Window Shutters 101 - Top Designs You Should Definitely Consider

If you’re yearning to embellish your home, you can do so by adding some wonderful shutters. Generally speaking, they are an amazing way to beautify your space and at the same time, add some privacy to your house.

What’s so great about shutters is the fact that they exude that old-fashioned, lovely charm, however, even if you’re looking for something that’s more trendy and contemporary, don’t worry, you can stumble upon modern shutter styles as well.

Just bear in mind, that the shutters are not a small investment, hence, you have to get yourself familiar with every style that’s at your disposal so you can get exactly what you want. Need some guidance? Then just scroll below to get some useful expert advice.

Different Types Of Window Shutters To Consider

Let’s Start With Arched Shutters

These types of window shutters are truly something special. Namely, they can be made to fit an arched window to offer a more built-in, custom appearance. Unlike other window treatments, these can be crafted to mirror the dimensions and curves of any specific shape.

This would typically include, ovals, arches, triangles, circles, or any other shape that exists. Now, what are the biggest advantages of this type of window shutter?
  • It can help you block out sunlight and insulate your space
  • It has a clean and crisp design
  • It is designed to fit any size of arch window
  • You can find it in numerous shades, colors, and stains

Louvered Window Shutters

If you're looking for something that's stylish and sophisticated, then you should definitely opt for louvered window shutters. These are made out of slats of wood that imbricate, however, they are put together within a frame.

For the time being, they are one of the most popular types of window shutters, not only due to their appearance but also because they offer the necessary privacy and they allow a relaxing, cool breeze to enter your household.


Moving On To Traditional Shutters

These are also known as New England shutters. Namely, this style has been around for quite some time. Additionally, they are placed on the exterior of a house. Furthermore, traditional shutters are oftentimes utilized for enhancing the exterior of your home, rather than offering any protection.

Moreover, in most cases, they aren't intended to close or open. That's precisely one of the biggest flaws of this type of shutter. If you opt for it, you're not going to be able to regulate temperature or insulation.

Another major drawback of traditional shutters is the fact that they are not going to help you enhance interior lighting due to the fact that they cannot be adjusted. Depending on their location, frequently, they can be pretty challenging to clean.

What Are Your Other Options?

Café Shutters

There are some window treatments on the market that can provide privacy, outside view, and light, all at the same time. Does it sound unbelievable? It probably does, but it doesn't mean that these types of shutters do not exist.

On the contrary. One of them is café shutters that offer all these things that were previously mentioned and so much more. Furthermore, you can find them in a variety of different materials, starting from wood and polymer, to heavy-duty, easy-care composite window shutters.

Besides that, you can also stumble upon a vast selection of finishes, stains, and colors to perfectly match the style of your décor. Additionally, café shutters offer ageless beauty and sophistication with a touch of practicality.

Furthermore, these types of shutters don't have any dangling cords, which is why they are an ideal choice for a nursery or kids' room. You can also employ them for high humidity areas of the house, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Tracked Shutters

Generally speaking, tracked shutters are an amazing choice for anyone who lives in a house with big windows or bi-fold doors. Namely, these can easily be folded to offer more room when they are not used.

Plus, they come fitted with tracks at the bottom and top that streamline this whole folding process. Furthermore, tracked shutters have two "roles". They can be amazing room dividers and you can also utilize them as a door.

Therefore, if you're searching for something that's going to provide you with total privacy, or you just need shutters that will block out some light without having to close every single window in your household, then you should surely take these shutters into consideration.

What Do You Know About Plantation Shutters?

If you're searching for a Southern plantation type of style for your house, then search no more because this is exactly what you need. Namely, these contain slats that are pretty spaced apart, which means that you’ll be able to let in more light.

Plantation shutters are mostly installed in the interior of the house and not as much in the exterior. Additionally, these represent a flexible style of the shutter, due to the fact that you can employ several shutters for a single window, providing you with the option to close one slat or all of them.

This is for sure a great thing, particularly if we take into account that this isn’t something that other interior shutter styles generally offer. Furthermore, plantation shutters are amazing at regulating temperature because of the ability to adjust the lighting.

Wood Shutters

If you're yearning for that warm, rustic charm, then maybe wood shutters are an ideal option for you. Nowadays, you can find this type of shutter in different finishes and stains which can instantly embellish your room.

One of the best things about these shutters is the fact that they are extremely practical, as they are ageless in their appearance. Furthermore, they offer effective, natural insulation during the winter and can efficiently block the sun during summer.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is the fact that wood shutters aid in lowering energy expenses while beautifying the décor of any space.

For A Lovely Design – Full Height Window Shutters

This type of window shutter has two vertical panels that close in order to cover the whole window. Namely, every panel opens from top to bottom. Full-height window shutters can be found in a variety of different configurations.

What’s great about these shutters is the fact that you can easily accomplish any look you want when they cover the windows. More importantly, these shutters are perfect for anyone who is looking for some privacy and isn’t too fond of the light.

Furthermore, full-height window shutters have an elegant, clean look which is going to improve the curb appeal of your house and at the same time, enhance its value. Now, if by any chance, you want to keep these window shutters closed all the time (or most of the time) you can do so by picking wider panels due to the fact that they will enable more light to enter your home.

A lot of full-height window shutters consist of a middle rail that divides the lower and upper slats. This is generally a great thing because it allows you to open the upper part of the slats at one particular angle and simultaneously, keep the lower half of the slats either open at a different angle or closed.

Spice Things Up With Scandinavian Window Shutters

If you are trying to find a way to jazz things up when it comes to your windows, then you can do so by opting for Scandinavian window shutters. These are going to give you that rustic, traditional Nordic vibe.

Generally speaking, this type of shutter is very unique and appealing because of its board-and-batten, firm design that offers a plethora of wonderful colors. Additionally, Scandinavian window shutters are mostly intended for regions with harsh winters as they are sturdier in comparison to other types of shutters. Their main "goal" is to cover the entire surface of your window and to perfectly seal cold weather.

Board & Batten Shutters

This type of shutter is mostly intended for the curb appeal of the house. It is normally put on the sides of the wind and works similarly to the French doors when it comes to opening and closing.

It is frequently made out of custom wood, or at least it has that wood-like look. Furthermore, board & batten shutters can be cut in different sizes and shapes in order to perfectly match your décor and house in general.

Moreover, this type of window shutter offers some relief from harsh sunlight as well, however, it is pretty challenging to adapt the shutters on the exterior of the house.


Tier On Tier Shutters

If you're searching for something that's going to provide you with complete control over your privacy and light, then you should certainly consider these shutters. Namely, these enable you to open both panels (top and bottom) independently of each other which means that you can turn them into a café-style installation.

There’s no denying that there are so many options when it comes to windows shutters and even though this amount of information can be a bit overwhelming for you, we hope that at least this guide has made things a bit less confusing and will help you pick the best window shutters for your home.
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