Don't Kill Your Business Logo Design Before You Start - Avoid These Design Faux Pas

Many people think that logo designing is pretty easy. They believe that all you have to do is pick a nice-looking font and icon, apply your favorite colors, and combine all these elements together to get the final product. However, the actual process is far more complex than this- all the elements of a logo must be picked carefully so that they aptly contain the brand’s identity and values. If you don’t have a graphics design background, then you can easily end up making grave mistakes. So, unless you make a logo design online with an advanced logo designer (preferably one that uses artificial intelligence), you must keep in mind the following logo design mistakes that can potentially kill the logo:
Watch out for these common Logo Design Faux Pas
Watch Out For These Common Logo Design Faux Pas

1. Bad Font

Your logo’s font is more important than you think. Notice how the Coca-Cola logo is considered a classic and loved across the world even though the design is solely based on a unique typography alone. That’s the power of fonts!
During the brainstorming phase for your logo, review all the options for the fonts carefully. There are many websites where you can find a wide range of fonts with ease. However, you should also consider the psychological impact of different fonts as some might be more suited for your business. For instance, if you are selling kids clothing, then a hand-drawn font could be a good choice. Similarly, if you offer IT solutions, then you may want to use a more formal font that’s inspired by the trends in the tech industry.

2. Too Many Colors

Just like fonts, colors play a big role in logo design too. This is because they have emotional connotations- excitement and passion with red, honesty and trust with blue, fertility and growth with green, etc. So, you need to pick the colors that reflect your brand’s mission statement. However, you also need to keep the number limited to 3. Ideally, there should be one main color that consumes most of the logo, a secondary color that complements the design, and a third one for the font. Adding an extra color is unnecessary and unadvised as not only more colors limit the impact of a logo, but they also dilute the messaging itself.

3. Stealing Another Logo

One of the main goals of logo designing is to give a brand a unique identity in the market. So, if you are borrowing design elements from a popular logo for yours, then that can come in the way of your branding goals.
There is nothing wrong with studying existing popular logo designs for inspiration. However, you have to draw a line somewhere and put a thinking cap on when you get to designing. Copying other designs is strongly unadvised and won’t help you if you want a new and unique identity.

4. Going Too Abstract

It’s common for budding entrepreneurs to get carried away when they start designing a logo. Since graphics design is new to them, they take it as an opportunity to explore their “creative side” and try as many graphics design styles as they can find on the Internet. If this leads to over complicated or overly vague designs, then it can have disastrous effects.
Remember- a powerful logo is the one that’s simple and memorable. You can’t accomplish either of these when you fill your design with unnecessary details. Try to keep in mind popular logos like Nike, Apple, etc. all of which are so simple, yet so iconic!


Logo designing is an art. Since you use a logo all the time at different places as long as your business exists, it’s important that you leave no stone unturned in making yours perfect. Besides, rebranding is expensive and even pointless sometimes, and you don’t want to take that path just because you didn’t spend enough time in the actual design process. So, pay heed to these common mistakes and ensure that your first design is the perfect design. Good luck!

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