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When presenting a single design or an entire design portfolio there are certain tips and techniques that you should consider. If you are creating a presentation board for an interior design project, visit our extended article specifically dedicated to Interior Design Presentation boards. When presenting a design concept board information contained within the presentation drawings can be supplemented by accompanying text. This text is another important element in the design of a graphic presentation. The display of text needs to be considered, it might be boxed out or weaved into the actual drawings. In terms of the general layout of a presentation board consider these tips.

General Presentation Tips:

  • A good presentation should not be cluttered, it needs to have sufficient space to allow the information to be easily read and absorbed.
  • The information may be rendered in varying sizes or using different graphic styles and techniques.
  • The content should align purposefully as this will help the viewer read the individual elements as a collective set.
  • The graphic presentation style you choose should complement the design idea being conveyed and of course the presentation should clearly communicate the designers idea, concept and intention.
  • Overall keep it clear and simple.
  •  Remember that any text is supplementary; the drawings should remain the primary means of communication and the focal point of the presentation.

When planning a design presentation portfolio needs careful consideration and organisation, but using a storyboard framework can help you organise the content of your portfolio of work. Before you begin follow these steps...

Portfolio Presentation Tips:

  • Determine the audience for your presentation. What will they want to see?
  • Write an outline or brief for your presentation
  • Draw up a sequenced list of content for you presentation
  • Consider the best format and layout of the sheet(s)
  • Choose a font style and size that will compliment your images. Remember you will need to use the font consistently throughout
  • Consider the distinct, separate sections of your presentation
  • For concept boards, denote the creative journey of your presentation. Indicate in words and sketches the sequence of the project and the specific images associated with it
  • For multiple page projects, label each page according to the sequenced list of contents you compiled earlier.
  • Consider how the content connects to one another. Edit and revise where necessary until you are happy with the narrative
  • Once happy with everything, assemble your portfolio so it corresponds with the flatplan.

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