Mixing Metals & Colors in Interior Decor

You’ve spent days poring over sample paint colors for your room, but have come no closer to deciding the right shade than when you started. We totally understand. Choosing the perfect color for a room can be difficult and stressful. The wrong color can make a room look completely drab and uninteresting, while the right one can bring it to life. Moreover, colors have been show to impact the moods and thoughts of people. Bright, cheery colors such as orange and yellow have a positive effect on people. Many shades of black or brown, on the other hand, are often associated with depression and negativity.And if that was not difficult enough, some colors look different at different times of the day, depending on the amount and nature of light in the room. Phew!

When choosing wall colors for your room, you also have to make sure that the color matches the various finishes and accessories in that room. Since the current trend is all about incorporating metals in interior design, today seems like a better day than any to find out how to team metallic accessories and lighting fixtures with various shades and colors. And the below infographic from Industville attempts to do exactly that!

In addition to some amazing color ideas for various rooms in a house, it also shows you how to marry those colors with metals so that you have an absolutely stunning home. For instance, did you know that the gorgeous gold tone you’ve been eyeing for a long time could lift your living area to a different level altogether? Yes, that’s right! These subtle, but warm and inviting shades are “in” right now, especially when you pair them with muted reds, crimsons, and navy blues. But don’t use them in your study. The best color for a study would be a nice blue. Blues are generally associated with calm, serenity and intelligence. A strong blue aids in stimulating clear thoughts, while lighter shades help in calming the mind and improving concentration. And if you love pink, you are in great luck! Blush pink/rosy shades work in almost every room, except perhaps your gym or exercise room. And what’s even better is that the color is so versatile that you can match them with a whole lot of metallic shades, including gold and copper.

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