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Image inside text using Photoshop

finished piece
Finished piece

Step 1.

In Photoshop pen up an image you want to be inside the text

open file in Photoshop
Open file in Photoshop

select image
Select image

Step 2.

Create a text layer and add some text to it. In this example, I have typed the word 'Space'.

Step 3.

Right click on your image layer, in my case it is 'pink_gallaxy', and select the 'create clipping mask' option from the list that appears.

create clipping mask
Create clipping mask

Step 4.

Add a background colour (if you want) and that's it, simple as that.

Completed text effect with image inside it
Completed text effect with image inside it

Tip: you can left click inside the text and drag the image around to set it up the way you want.