5 rockin’ marketing tips for your record label

5 rockin’ marketing tips for your record label

If you own your own record label, you’re probably well aware by now that staying relevant in the music industry can be pretty challenging. You’re expected to compete with dozens of other, more established labels, stay on top of the latest music trends, and make sure to connect with any up and coming acts to stay in the business.

But how do you make sure to do all of that effectively? Through a well thought out promotion strategy, of course. If you want to bring on new musicians and get people to avail your services, you need to make sure they see you as a promising option to help them expand their music career.

If you’re worried about how to get it all done, you don’t need to fret anymore. Here are some surefire promotional hacks to help you get your music label on its feet.

Use music videos to sell music

These days, songs are much more popular if they’re released along with a music video, or some form of visual to help engage an audience. Use this to your advantage by posting music videos, live performances of your bands, interviews, or even animated lyric videos to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and more. Enticing fans to click on an exclusive music video from a band they like will encourage them to invest in your music services.

You can also create short video promos to showcase how customers can avail your services and download music produced by you. Alternatively, another great way to engage your audience through videos is to encourage fans to create fan-made videos, mashups, and animations for your songs and post them online. This will not only help you engage your audience on a much closer level, but will also help you promote your music downloads in a much more fun and attractive way.

Offer free downloads

Everyone loves a free giveaway, especially when it comes to music. So why not hop on this bandwagon and offer your customers a small free sample of the kind of music you’re promoting. Offer customers and fans free downloads of acoustic versions of famous songs to promote the sales of your own studio produced versions.

Another idea is to produce short medleys or promos of singles from a popular artist’s album, and offer free downloads of that to encourage fans to purchase the whole album from your website or platform.

Offering a free taste of the sort of music your label produces will not only encourage fans to purchase whole albums but also help you get your artists out there quicker.

Build and post a release schedule on your social media

The one thing that’s more important than releasing music is to release music on a consistent basis and to let fans know that something new is always in the works. The goal here is to keep the hype going and to keep fans excited.

One great way to do that is to build up a release schedule of songs set to come out soon and make sure to release the next track as soon as the interest for the first release starts to die down.

A great way to keep this schedule on your fans’ radar is to put up constant stories announcing the release of each song before it’s set to come out. You can add video and audio promos to your story and posts, add in some attractive animations in your story announcements, and keep people excited about each next release.

Market through attractive posters

When promoting your music and marketing your business to the world, you need to pull out all the stops and make sure you’re covering all grounds. And one great way to cover your grounds is to make sure you’re visible to everyone who has access to basic internet and social media platforms.

Create an eye-catching music poster using online design tools like PosterMyWall and post it all over the internet to get your brand out there. For the ideal poster, you should:
  • Add your studio label and logo to the very top of your poster.
  • Include some themed musical elements to make your poster stand out.
  • Add in a list of the most famous bands and musicians that you are currently representing. Add some pictures for increased recognizability.
  • If you have any other successful, well-known clients, use their names to get more traction.
  • Add a QR code linking to your site so aspiring musicians can directly access all information on you.

Once you’re done with your poster, share it to your Instagram and Facebook. For better reach, you can also specify the audience you want to reach through social media ads and set up your posters so that they appear on the right people’s feed. These could be aspiring musicians looking to sign on with a label, or even some fans who want to stay up-to-date with their favorite band’s latest releases.

Look for the right partners

As a record label, your goal is to reach out to as many people as you can to promote the artists under your wing. Well, why not partner up with a few other brands with an already established audience that you can tap into?

Look for strategic partnerships with businesses that fall in line with the kind of music you produce. For instance, if you produce a lot of youthful music, pairing up with a popular sports drink or energy drink brand might be a good idea. Or if you want your artists to have a persona that reflects social interest, you can partner up with a local activist organization and announce your partnership all over social media.

This will not only help your artists tap into a whole new potential fanbase, but will also allow you to develop your brand further.


Final thoughts

It can be tough to promote your record label in a fast-paced and overly competitive industry. The goal here is to make sure you’re engaging your audience at all times and getting your artists the promotion they need to start off their careers.

Use these promotional hacks to market your record label to the world and get your artists the recognition they deserve.
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