Choosing an Expert R&D Tax Consultant

 The one thing that we all can be sure of is change

Change can arguably bring a far more stimulating environment and a greater desire to exceed.  Companies seek newer solutions and explore new windows of opportunities which we can be guaranteed will spark new innovations. 

Management will, however, have the task of balancing long-term investments to stay ahead of the game, against short term demands for cash flow. 

Now more than ever, it is vital for companies to avail of every credit and every single cent available to them.   

Assessing your Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit eligibility to reclaim 25% of expenditure on R&D is an excellent New Year starting point for any business. 

This incentive was introduced in 2004 by Revenue to promote innovation in business and to encourage firms to invest in R&D in Ireland and is a lifeline to many Startups and SMEs up and down the country who need the resources to test and implement new ideas.   

At Braithwaite Ireland, we have the Knowledge and Know-how to Expertly guide you through what is involved and required in an R&D Tax Credit Claim. We take the administration and preparation burden away from your company. We will assess your Eligibility, Identify and Maximise your Innovation and R&D Tax Credit Opportunities. 

Braithwaite Ireland know from experience that difficulty in accessing relevant technical and tax knowledge and affordable expertise can be a barrier to claiming this credit particularly for SMEs.  At Braithwaite, we are dedicated solely to R&D tax incentives and are offering a Free 30 Minute one on one business consultation today. 

So, whether you are involved in developing groundbreaking A.I. technology, or you have invested in improving processes, services, materials or devices or maybe you developed a new technique to increase production efficiencies?

If so, please contact the Experts at Braithwaite Ireland today for your Free R&D Tax Credit Consultation on 086 3194747/01 6530199 or email Brenda at    

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