Helpful Design Tips for Your New House

If you have an ongoing or upcoming house construction project, chances are you are considering several design ideas to inspire your new home. Building a new home from scratch can be a daunting experience, considering all the procedures and processes involved. However, it gives you the freedom to actualize your dream design, unlike a renovation project that limits your customization options.

Whether you are building a mansion-size house or a smaller home to accommodate your young family, there are some key interior design tips to keep in mind. We have rounded up the top four interior design ideas below.

1. Make Your Kitchen Neat and Classy

Your kitchen is one of the most crucial spaces in your home. The size of your kitchen will often depend on the overall home size and design. Most homeowners will want a spacious kitchen that allows for wall drawers, extensive dishwashing areas, storage compartments, etc. Besides the size, another consideration is the flooring and the furniture.

A rule of thumb is to have solid, stylish, and durable flooring in your kitchen. The flooring you choose should also be easy to clean and non-slippery, especially in the working area. You can customize these options to match your unique needs. Popular alternatives include stone and porcelain tiles, concrete, cork, and hardwood flooring.

As far as kitchen furniture is concerned, always go for quality. Some of the best options are solid wood, laminates, and stainless steel for cabinets, chairs, and drawers. If you are on a budget, you can pick economical options like wood veneers. For countertops, marble or quartz materials are often the best.


2. Embrace Versatile Designs

Over the years, architectural designs have shifted more towards flexibility and versatility. Most modern homes now feature versatile interior designs that allow for freedom and quick customization. Think of a kitchen that can double up as a home office or a bedroom you can convert into a guest room. If you are interested in such levels of customization, you will need to work with a skilled interior designer.

Often, the interior designer will evaluate your needs and budget and then customize your interior space accordingly. You can also achieve versatile design by investing in the right furniture. For instance, choose a foldable bed with storage or a desk that can work as a table. That said, the most versatile design aspects should be incorporated into the architectural plan.


3. Try Different Patterns

Some of the critical interior styling aspects in every interior space are colors and sizes. Whether decorating your living room, kitchen or bedroom, always experiment with different patterns. The goal is to mix and match your favorite colors and shapes until you get that perfect combination. When decorating walls and ceilings, you can choose paints or wallpapers. The latter is more flexible as it allows you to customize the look at any time. Plus, you can reuse the wallpaper elsewhere, and the whole process takes a shorter time.

If you are to paint some part of your walls or ceilings, first experiment with the colors, either using mock paint or wallpaper. The lighting in your room may or may not work well with the paint, and it’s best to try it out first. Another interior design tip to consider is wall art or paintings to create a focal point in your home. When hanging art, always create some contrast by fixing them at varying levels. The frame sizes should also vary, and you want to have them at or slightly above eye level.


4. Choose the Right Lighting

Your home’s interior design is never complete without the right choice of lighting fixtures. Different models are available in the market, so you want to keenly select the right types. Some of the key factors to consider are the size of the interior space, the color of the walls and ceilings, and the level of illumination you need.

Depending on your needs, you can choose recessed, accent, ceiling, or wall-mounted fixtures and adapt them to virtually any space. You also want to consider the fixture’s functionality and decorative elements to ensure you get the intended overall look. If you are to choose a few types from several lighting fixtures, always narrow down your options. That is, consider the fixture’s light quality, color & warmth, and energy consumption before making up your mind. You may need professional advice to navigate these specifications during the selection process.

Customize the Design and Own Your Space

It’s every homeowner’s dream to have the option to customize their space to suit their style and personal preferences. When building a new house, you have this freedom, and you want to maximize it. The four interior design tips we have highlighted above aren’t exhaustive. They are just the main things you should consider, so feel free to get creative and expand on them.
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