Why Video Marketing Plays A Crucial Role In Your Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Online Business?

Do you consider yourself exempt from the need for video marketing for your digital marketing plan? Despite the fact that video has been used in marketing tactics for many years, marketers are only now beginning to see its full potential?

Video marketing isn't a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. YouTube didn't even exist when this trend first began. However, it's becoming more important and as a vital part in digital marketing strategies, and failing to use it to its best potential means you're losing out on valuable revenue opportunities.

Over 99 per cent of current video marketers have informed Hubspot that they intend to continue using video in 2021, and 96 per cent plan to grow or maintain their spending on video in 2021 (again, up slightly from 95 per cent last year). More than two-thirds of those who said they don't utilize video now said they want to do so by 2021, according to Hubspot.

Why is Video Marketing on the Rise?

In addition to giving us a first-person view of what's going on, video is a compelling and flexible content format that's simple to distribute across many platforms. As a result, consumers find it appealing, and marketers find it attractive since it helps build brand awareness, promotion and can provide a significant return on investment (ROI) via many channels.

Anyone with an internet connection can easily watch videos online. Creating a video with the help of a video maker online helps it to make it in an extremely accessible format. Moreover, with online video editing tools & downloadable video editing softwares, even novice video creators can create a masterpiece that wows the audience. Professional-quality video is definitely on the rise, and anybody can get on their laptop and put together a movie in about an hour.

5 Factors Why Video Marketing is Crucial for Your Online Business

1. Videos Have the Potential to boost Conversions

Putting everything else aside for the moment. You can earn a lot of money with videos. Increase your conversions by as much as 80% when you include a product video on your landing page! Using video to promote a product or service may result in a sale.

Most people who viewed an explanatory film on a product or service went out and purchased it after that. Now is the time to go to work on creating your captivating product videos.

Video's efficacy isn't all that unexpected when you think about it. Vision is, after all, our most important sense. For the most part, the data that is sent to our brain is in visual form. So, if images can already significantly increase engagement, just think of what moving images may do for your venture.

2. Videos are Excellent for Marketing ROI

To pique your interest, even more, 83% of companies claim that video has a high return on investment. However, despite the fact that video creation is not currently the most straightforward or least expensive job, it offers huge dividends.

Video editing software is also becoming better and cheaper all the time. In addition, even a smartphone is capable of producing respectable movies at this point.

There is also good news in that your videos don't have to be flawless. What is important is the substance! Videos that don't explain a product or service well enough turn consumers away, according to a recent study. A lack of attention to detail, as well as shoddy production, matter too much.

If you are running a business in Olympia, hiring professionals is also a good option. With so many affordable and high-quality video production services in Olympia, you can create visually appealing and engaging videos that will bring in more conversions and help grow your business. The best part is that outsourcing video production allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business while the experts take care of creating top-notch videos for your marketing strategy.

3. Videos are Great for Trust Building

Conversions and sales are built on trust. However, establishing trust should stand alone as a goal. Trust and building long-term connections are at the heart of content marketing. Instead of trying to sell them anything, give them something of value instead.

Video satisfies all of your needs. Video material has the potential to pique our interests and elicit strong feelings in us. When it comes to reaching an exclusive audience, YouTubers have surpassed any other social media influencer. Content marketing isn't only about writing; it's also about making videos.

4. Videos are an Excellent Avenue for Boosting your SEO

You may improve the amount of time your visitors spend on your site by using videos. As a result, more time in the spotlight fosters visitor confidence and tells search engines that your site is filled with useful information.

Moovly provides the following staggering figures: If your website includes a video, your chances of ranking well on Google increase by 53 times. Since Google now owns YouTube, videos now have a considerably greater impact on your search engine ranking.

Make sure your YouTube videos are SEO-optimized. Make your titles and descriptions intriguing by coming up with original ideas. Include a backlink to your website, as well as to any goods or services you offer. Show prospective clients how to go to the next stage. Also, go into the realm of interactive movies to further entice users to take action.

5. Mobile Users Love Videos

Videos are inseparable from smartphones. There has been a 233 per cent increase in mobile video views since the third quarter of 2013. Every year, according to YouTube's data, video consumption on mobile devices grows by 100 per cent.

In light of the fact that people prefer to view videos on their smartphones, your video audience will continue to increase as time passes.

Also, according to Google, smartphone users are twice as likely as TV viewers and 1.4 times more likely than desktop viewers to have a personal connection with companies that display video content or advertisements on their devices.


It's all about the money with video marketing since it's an ever-expanding medium that can be used by any company, big or little, to increase their profits. Your product-market fit story and how it fits into your customer's journey is critical in all of this. Users will be more engaged with your material if you learn to sympathize with them.
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