Top Ways To Upgrade Your House Interior On A Budget

You can give your home a stylish and high-end look without breaking the bank. With the cost-effective home renovation ideas we will share, your home will appear newer and more upscale. Without further ado, let’s explore these budget-friendly ways of home renovation to give your home a fresh and attractive look.

Painting The House

Go for a new paint job if you see worn-out and chipped paint. Painting the home with a different paint color will give it a fresh, clean, and appealing look. If you are a DIYer, you might already know how to paint walls. However, for people doing renovation work for the first time, knowing the proper way to paint is crucial. You can easily find instructions on how to paint correctly and follow them to achieve the best results.

Painting indoors is easier when compared to outdoors. Only paint the outdoors if you have the required equipment like ladders, platforms, and the relevant safety gear as there are chances of slips and falls when working from an elevated platform. Another option to give the home a new look is using paint trim. The trim work makes the windows, staircases, and walls stand out and adds to its beauty. Contrasting colors can be used to highlight these areas while providing a unique and modern effect.

Replacing Bathroom Tiles

Replacing bathroom tiles is also a great way to upgrade your home. By replacing outdated and old floor tiles with modern ceramic or porcelain tiles, you can instantly give the space a fresh look. If you want to take it up a notch, read about shower floor tile ideas from different websites and magazines to make your bathroom look luxurious. New tiles also help with maintenance and upkeep as they are easier to clean and take less time for some exciting options. With so many colors, textures, patterns, and materials available in the market, finding a suitable option won’t be difficult.

Peel-off Wallpapers

Patterned walls create an elegant feel. Peel and stick wallpapers can be used to create an upscale feel while keeping your project within the budget. Not only are these wallpapers cost-effective, but they are also easy to apply and remove when necessary. Your home’s entryway, laundry room, and other small spaces are perfect for this affordable yet stylish home renovation idea. As there are tons of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, remember to choose the wallpaper that best blends in with the home’s interior and the surroundings.


Higher Ceilings

A striking feature in many expensive homes is raised ceilings. However, if raising the ceilings is not possible within your budget, you can create a grander feel by choosing large flowing drapes and placing the curtain rods near the ceiling. Choosing long, striking window curtains will surely elevate indoor aesthetics and create a fresh and expensive outlook.


Color Schemes

Most modern and high-end homes opt for neutral color schemes and hues. Choosing these color schemes gives a classic, clutter-free feel to the home. Replacing the color scheme of your stairs, upholstery, and floors with bold textures and colors while keeping a neutral base color will make these patterns and colors pop out.


Replacing Interior Doors

Not every door inside your home has to be the same. Options like pocket doors and sliding doors are available which won’t cost you much. If your home follows an open floor plan, using these trendy alternatives for interior doors will surely make a difference. Instead of replacing interior doors, you can paint them to give them a fresh feel.


Playing With Contrast

You can add a cool spark to areas like the kitchen or your living room by experimenting with different contrasts. For example, painting your living room with a contrasting hue will give the area a vibrant appeal. This is a great way to upgrade the house while staying within the budget. If you are a DIYer, dedicate some time to research to figure out which contrasting colors and hues can work well together.

However, if you are unable to find some amazing contrasts, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for suggestions. One thing to keep in mind when choosing these contrasts is the color of your flooring, upholstery, drapes, and furniture so it becomes easier to look for tonal contrasts.

Hardware Upgrades

Upgrading your kitchen or bathroom hardware will give it a sleek and trendy look without costing too much. For example, you can replace the bathroom taps, shower, and mirror with new hardware that complements them. Nowadays, matte black hardware is trending and durable enough to keep you covered for a couple of years. When replacing the hardware, consider hiring plumbing services to clean the clutter stuck in the drains and pipes. Doing this will eliminate any form of bad odor that can develop within the pipes.

