10 Questions to Ask at the Interview Before They Hire a 3D Modeler

Want to hire the best 3D modeler for your new small business or startup? To conduct interviews effectively, check 10 questions (plus several lifehacks) to ask specialists.

Before considering the list of things to ask a 3D modeler during the interview, let’s take a look at what this profession is about for you to understand what an ideal 3D modeler looks like in terms of professional traits.

What is a 3D Modeler? Where Do They Work?

3D modelers generate 3D objects, environments, and characters in the engineering industries, such as aerospace, automotive, architecture, and so on. To build the surfaces of the models, they put 2D patterns on digital frames. Additionally, 3D modelers develop skeletons of objects, characters, and environments. 3D modeling engineers perform modeling with the help of a wide range of software, for instance, POV-Ray, Maya, RenderMan by Pixar, 3DS Max, and several others.

The environments, objects, and characters created by 3D modelers are implemented in video games, 3D films, and images. They are also used while modeling for graphic designs, websites, simulations, animation, broadcast development, movie/television/special effects, location-based surrounding, and many others. Furthermore, talented 3D modelers design models and images for engineers, architects, geologists, scientists, healthcare agencies, etc.

3D modelers are highly required; they work in game design enterprises, film production studios, graphic/ad design companies, web design startups, architecture firms, software companies, medical/science labs, product development startups, educational institutions, and manufacturing businesses, such as home, retail, and many others.

3D modelers are also engaged in automotive agencies, aerospace companies, interior design companies, design startups, real estate firms, construction technology companies, government agencies, and even crime laboratories.

Finding and hiring a relevant 3d modeler for your small business or startup can be a challenge. Why? You may doubt concerning which specialists are suitable for your business’s niche and how to attract them.

Good news! With the help of our guide that includes the top 10 questions to ask 3D modelers during the interview and several other useful recommendations, you will hire a 3D modeling expert that will design a win-win solution for your business. When it comes to places where to find such specialists, you can always find 3D modelers at the Engre marketplace.

Things to Consider When Hiring a 3D Modeler

While searching for a good 3D modeler, your task is to focus on their reputation, talent, and ambition. Now, we will discuss those 3 aspects in more detail.

Accentuate Reputation

For a successful interview for any role, the greatest metric to check a candidate’s value to your business or startup is their reputation. You should always pay attention to what others say about a 3D modeler of your interest to receive a clear picture about both the type and quality of solutions they design and the type of team player they are. Nobody is eager to partner with a 3D modeler that doesn’t fit the common goal of what they are contributing to.

In case you implement a B2B engineering marketplace as Engre to find 3D modeling contractors, their profiles are required to deliver a great hint of their reputation as a potential employee and a personality. Traditionally, high-end 3D modeling contractors possess a targeted website to vividly demonstrate their projects that usually have reviews from former customers that, in case you want, can get in touch with you to discuss the 3D modeler’s performance.

However, it frequently occurs so that it is difficult to get a solid grasp on a 3D modeler’s reputation (especially when a 3D modeler is revealed on some fishy website for freelancers but not a reputable B2B engineering marketplace). In this case, when you can’t discover the specialist’s reputation, it is time to look for talent.

Focus on Talent

At a minimum, you desire to get to know about the quality of projects a 3D modeling engineer is capable of planning and developing. As a final aim, you will be eager to provide your customers with the most incredible solution within the release deadlines and budget you have allocated to get it performed. The 3D modeler’s portfolio is not frequently the greatest proof of that because they seldom see a solution’s budget near the visuals, but it can at least demonstrate the maximum of their talents.

As far as talent usually comes in many forms, your task is to investigate in detail the kinds of solutions the 3D modelers have worked on to ensure the project you are searching to hire them for ideally correspond to their previous experience.

However, talent is not everything for a good 3D modeler. In case a specialist can’t release the project within deadlines and on budget, you might as well be putting several thousand dollar invoices at a PC display and see if a 3D modeling appears. Can’t discover a talent? Search for ambition!

How about Ambition?

Young and inexperienced 3D modelers can be the ideal mixture of cost-effectiveness, capability, and eagerness that will lead to a fruitful professional partnership. However, it is never an easy task to judge the ambitions of a 3D modeler without spending some effort and time on the proper audit of the field. In this very case, it is a brilliant option to organize a meeting with a 3D modeler in person. This means you will require a local 3D modeling engineer.

In megapolises, it will not be a problem. However, in small cities, the choice is limited, as a rule. Adapt your expectations depending on the location of your business or startup, and hire a 3D modeler that demonstrates a combo of skill and enthusiasm. As far as ambition is nothing in case specialists can’t perform a job within a budget, you should pay attention to this ability as well.

