Four Unique Ideas to Display Your Logo

Every company needs a solid, trusted brand. Look at brands like Kleenex, Coke, and Google; these are brands that have reached the pinnacle of brand awareness. There's a reason no one says, "Let me look it up on the search engine." Not only can they be recognized by their logos, their brands have become so well-known, they've replaced the generic terms for similar products in the market.

Although not every business can reach this level, it’s entirely possible for your small business to become a household name within your target demographic. So, how do you achieve brand awareness? It all starts with visibility and brand recognition. That’s where your brand logo comes in - it's not just for use in business cards and PowerPoint presentations. A well-designed logo explains who you are and what you do.

As a brand, your goal is to make your logo more recognizable. You want to grab attention and use it to build the foundation of your brand identity.

Here are four creative ways to feature your company logo at your next event to build brand awareness.

1. 3D Street Art

Is there a better way to show off your brand's personality than with a custom street art logo? 3D art allows you to create an experiential marketing experience. It's an optical illusion that's not only visually spectacular but also fun, engaging, and interactive, making it a huge talking point on and off social media.

3D street art logos are bound to amaze and boost brand conversation. Here, forget painting your logo on walls – you use 3D pavement art to attract guests and draw attention to your products and services. Floor graphics are the ultimate form of logo placement and can help you create a great visual spectacle at any event or outside your company offices.

You need more than flyers, t-shirts, banners, and posters to stand out at an event. Floor decals help showcase your brand identity better, allowing you to display your logo alongside any interesting facts about your business. Remember, the more visually appealing your logo, the more people will remember it.

2. iPad Magicians

If you're looking for something different for your event, trade show, or exhibition, consider merging the digital and magical elements of entertainment. Using the latest technology, iPad magicians can create an original yet personalized way to innovate your brand logo and products to make you stand out from the crowd.

Magicians have been entertaining and engaging audiences for centuries. Digital magicians, on the other hand, are a relatively new concept. Now, with a modern set of sleight-of-hand tricks designed to spellbind your audience, this tactic aims to ensure prospects never forget your logo.

So, what exactly do iPad magicians do? In the same way magicians of old could pull rabbits out of a hat, iPad magicians can make inanimate objects appear to be pulled out of an iPad into the real world. There aren't any limits to what they can do – they can incorporate your brand message, logo, and statistics into their presentation. These displays are full of humor and will ensure people flock to your booth and leave with positive emotions towards your brand.

3. Coffee Artists to Serve Up Your Logo

What’s a corporate event without a caffeine fix? Featuring your company logo in a drink will have event guests buzzing about your brand. You’ll have everyone lining up to get a coffee and take pictures for their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Coffee artists have the skill to create a great-tasting and refreshing work of art that's guaranteed to delight your guests and increase brand awareness. And they are seriously impressive. There's a reason coffee art has gained a cult following over the last few years. It's hard not to appreciate the work that goes into bringing cocoa-dusted designs to life.

Plus, you can create a bespoke brew for the event and have visitors take home a bag of your special ground coffee. It’s a unique way to combine a gift with a branding opportunity.

4. Digital Signage

Does your business have a story to tell? Digital signage can help you tell that story. Because digital signs are flexible and adaptable, you can use them in any setting, from corporate events to entertaining visitors in your waiting rooms.

You can use digital signage to bring your brand and its offerings to life. Today's marketing landscape is all about creating informative yet engaging content. At an event, you can have digital caricaturists create portraits that can be instantly viewed on screens. Your company logo will be naturally included in each drawing, helping you gain some publicity at your event. You can also use special software that allows attendees to draw onto a giant screen.

Looking at a screen is an ingrained response in today's world. Take advantage of this by displaying high-tech images that will boost brand visibility and recognition.
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