Revamping Home Extensions

Home extensions like outdoor kitchens, patios, and conservatories can be revamped with ease. For example, if you have an outdoor kitchen, installing a shade in the kitchen will give the space a fresh look while protecting you from changing weather conditions. Upgrading your conservatory with modern blinds, roof lanterns, or large windows is worth the expenditure. Conservatory blind manufacturers from Oakhurst Blinds suggest exploring the designs and variations before upgrading your conservatory. Exploring your options will help you choose the upgrade that blends in with other accessories and most importantly, falls within your budget.

Upgrading Blinds

You can give your indoors a modern yet decent look by replacing the window curtains with remote-control blinds. These blinds can either be operated remotely or scheduled to open and close automatically at set times. However, there are several other types of blinds you can choose if you don't want remote-controlled blinds. There are tons of dimensions, variations, and colors of blinds that blend in perfectly with your home’s interior theme.


Installing Tiles

Create beautiful yet mesmerizing surfaces with tiles as they can spark up the space while staying within the budget. For example, using subway tiles is an excellent choice when renovating your kitchen or bathroom space. These tiles provide a stunning look and are affordable. Various colored tiles and textures can be used when designing the kitchen backsplash or the bathroom walls to give it an outstanding outlook.


Stair Runners

Adding stair runners to your staircase will provide an excellent grip and give the stairs a fresh look. If you are unable to find stair runners within your budget, off-the-shelf woven runners can be found in your nearby home supplies store.


Foam-based Molding

Foam-based crown molding is an excellent remodeling option that gives ceilings a unique charm and adds value. These polystyrene-based molds are a cost-effective way to renovate. The molding can be easily cut by a handsaw and fastened to the ceiling with joint compounds. The installation of the molding is super-fast since an average home can be installed with foam-based moldings within a day.

Replacing Appliances

Examine your household appliances to ensure their proper functioning. If you find a faulty appliance, you can either repair it or opt for a new one if you have the budget to do so. Most old appliances wreak havoc on utility bills, ultimately increasing the cost of living. For example, replacing your old dishwasher with a recent model will not only reduce the amount of energy consumed but will also prevent water from being wasted, as is the case when using a sink to wash the dishes.

The dishwasher can be easily installed as well, eliminating the need for an electrician or plumber for installation. Changing your home’s light bulbs to LED lights is another excellent choice as it will reduce energy costs and require less frequent replacement than conventional lighting solutions.
Revamping The Walkway

There are endless options when it comes to revamping your walkway. You can hire a landscape designer or research on your own to come up with walkway ideas that spark up the exterior. Placing stepping stones, installing lighting, and building a small stairway are some ideas to revamp the walkway.


Door Lanterns

Hanging a classy lantern above the front door is a humble way of welcoming your guests. Look for vintage lanterns of the 20th century crafted by blacksmiths as they have a humble design. These lanterns surely give a rustic, vintage look to your home.

Working On The Ceiling

Including small architectural details does make a difference and gives the premises an expensive outlook. Polyurethane ceiling medallions are a good choice to put around the light fixtures and other areas to elevate the style. These decorative medallions come in a range of different dimensions and can be painted easily with any color you want.

Painting The Floor

If renovating the floor does not fall within your budget, consider painting the floor. You can paint the floor with a checkered pattern while using contrasting paints. Stencils in the shape of tiles can be used to paint the floor and give it a checkered look. Nevertheless, you can use different patterns to add personality to the indoors.

Renovating Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets painted with a dark color make your kitchen look like a cave. Brighten up the kitchen space by painting your cabinets with a light color to give that glowing appearance. However, before painting the cabinets, ensure that the frame is structurally sound and does not need replacement. If you are looking to paint them on your own, you will need sandpaper to remove the previous paint coat and make the surface smooth. Only then can you paint the cabinet to give it a sleek finish.

Besides the budget-friendly home renovation ideas we mentioned above, there are still tons of ways to renovate your home without breaking the bank. We suggest taking up one renovation idea at a time, completing it, and then moving to the next to ensure everything stays within the budget while you get the best possible results.
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