A-Z Guide to SculptGL for Beginners

In the past, the art of sculpting involved carving and modeling using materials like wood, stone, clay, and other readily available natural materials. Today, technological advancements have made great strides in the sculpting industry. Many innovators are developing sculpting software to aid in designing impressive sculptures. SculptGL is one of the popular sculpting softwares making an impact in the visual art industry.

It is imperative to understand what SculptGL is and what it entails to gain more insight into the software, so https://lunwenzhushou.net/ will guide you on it.

SculptGL For Beginners: Powerful 3D Sculpting Without Software Downloads,  Logins, or Headaches | 3D Printing Blog | i.materialise

What Is SculptGL?

SculptGL is a sculpting software using Computer Assisted Design that allows users to create 3D sculptures with ease. Stephane Ginier, an exchange student at the University of Montreal, created this sculpting program intending to simplify the entire process.

What’s interesting about SculptGL is that it is a free program, easily accessible through any supported browser without downloading any software. Users can sculpt various designs in 3D while applying symmetrical progression and finally print them in 3D formats or share them in several portfolio websites such as Behance or Sketchfab.

SculptGL is quite a straightforward program – you can open it and start sculpting. You don’t have to create accounts or go through the tiring process to get your work done. Moreover, you can use it on devices with small hard drive space or limited memory.

Thus, SculptGTL makes 3D sculpting online an exciting experience since it has efficient tools. The program is easy to learn through tutorials, and within no time, you will perfect your sculpting skills.

Read this comprehensive guide to gain informative insights about SculptGL, its features, pros and cons, and how to navigate some of the tools.

What Do You Need?

It is imperative to note that this software is free and accessible through this link through your web or phone browser. All you need is a computer, laptop, or smartphone to get started. It is better if you have a click-wheel mouse. However, you can work around the keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation.

Benefits of SculptGL

The emergence of online sculpting has made it possible to follow SculptGL tutorials for free. You can become a skilled online sculptor and design impressive art pieces that you can showcase on your portfolio or print out.

Let us take a look at reasons why SculptGL is a popular online sculpting software:
  • Effective Sculpting: The software is good at sculpting different types of art forms. It has an intuitive and responsive interface which is a plus for online sculptors. Moreover, the program is compatible with Wacom tablets since it has in-built settings that offer an outstanding user experience.
  • Perfect Symmetry and Asymmetry: Another beneficial aspect of using SculptGL is the capability to sculpt symmetrical and asymmetrical forms. It gives you a choice to enable or disable the feature during model creation, depending on what effect you want to achieve. For instance, when designing a face, you can turn on the symmetry option and deactivate it when designing asymmetrical forms.
  • Importing and Exporting Alternatives: This feature is beneficial to sculptors who want to import compatible files for further edits or export files for printing purposes or other programs. SculptGL supports formats such as PLY, STL, and OBJ.
  • 3D File Painting: SculptGL also has an impressive option for painting 3D formats. It is possible to activate the paint mode to allow symmetrical painting. For instance, you can use this feature to paint the eyes.

SculptGL For Beginners: Powerful 3D Sculpting Without Software Downloads,  Logins, or Headaches | 3D Printing Blog | i.materialise

  • Vertices Manipulation: The vertices are usually the edges or corners of your model since it has different shapes. During sculpting, the vertices are visible. Thus, you can add or remove some vertices using different brush tools, depending on what you are designing. These brush tools are practical since you can manipulate the vertices without spoiling the surface of the design. Though the brush tools are pretty straightforward to use, they effectively decimate the design mesh during sculpting. This is a significant aspect since you will save substantial money when printing your final sculpture.

Downsides of SculptGL

Despite having an impressive reception from Artists, SculptGL also faces some software challenges. The following are the disadvantages of this sculpting program and how it impacts the process.

  • Making holes: Users can’t make holes using this software since there is no ‘cut option.’ Holes are essential since they allow the users to get an excellent printable model. However, the software developers are considering this feature now and plan to include it in the program’s update.

  • Designing Hollow Models: ScultpGL does not have any special feature for creating hollow models. Thus, users can export their files to third-party programs such as Blender to make the hollow effect. It is a downside to many users who want to complete the entire process using the same software.

  • Accurate Measurements: Another disadvantage is that you can’t achieve exact measurements on SculptGL. Hence, designers might encounter challenges if they want to build or program sculptors. Therefore, users who want measurement accuracy can use programs like Blender, Solidworks, or SketchUp.