Now, it is time to get back to the topic of our article, i.e. 10 questions to ask a 3D modeler while interviewing them.

The List of Questions to Ask a 3D Modeler

You can take the further mentioned as a background and correct or somehow optimize this list.
What solutions from your portfolio do you most appreciate and why?

While interviewing, you should pay much attention to the way a 3D modeler comments on this. It is perfect when their previous most favorite project coincides with what you are searching to have them design. You should see in their words whether a 3D modeler is confident enough in their project when they mention it. Your task consists in revealing the middle ground: extremely confident Oscar actor/actress is not a warranty of success and the overly self-critical 3D modeler is usually unable to confidently create to a vision. You want the specialist that demonstrates confidence but is not self-righteous.

Can you explain the steps you followed to design this very solution from the portfolio?

The question is a godsend.

In case you have never previously collaborated with a 3D modeler, this question can clarify in what way the solution process can potentially go. If a 3D modeler has no clear design procedure, it may be their first project of this kind. It doesn’t mean something negative, in case you possess some experience in 3D modeling. Otherwise, search for a specialist that can relevantly guide you through the design procedure. Additionally, this question can brightly depict whether a candidate is detail-oriented and hard-working. A reliable step-by-step process results in a successful outcome.

Do you follow the latest technology and procedures in your niche?

It is another tricky query. The engineering industry permanently undergoes changes and the best 3D modelers are aware of this fact and don’t stop to stick to the trends and optimize their skills. A sincere wish to study and grow is considered a vital quality to become a professional. So, in case a candidate met this query with hesitation in response, there is a risk to hire an amateur.
Tell me about the most complex solution you have worked on and how you dealt with the challenges.

The query belongs to the top 3 most challenging ones. Essentially, you are trying to understand whether a 3D modeler can freely (and sincerely) talk about the things that didn’t go well and the way they coped with the issue. The best 3D modelers learn from complex cases and solve them with a problem-oriented attitude.

If a candidate can’t respond to this question with all the details mentioned, it means you have faced a “fake” problem solver.

Have you ever faced a project like this?

It may seem obvious but this question is frequently overlooked. Ensure to ask a 3D modeler whether they have ever worked on the kind of solution your engineering business or startup is performing. In case you are hiring a 3d modeler to generate lifehacks videos, you should discover if they have designed this earlier. In case a 3D modeler possesses no exact match but identical experience, they should tell you about their related experience to persuade you in their expertise to implement your vision.

What is your role model among 3D modeling specialists and why?

A good 3D modeler is always extremely happy when interviewers ask this question. You may have no idea who the 3D modeler they admire is, however, the way they describe them will provide you with an understanding of the way they work. Do they permanently endeavor to upgrade their skills? Do they marvel, respect, and study from others in the niche? The 3D modeler you want to partner with is someone who loves their field.

In case they believe that all their concepts appear directly in their head, they must demo a truly exciting one to you!

Tell me about a time you faced too tough criticism of your solution and what was your reaction?

Professional 3D modelers always do their best to make their customers satisfied. If a candidate can peacefully give a positive response to this question, it is an indicator you have met a pro. In case you witness hesitation or fussiness, make a note. This can mean that they don't want to adjust to your vision or introduce modifications to the project to meet your requirements.

3D modeling is more a service than a solution. If specialists in this field are not client-oriented, this is a problem.

How do you collaborate with PMs or developers within the team you work with on a certain project?

The greatest 3D modelers are always team players. They are aware of how to generate a concept, ask queries, integrate feedback, and partner with colleagues on projects. Your task is to ask for an exact example of the way they designed something under the tightest deadline and when they had to count on colleagues. As an alternative, you can ask about how they interacted with other people within the team full of various work styles.

Can you give me the contacts of your previous customers to get feedback regarding your work?

Traditionally, if a 3D modeler is experienced enough, they have a personal website with a section with reviews from customers as well as social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and so on. In these sections, previous clients tell potential ones about their positive or negative impressions from collaborating with a certain 3D modeling engineer. They reveal essential details that may get important criteria for a business to hire this very specialist. So, checking such sections is a must.

Additionally, a 3D modeler can possess pages/accounts on various B2B engineering marketplaces with reviews from the clients they have worked with. You can not only get acquainted with these reviews but also get in touch with some of a 3D modeler's customers to ask for unbiased feedback. Such data grows the chances to find a 3D modeler that performs top-quality solutions.

How do you hand off a ready solution?

As soon as the solution is finished, a final handoff can specify the success of a design project. Your task is to find a 3D modeler that can make the final handoff as seamless as possible. An ideal candidate should advise several file kinds for final review with the customer. Moreover, they should explain to you how they organized the files for future implementation. To hire someone who is only running to the solution finish line without caring about the solution results or potential requirements is always a failure.
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