition with Business Rivals

With businesses constantly upgrading their website design with search engine requirements, it is vital to compete with your rivals if you want to stay on top of your game. Successful SEO-optimized websites provide an easy opportunity to get ahead of your competitors while getting more customers and better profits for your company.

6. Consistent Results

SEO-optimized websites provide consistent and permanent results as compared to paid ads, 24/7 and even when you are sleeping! Lack of funding doesn’t affect your web traffic or your sales. By just maintaining your website after reaching top listings, you will continue to benefit from the website.

7. User-Friendly Website

Easy browsing, convenient bing process, and more will result in your website becoming more user-friendly and continue to improve SEO ranking. Enhanced user experience will improve brand visibility and even lead to recommendations.

8. Brand Awareness

Having your business website in top position rankings can result in n significant impressions on your users and leads to more exposure. It also instills trust in the users as businesses that appear on top searches are generally perceived to be trustworthy. The higher your pages rank in position on search engines, the higher are the chances for your users to associate with your brand.

You can choose to boost SEO by optimizing your web design yourself or you can choose professionals to do it for you. The integral part is to know that SEO-friendly websites are vital for the success and growth of your business. Better profits, free traffic for the long term with high-quality leads, and a good client relationship are some of the numerous benefits SEO-optimized websites can offer to develop and grow your business. So go ahead and give your business a chance to grow!

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