Can I do graphic design on my iPad?

graphic design on my iPad

Graphics tablets are becoming more popular every day. They are indispensable for those who have to work with graphics. Whether you are an architect, artist, or designer, your skills can reach a new level with a graphics tablet because it is the best innovative gadget for work and leisure in the field of art.

The work of a graphic designer is a union of creativity and logic because a graphic designer solves several complex and important tasks at the same time. The products he creates (logo, font, etc.) must be bright, memorable, and unique. You must always listen to the client and fulfill the client's wishes. Therefore, it is important for a graphic designer that his creative work is subject to the laws of logic. And to make the job easier, there is a graphics tablet.

What is a graphics tablet?

A graphics tablet is a tool for entering hand-created information using a stylus. It is convenient for drawing and solving other tasks in graphic editors. A touch-sensitive pen is included with the tablet.

A stylus is a pen for a graphics tablet used to enter data.

The tablet screen is the active area where a picture or note is created. The stylus most often performs the functions of a mouse and is a cursor.

Which tablet to choose for a graphic designer?

Sooner or later, every illustrator comes to the need to invest in a good digital drawing tool. Of course, using traditional materials and drawing on paper with markers and pencils is a kind of meditation. But in the case of a large flow of commercial work and occasional blots on paper sketches, it is rather difficult to complete all orders on time without an electronic tablet.

Among artists, illustrators, web designers, Wacom graphics tablets have always been considered the best tools. But with the advent of such a worthy product as the iPad, many have wondered: can Apple compete with Wacom in this category?


Why is it worthwhile for me to sell ipad pro and buy the iPad Air? If you have an old iPad Pro, then rather sell ipad pro for cash and buy an iPad Air because when you purchase an iPad Air, you get to choose from a wide variety of dedicated drawing apps. Even Adobe has released two professional applications for the iPad - Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Draw. They integrate seamlessly with desktop Photoshop and Illustrator via the Creative Cloud service. They can work with vectors and raster graphics.

For those who can't even imagine their work without a full-fledged Photoshop, the great Astropad application has been released. With it, your Mac can be paired with an iPad Air, and Astropad will instantly display your screen content on your iPad - just like in the iPad Pro.

In addition, Procreate is a real godsend for an illustrator. This is one of the most popular applications that allows you to choose any resolution and materials for drawing.


iPad Air syncs with your computer using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and last but not least, a Lightning cable.

Another argument is that the iPad can work from a power source and standalone.

In addition, Apple tablets have very thin bezels, which allows you to use the maximum working space and creates the feeling that in front of you is a sheet of paper - only electronic.

A few words about the feeling while drawing: they are amazing! Apple has managed to achieve incredible believability in terms of perception. If the surface of your tablet seems a little slippery, we recommend purchasing an ultra-thin matte screen sticker that will make it rougher and paper-like.

Well, drawing with the Apple Pencil is a different kind of pleasure. It is impossible to describe how convenient it is - you need to pick it up and try it. Everything happens by itself: as if you are drawing with the most ordinary pencil in the most ordinary notebook. And after all, technology does not stand still: developers are constantly improving the properties of a pencil - however, like all their products!


If you plan to work not only at home, it is worth considering the device's portability. It is very easy to move around with Apple tablets and laptops: after all, we have already found that they are thin, light, have optimal screen size, and can work offline. And the cost of the iPad Air is much more affordable than, say, the iPad Pro.

Perhaps, we should not forget that the tablet can be a great companion after hours, such as when traveling. After all, you can not only draw on it but also check social networks, read, play, watch movies, and much more.


You can buy a graphics tablet for both work and leisure. It is multifunctional and ergonomic. Photo processing, creating collages, retouching - a graphics tablet will be an indispensable assistant in this matter. Well, which one to choose, it's everyone's business. It is worth following the advice of experts, but the choice is yours.
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