Best Logo Design Contest Websites You Need to Check Out

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to create a logo for the brand or company, but you can't make up your mind? Has there been a situation where you don't want to waste your time or, even worse, spend a lot of money hiring an inexperienced graphic designer?

Also, no one wants to have to deal with a logo that looks like someone else's or contact a designer who will not make the necessary changes for you. And, of course, you are unlikely to be pleased to pay for a design that you can not or do not even want to use.

To avoid all this you may ask for help from real professionals whose experience speaks for them. We offer you a review of the best logo design websites, compare their features and advantages, and finally, find out where you can get the desired design with a 100% guarantee.


So, let's start by considering an unusual, even one-of-a-kind, solution for the given task. The marketplace is known as MasterBundles. A few years ago this website was quite tiny and created by just a few enthusiasts. But now it is one of the best and largest marketplaces you can look at. Over 150,000 sets have been sold so far, considering that this platform is very young. But it's not really a contest site, you might say, but don't rush to conclusions.

The main advantage of this marketplace is simply a huge amount of choice and a wide variety of products. Here you can find packages of fonts, stock photos, presentation templates, postcards, and premium logo design cheaper than if you were to buy each specific product separately. More than 3,200 designers and artists regularly add their work to the platform. Yep, the main feature is that you can either choose a ready-made logo, or browse the work of any designer and choose your favorite one, and then continue to work with it. Plus, you can find loyal clients here or even a customer for the project.


99designs provides invaluable assistance to designers in demonstrating their work and thus finding potential clients. A key feature of this website is that you can hold a contest and choose for yourself one of several designers or work one-on-one with a particular designer. As this platform shows, we're sure to get a design that will capture our hearts. Each designer who cooperates with this platform has their own portfolio, which we can look through and find useful information there that will help us with our choice. For example, it tells us how many contests the designer has won or how many regular clients they have.

Here are a few key features of this platform:


You describe the desired design, and candidates compete to perform it. You may then choose the design that best meets your requirements. That is our main goal in finding a great designer.

High quality and guarantees

When designers register on the 99designs platform, they are hand-checked by specially selected people. So, it means that if they appear on the site - they meet all the requirements.


You can filter by vendor level to find the appropriate designer, as well as a filter many different categories and industries.


Here we will definitely meet guys who don't like bragging. Initially, we don't see the latest site design, but it's not that simple. If all you need is a logo, LogoNerds is definitely worth your attention. This is a case where quality is valued more than marketing and any advertising campaigns.

This site provides us with the following:

Highly qualified specialists

LogoNerds specializes in designing logos, so every designer on this platform is well-skilled and knowledgeable in this type of web design task.

Affordable prices

LogoNerds offers three affordable design packages, with the cheapest starting at $27.


The platform ensures that if you're not satisfied with a logo made for you, you won't pay for it.


DesignCrowd helps us find a good balance between budget graphic design and more expensive options. In other words, with this platform, we will get the desired design at an affordable price without losing quality. DesignCrowd is not perfect, but good enough service. It is a kind of people's favorite platform, which has repeatedly proved it by participating in various surveys. This website has about 750,000 active designers (just think about it) and also maintains a global presence in 165 countries. So, the main advantage of this site is its community.

As well as previous platforms, DesignCrowd offers us the following services:
  • getting the design you want through a contest;
  • a wide range of categories;
  • quick selection of a designer.

Yes, it's a bit like what we've already observed, but there are fundamental differences, and you can get acquainted with them on the platform itself.


Fiverr is probably one of the most recognizable and well-known marketplaces. Here you may get absolutely any services that relate to graphic design. Several hundred thousand designers offer their products on the platform, so you will have plenty to choose from.

The most important feature of Fiverr is the prices, which start at $5. You might immediately wonder, is it possible to expect good quality at such a low price? As practice shows - yes! Maybe in terms of contests, it's not as bright as on other platforms, but this is not a minus of this website.

Here are a couple of features of this platform:

Experienced designers

The levels of designers at Fiverr correspond to the successful work on the platform.


After selecting the service you want or searching by keyword, you have the ability to filter search results by order type, candidate level, budget, and time.

Inexpensive options

Well, here, without any extra words, we can say affirmatively that the prices are really extremely affordable.

The Logo Company

The name of this platform speaks for itself. If you need a logo - here you go. If you don't have time to browse designer profiles, then check out this website. It specializes in designing logos, but it also offers business cards and other printed products. Right on the main page you can view recently created logos. Yes, the prices bite, but the quality here is top-notch and definitely in line with the price. Let's now look at the key features of this company.


You do not need to spend a lot of time looking through the profiles of hundreds of designers, all you have to do is just place your brief. The company will choose five designers to work on your project. Within just a few days you will already receive the concepts and can choose a winner.

An Unlimited number of fixes

The Logo Company guarantees the correction and redrawing of your logo until you are satisfied with it.

Designer packages

You may choose only logos or packages, which include design of business cards and stationery.


As far as this service is concerned, it generally does a good job of what it is designed to do. If you want to have a lot of designs to choose from, this platform is great for you. If logo design contests aren't your thing, you also have the option of hiring a designer directly. The company may not be the most successful, but it already has about 70,000 designers. Here we are offered just a huge number of functions. You have the choice to hire people for absolutely any graphic design, from design t-shirts to profile cover images. 

Designhill, like many similar services, is community-based. It means that community features, competition, and social interaction are given a lot of attention and time. It also means that you'll have a variety of quality logos to choose from if you decide to run a contest.

The main advantages of this resource are:


A lot of sites contain guides related only to paying for services. However, Designhill provides information about every feature. In addition, in any situation, the support team will always be happy to answer absolutely all of your questions.

Reasonable prices

Undoubtedly, the prices here are quite pleasant and affordable for various packages. If you are willing to pay a little more than $200 for a high-quality and cool logo, this is the place for you.


Not a lot of words are needed here, the main thing is that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

48Hours Logo

This is a company that offers one option: crowdsourcing logo design contests and branding materials, which is exactly what we need. The distinctive aspect of this resource is that the contests here are very short. So, if you are in a hurry, you will get a response as quickly as possible.

You have two options: a guaranteed contest and a non-guaranteed contest. Their difference is that in the guaranteed contest you pay in advance and in the latter you pay only $29. But you should know that guaranteed contests attract more entries.


CrowdSpring is the third-largest crowdsourcing design marketplace. It is a simple, high-quality, and reliable logo design service. Here you can find a quality logo while avoiding a lot of hassle. Great briefs, favorable rates, and a community of experienced and skilled designers are what make this platform unbeatable.

However, you shouldn't expect any particular sophistication. The prices and quality of the designs, however, are well matched. From a financial point of view, this service is of better value than many other similar platforms. If you're wondering why you should choose this website, here's the answer:
  • awesome tech support;
  • lively user community;
  • good prices.

Logo Design Guru

This platform provides the services of more than 150,000 designers. They are offered in packages. So, for example, you can combine several design contests if you need to get several types of products at once. When running a contest, you may choose a large number of different design styles by choosing logos you like from a set of examples.

Unfortunately, there is no real guarantee that the materials you get will look like the examples you chose. On Logo Design Guru, contests run for about a week unless you pay for an expedited (or renewal) fee. After you select the final design, it will take 12 to 24 hours to transfer the files. As for the prices, they are quite reasonable and you can count on a quality logo from $200.


Okay, what can we say finally about all these websites? It is very simple, they're all great if you want a high-quality logo. Yes, each has its own advantages and some will suit you better and some may not like it at all. This is where the individual characteristics of your case will decide everything. However, you may not doubt the quality of all of these resources.
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