7 Battle-Tested Tips to Enhance User Experience on Your Website

Customers are never satisfied and always want more. Be it good products, attractive prices, excellent customer support, engaging content, or good web design, their urge for more satisfaction keeps website owners thinking. But, of course, this thought ends at providing customers with a fantastic and memorable user experience.

What is User Experience?

User experience is the overall experience of a customer when they visit a website. A good user experience means the ease to visit, navigate, understand, and finally purchase a product/service from a website.

User experience (UX) is the heart of your product design, and if your UX is in sync with your target audience, your products are bound to be popular, and your business will succeed.

I have penned down some tips that may help you improve your website's user experience, thus leading to a rise in conversions.

Tips for a Better User Experience:

1. Research your Audience:

Before finalizing your website design and product design, focus on your target audience, needs, and expectations. The moment you answer the questions:

  • Who will use this product?
  • What are their product expectations?

Based on your answers via surveys, polls, and other user statistics, create your UX design to ensure a beautiful user experience with a competitive edge to gain more customers.

Rather than creating experiences that visitors dream of, tempt them with the experiences you have created to reach out to a larger audience.

2. Use a Simple Layout & Responsive Web Design:

The simpler your website layout, the easier will it be for visitors to find their desired searches. In addition, a clear layout, with the use of few colours, ample white space, and clickable and clear graphics, engages customers, and they tend to stay longer on your website.

A responsive grid-based layout with consistent content and clearly stated goals and product definitions work wonders in enhancing customers.

A responsive web design with flexible graphs, layouts, CSS media queries, grids, images, etc., will fetch a large audience to your website.

3. Use SSL Security:

Website security is also one of the features that enhance the user experience. No one wishes to navigate or buy from shady websites. Therefore, secure your website with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate security which encrypts customer sensitive data (256-bit encryption) when punched on the website while making purchase transactions.

Customer’s trust increases when they view HTTPS (hyper-text transfer protocol secure) sites and see a small padlock in the address bar. Even trust site seals displayed on web pages imbibe trust. They assure the users that malicious elements will not intercept their PII.

Decide to secure your site today by enabling SSL on it. To avail SSL, you need to search a bit online, and you will find types of SSL certificate available with different features. For example, if the website runs on one domain, then a single domain SSL like RapidSSL cert, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, Thawte SSL123 can be a great choice. It does not only save money but also provides great website security.

4. Ask for Customer Feedback:

All businesses depend on customers, but the success of your business depends on hearing and implementing customer expectations and feedback, respectively.

Don’t be hesitant to make product changes based on customer feedback because they are the ones who will put you at the top of the competition.

Add feedback forms to know their experiences about:
  • Desired product changes
  • Desired changes in site
  • Product expectations
Analyze their outcomes and incorporate the changes, if possible, to provide a seamless user experience to your customers.

5. Focus on Page Load Speed:

The above image needs no clarifications.

Page Speed is essential for a good user experience. Period.

Google Study indicates that the bounce rate increases by 32% when the page load speed moves from 1 second to 3 seconds.

  • Compress Images and Videos
  • Minimize Java Scripts and CSS
  • Lessen Re-directs
  • Delete Browser Cache
  • Improve Server Response Time
  • Optimize your Website Images

6. Focus on Content:

While focusing on layout and web designs, don’t forget the most important part of the website, i.e., the website content.

Simple, transparent, engaging, and well-written content will influence your customers and entice them to stay longer on your website.

Tips to be included in Content:
  • Clearly Defined Goals
  • Product Features & Benefits
  • Concise and Clear Language
  • Proper Bullets and Formatting of Content
Avoid jargon and complex words in content to enhance user experience.

7. Make your Site Responsive and Mobile Friendly:

Mobile internet traffic accounts for more than 50% of the global web traffic, making site responsiveness a necessity. If your website is not visible on multiple screens like mobiles or tablets, you may face a rise in site abandonment rate and lose out on many potential customers.

SEO is another factor that needs to be considered in this case apart from focusing on customers. When Google crawls websites for indexing them, it checks both the desktop version and the mobile version before ranking the same.

In short, your site responsiveness can fetch you a high rank in SEO.


Optimize your website for mobile devices, design layouts that fit all screens, ensure single-page layouts, and ensure that the buttons are positioned in the center for instant access and clicks.

This enhances user experience by increasing site speed and user engagement, improving mobile SEO, and attracting more customers.

Wrapping Up:

A good user experience is all about paving the way for the customer by removing all the unnecessary hurdles which lie in the way and lead them to their desired destination.

Though many web owners are aware of the same, they find the same difficult to implement. I hope the above-mentioned UX design tips help you connect with your target audience and give them a smooth and fantastic user experience.
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