  • Designing Mechanical Part: SculptGL is not the best software for designing mechanical forms or construction tools like wheels, joints, or fitted sections.

  • Sculpting Fine Parts: SculptGL is not suitable for high poly sculpting which requires fine design details. The program has brushes with specific settings for altering the size or intensity. However, you can’t control the strokes, smoothness, or roughness to achieve finer detail. Sponging is unavailable on this program, which is quite limiting for sculptors.

Impressive Features

SculptGL is an online sculpting feature available for anyone who wants to create different art forms. It has numerous interactive features to help you during the sculpting process. Let us take a look at two cool features that can enhance your sculpting experience.

  • Mesh Shaders: This impressive feature allows users to alter their designs into several forms without affecting the main sculpt. You can change your design to make it transparent, created from a clay model or water. Whatever you need to enhance your design, mesh shaders will help. You can find it on the menu’s bottom left.
  • Upload Backgrounds: Use the ‘upload backgrounds’ function if you want to place your sculpt in a unique environment. It allows you to import any customized image you want to incorporate in your sculpt. The feature is located on the background menu, where you have to click on the import tab, select your image, and upload it on the sculpturing scene.

Keyboard Shortcuts

As mentioned above, you can use a click-wheel mouse during the sculpting process. But if you don’t have one, the keyboard shortcuts might come in handy.

Here are the shortcuts for your perusal:

  • Tools 0-9: 0 – Scaling, 1 - Brushing-, 2 – Inflating, 3 –Rotating, 4 – Smoothing, 5 – Flattening, 6 – Pinching, 7 – Creasing, 8 – Dragging, 9 –Painting, 10 – Scaling.
  • Undoing (going back): Press Ctrl+Z (windows machine) and Cmd+Z (Mac)
  • Redoing (going ahead): Press Ctrl+Y (windows machine) and Cmd, Shift+Z (Mac)
  • Commands on Arrow Keys: WASD or ZQSD
  • Zooming: Clicking and pressing on ‘Z’or ‘W’ if you want to zoom in on the image and ‘S’ if you are zooming out. The click-wheel on the mouse can also achieve the results you want.
  • Sliding left or right: Clicking and pressing ‘A’ or ‘Q’ for the left side and ‘D’ for the right side.
  • Panning around the image: Use the mouse on the gray area of the screen.
  • Top view: F
  • Left view: L
  • Front view: F
  • Reverse tool action: N
  • Hide menu: H
  • View all vertices: Pick the ‘wireframe’ option on the menu’s bottom right. Usually, ScultpGL doesn’t show the vertices until you select this option.

Creating A 3D Printable Design

Many sculptors often design models to get them in printed form. ScultpGL is an efficient sculpting software used for designing models. However, it gets complicated when it comes to creating printable designs. You have to include extra sculpt processing because the program does not have a hollowing feature or the option of adding an escape hole.

To counter this issue, most sculpting professionals often conduct a repotology process to achieve the desired results. Repotology entails streamlining the topology in the sculpt mesh to clean and make it workable. If a mesh will get deformities during sculpting, it is advisable to perform the repotology process. Therefore, repotology is an essential process in fixing a distorted topology during sculpting.

When designing such files, it is advisable to make flat sculpts with a small number of large vertices. With flat models, you have better odds of successful exportation and printing the models. However, if you have a complicated design, you can incorporate other compatible programs with hollowing functionalities like the Blender program to make exceptional designs.

Here are tips to help you when preparing your design for printing:
  • Ensure your design is watertight without any missing vertices or improper connections.
  • Create hollow designs to save on printing costs.
  • 3D printing required thick walls for better results.
  • Hollow models require an escape hole to allow proper printing and cleaning.
  • Apply modifiers correctly.
  • Ensure your model does not have flipped normals.
  • Identify software flaws that might affect printing.

A Versatile Online Sculpting Experience with SculptGL

Sculpting is interesting; it is more exciting when you do it online since you can manipulate your sculpt using different tools. SculptGL is becoming more popular due to its usability and a broad array of functions. For instance, you can import images or export the file for further processing on other compatible programs. You don’t have to go through a cumbersome experience of downloading the program, account creation, or log in to access the toolkit and start sculpting. It is as easy as opening the link, and you are already designing a unique model.

Moreover, there are many tutorials online on how to make sculptures using this program. Over time, you will gain confidence and become a skilled online sculptor.
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