The Importance Of Good Design For Any Company In 2021

Companies are, in the 21st-century, often judged by their websites. A business’s website will say a lot about it, especially since most transactions and purchases take place online now, partly due to the pandemic, and partly due to the more sedentary lifestyles that people are beginning to live. In this article, we are going to tell you what the importance of good website design for any business in any sector is in 2021.

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The way that your website is designed will have a huge impact on your website’s usability. If your website is not designed properly, your customers and web users will have problems using your website. 86% of your website visitors will want to find out information about your business or the service that you offer, and up to 52% of users will search directly for a page that tells them about you.

By designing your website properly, your users will be able to find this information properly. If you do not present this information and make your website usable, then you will annoy them and likely put them off, and potentially push them away from visiting your website again. If your website functions well but has a bad design, users will still, according to researchers, find it hard to use your website.

Your website’s usability will be one of the main things that web users remember about your website. If your website is virtually unusable, you will deter further users, and those that do remember will go to other websites and services just to avoid your website.

Outward Appearance

When you have a website, nowadays at least, it is a reflection of your business. If your website is poorly made, then consumers will likely consider your business to be poorly managed or inactive. You can find web designers from Hong Kong to London, so should have no problem at all. Be sure to find your personal web design Hong Kong, or London, when you are setting up your business. Your website says a lot about you as a business, and it is a platform for you to talk about yourself and introduce yourself to the minds of consumers – take it seriously and do not misuse it.

Your website is a representation of your professionalism. If you are a professional business, and pride yourself upon that, then your website must reflect that. If it does not, you will have a hard time convincing customers that you are as professional as you may claim to be.

Spreading a Message

As we just mentioned, when you have a website, you have an opportunity to convey a message and get things across to your customers that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Spreading a message and communicating with your customers, in a time when we are all socially distancing, has surprisingly never been easier. You can now, quite easily, speak directly to your consumers and convey whatever message you want to. Using your business’s website to spread a message is something that you should give serious thought to, and it is something that will benefit you and your business tremendously.

A well-designed website will get across everything that your business stands for. If you stand for sustainability, then a well-designed website will display this clearly. Your public mission and the way that you see your business can be conveyed, quite powerfully, through a well-designed website.


Your website’s design will have a huge impact on your conversion from web users to customers. If you have a website that is well-designed, you will be able to put the information that you want your customers to see most of all at the front of your website, and thus, should be able to improve your website’s conversion rate. A website that is very good at this is Samsung. If you visit Samsung’s website, their newest, and usually most expensive, products are featured on the homepage. By having this information immediately obvious to your website’s users, you will increase the likelihood that they convert from users to customers. Be sure to include lots of information about your business’s best products on the front page, even if you do not include actual products. Your website’s conversion and click-through rate are fundamentally important. If you do not master this, then your website will not be functioning to the best of its ability.

Converting users to customers should be one of your primary concerns as a business owner. If you do not have a successful conversion rate, then you may struggle as a business.


A well-designed and carefully thought-through website will be engaging. Engagement is terribly important to the success of your business – if you do not engage with your consumers or customers, then your business will be negatively impacted. Engagement is not always easy, but by designing your website carefully and thoughtfully, you will find that you engage your customers a lot more. Engagement is very important and if you do not engage, your customer base will fizzle out. You should include a lot of interactive features on your website so that your customers interact and engage with your website.

A website that is not engaging is likely to deter and put people off. Conversely, a well-designed, engaging website, will attract people again and again.


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Your website’s navigation is one of the most important parts of designing a website. If you do not design your website properly and do not allow for navigation, customers will immediately be put off of using your website. Navigation is incredibly important. If customers and users find your website hard to navigate and struggle to find the information that they are looking for, then they will, according to researchers, use an alternative service or business. By making your website easier to use, and easier to navigate, you will ensure that your web users do not struggle with your website. As a rule of thumb, keep your website simple, and do not try to make it overly intricate or difficult simply to make it look more professional - it will have the opposite effect.


It should come as no surprise, with everything that we have mentioned on this website already, that by improving your website’s design, your web users will trust you more. Improving the level of trust that your customers (or web users) have in you, will benefit you tremendously, and benefit your business. If a person trusts your business, even if they do not directly buy products from you or use your service, they are more likely to share information about your website with them. Trust is something that users have to have with your business. Try as hard as you can to cultivate a culture of trust in your business - it will benefit you, your business, and your customers.


With a well-designed and optimized website, your website will appear more often on Google’s search listings. SEO (search engine optimization) is a very prominent, and effective I might add, method of marketing nowadays. If you want to optimize your website for SEO, then you must optimize your website, and make it easy to use. Web optimization is incredibly easy, and you can hire a web developer to manage your optimization for you.

New Customers

Having a well-designed website can be a great way for you to find new customers. If your website is engaging and eye-catching then people may spread it among their friends, and additionally, people may just find it by chance. Websites that have been optimized show higher on Google’s rankings than other websites (as we just mentioned). If you want to find new customers, then a well-designed website could definitely be the best way for you to do this. New customers are a great reason, we think, to design your website properly and hire a web designer to do it for you.

Mobile Friendly

If you make your website easy to use and optimize it for mobiles, you will undoubtedly increase the number of viewers that come your website’s way. The reason for this, very simply, is that most web users nowadays use their mobile phones to navigate the internet. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you will be alienating thousands, if not tens of thousands, of web viewers. Making your website mobile-friendly is incredibly important and is the hallmark of a well-designed website. Do not overlook the importance of making your website mobile-friendly - it will benefit you tremendously in the long run. Thank us later!

Your website is a representation of you and your business. If you take shortcuts on it, then people will likely consider that your business does the same. Conversely, if you take great care in designing your website, look after it, and manage it well, people will think that your business is equally well looked after and professionally made. You mustn’t ever take shortcuts with your website, as otherwise, it can impact your professional and outward appearance negatively. Your website is your frontline. Do not misuse, abuse, or take shortcuts with it. If you treat it well, it will treat you well. Thank you for joining us today.

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