13 Mobile App Design Trends For 2022

13 Mobile App Design Trends For 2022

Similar to your favorite Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) fashion, mobile app design is consistently getting better and better each year. Although, you have to be more creative and adaptive to this fast-changing environment. For example, bright and colorful motifs reigned in the last decade, but now, minimalism rules the design world.

Also, creativity is one way in attracting customers to follow your brand. With around 2.8 million apps and counting, the competition in gaining more followers is intense and challenging. You have to do extra research on how will you give the best User Experience (UX) every time your followers visit or download your app.

According to statistics, around 94% of customers’ first impressions are solely based on a User Interface (UI). Most people don’t care whether your apps or services aren’t innovative. They’re there because of the great design that relaxes and satisfies their eyes.

As everyone gets stuck in this pandemic, people want to anticipate the future of UX and UI design as technology continuously outpaces our lives in the years to come.

What Is UX/UI Trend?

Technology is a fast-paced industry, and some apps come and go. These are the apps that failed to sustain and adapt to the constantly changing UX/UI trends. Moreover, there are essential principles to follow to make your apps stand out among their biggest competitors.
Every single day, there are apps similar to yours being downloaded on every mobile. As you sit there on your couch, you may want to check how to keep your apps on top, ideally with the help of a reliable web design company like Connective. Thus, here are the latest UX/UI trends to watch out for this coming 2022.

Also, these trends are responsible for making customers and followers love your app. At the end of the day, the goal is to win the interest and attention of the audience.  It’s important to form a connection with them and meet their expectations.

Old Three-Dimensional (3D) Designs

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean they’ll be outdated, and that’s the case with 3D designs. What matters most is how you incorporate them into your apps.

With a 3D design, you can easily show more to your audience than simply attaching plain boxes to your apps. Previously used in many educational platforms, 3D has been extensively used as an internet promotional tool today.

The three-dimensional design offers new experiences and allows users to enjoy the app on an entirely different level. It gives them an additional feeling that they can reach your content.

Picture And Icon Animations

Animation gives every user a sense of nostalgia using their childhood experiences and memories. It allows them to be more connected with audiences of different ages. There are plenty of icons and illustrations that can be animated in 2022. Even a tiny bit of an icon can have a significant impact on your app, thus use them well to your advantage.

Also, the animation is important because it allows your company to have a better interaction with your audience. For every tap of the button, a unique response will follow to communicate with your audience. Thus, giving them a remarkably interesting experience.

Dark Mode

Some websites and apps allow users to turn their interface dark with the simple changing of buttons. Also, you may have seen giant companies switching off the lights of their websites and apps. Few reasons for this mode to become popular include:
  • It allows users to look at your program in a low light environment easily.
  • It improves user visibility due to contrasting colors.
  • It allows users to be energy efficient by reducing power usage in most mobile devices.
  • It allows your app to stand out among others.
  • If you’re still not using this useful, it’s probably time to consider applying it to your interface.

Modern Minimalist Designs

As opposed to dark mode, white spaces are the king of minimalist interfaces. In UI designs, this approach is ironically one of the most challenging to create and manage.

A minimalistic approach is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide a streamlined and excellent user experience. Minimalism simplifies the process of interaction by using essential functions you have. It allows users to be more interactive by easily having basic buttons without additional steps and different designs.

Monochromatic Designs

The monochromatic interface is slowly making its way to everyone’s table, and experts believe it will improve and continue in 2022. It uses single base color with different shades highlighting each other. Thus, producing a simple, clean, and vibrant appearance, which attracts the user’s attention.

Moreover, using a single line of color prevents you from creating chaos by balancing the designs of your interface. Also, it’s the best choice if you’re a first-time designer as it allows you to create incredible designs with just one color.

Gradient Color Schemes

The gradient color scheme was introduced by Instagram in 2016. Adding gradients change the airiness and lightness of the interface. It also allows you to create your unique design by mixing and matching different colors. In addition, the blur effect adds depth and dimension resulting in a simple but stylistic interface. Everyone is expecting more from this design in 2022 together with other cool trends.

On the other hand, gradients make the content and other objects stand out by adding a depth of realism. However, don’t overdo it. It would be best to blend two to three colors, and always avoid conflicting colors.

Playful Typography

People visit your app not only to read its content, but they are also interested in how you place the text together creatively. Choosing the right font is like choosing a wine to drink. You want to have a full-bodied experience in every sip. So, the font you’re going to choose should highlight your content while also attracting audiences to stay on your page.

Moreover, good typography will help your audiences locate valuable content instantly without reading each word thoroughly. Therefore, font is highly crucial and significant in UI designs. You want to share all your thoughts in the most concise way possible.

Neomorphism Interface

This graphic design came from its founding flat design, 2.0 skeuomorphism. Neomorphism uses both monochromatic and minimalistic designs. However, it mainly relies on an additional and essential process by using shadows and minimal color shifts. This allows your audience to focus intensely on your content while minimizing visual litters.

Moreover, if this design is not handled correctly, it can result in user confusion and issues because it lacks contrasting elements, particularly buttons. That’s why many design experts suggest avoiding this style.

Retro UI Designs

This year have brought many of us to reminisce the old times, and dream of going back to the past. The curiosity of new generations and the creativity of web designers have brought back history by bringing nostalgia into the UI interface. Retro designs include pixelated images and typography, glitchy transitions, and screen tearing.

Voice User Interface

If you’re a fan of using voice search with artificial intelligence to, for example, find the song’s title just by asking ‘what song is this?’, then you should try making use of a voice-activated interface. With the continuous and constant evolution of voice-controlled UIs, a bright future awaits them in 2022.

Moreover, a voice-activated interface allows users to interact with your system using voice commands. This is why around 70% of the consumers have chosen this method because of its ease and efficiency. Also, UI designs lean more on voice commands as technology continues to evolve.

Non-Traditional Scrolling

You may have noticed some websites and apps with horizontal scrolling instead of the traditional vertical scrolling. Creative scrolling allows you to adjust the interactivity of the content. According to experts, the usual timeframe of people who visit websites is only around eight seconds. So, an interactive and exciting scrolling experience may help you lengthen the average visiting period of your audience and enhance their interest.

On the other hand, you have to remain functional and straightforward, and avoid unnecessary actions that would make users leave your app.

ID Authentication

Sometimes you could have plenty of accounts and you don’t know how to remember all the passwords simultaneously. This is a common problem with password-activated accounts. Nowadays, some companies have tried to integrate password-free interfaces into their apps. Some password-free methods include facial recognition and fingerprint identity (ID) sensors.

The fingerprint ID has been valuable to most people because they are easy to access but difficult to hack. However, face recognition has yet to improve. As the public is gradually accepting them, 2022 might be a year of significant improvement for these authentication methods.

Device-To-Device Synchronization

Most people use two to three devices with their accounts. This is why having a multi-platform user experience is essential for your apps. You should be able to offer your audience consistent functionalities across their devices. An excellent example of multi-platform UX is a smartwatch. A digitally automated watch allows users to check their messages or call another person while doing other tasks such as running or walking.

Final Words

You must be excited about the future of UX/UI designs in 2022. There are techniques and improvements in technology that could make every person’s life better with more innovative and brighter ideas.

Also, you don’t have to apply the ideas and style you’ve just read. Focus on designs suitable for your apps. It would be best to pick one or two and focus on how you’ll make them interactive and communicative to your audience.
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