10 Apps That Help When Designing a Banner


There is denying the fact that pictures sometimes speak louder than words. If you want to attract attention to a particular topic, using creative and attractive visuals will do the job. Also, creative banners have the outstanding ability to express an individual's intellect and leave a lasting impression on the audience. 

Moreover, banners form part of the backbone of the advertising industry. Banners help to introduce your brand to the public, so they have to be very eye-catching. Most people require the use of professionals to design creative banners, but you can do it with the aid of some design apps. Here are ten apps that help when designing a banner. 

Banner Design Apps That Are Helpful


Inkscape is a powerful free vector drawing app that allows you to create professional-grade graphics. It works similarly to Adobe Illustrator and has many drawing tools you can use to create your banners. Also, Inkscape is more beginner-friendly as it teaches you the basics of vector graphics. 

Furthermore, Inkscape has made manipulation and creation of objects more accessible. It has a clone feature that allows you to create clones for arrangements and patterns. Also, it has a powerful text tool that produces unique text designs. Inkscape works on Linux, Mac OS, and windows. 

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

The GNU Image Manipulation program is a free, open-source graphics software program created in 1996. It works very well with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and has a very user-friendly user interface. With GIMP, you can edit images using different photo editing tools and techniques. 

Likewise, GIMP possesses a handful of painting tools like the pencil, clone tool, airbrush e.t.c that make painting on your banner very easy. It also has a blending tool and gradient editor for effectively presenting chosen colors. 

Additionally, GIMP allows you quickly load and open different image formats such as bmp, png, tag, xpm, and jpeg. In GIMP, each design task has a different working environment. With this, you can customize the colors and layout of your banner to your liking. GIMP also has a full-screen feature that allows you to work closely on design details and helps you make the most of your display window. 


Abyssale is the best app to use when you want to create a large number of banners. It makes use of automated AI to create several banner ads in minutes. While the design formalities of Abussale are minimal, it is beneficial for large marketing campaigns. 

Similarly, Abyssale allows you to customize your banner ads any way you like. It generates banner images after selecting a particular template and your business data. Abyssale also helps you to cut down on repetitive design tasks. 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the perfect and popular design software used by professional graphic and web designers to create vector graphics. It works well with Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Adobe Illustrator has advanced color options for filling shapes, mixing different color effects, creating color palettes, and using gradient color schemes. 

Furthermore, you can use freehand to draw on your banner with a variety of pencils, bridges, and pens. There is a grid feature that allows you to align lines and shapes with easy accuracy. The illustrator also has a library of fonts that helps you find the perfect font type for your banner design. 

Additionally, adobe illustrator has an artboard you can use to shape your banner design vision and a very effective vector illustration feature. Its modern interface features make it easy to choose the right design tool and create your banner. 


Canva is one of the best and most popular banner design apps. With Canva, you can create banner ads, posters, and so much more. The interface of Canva is also very easy to use and intuitive. One of the best things about Canva is that it has thousands of free, premade templates for you to choose select.

Furthermore, Canva has hundreds of elements you can use when designing your banner. When words are not sufficient for the message you need to portray, you can make use of Canva's icon library to choose the perfect visual icon for your banner. This icon library is handy when creating advertisement banners on social media. 


Desygner is one of the most popular banner design apps. It has a unique and well-built user interface that guarantees optimum user experience. You don't need professional experience to create banners on Desygner. It also has thousands of professionally designed templates for beginners to select. 

Furthermore, Desygner has an array of visual elements you can copy, modify, utilize and distribute however you want. It also has a banner editing tool for your online banner ads. 

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a more lightweight banner design app than Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It allows users to create banners easily. With Adobe Spark, you can meet any image size requirement for your banner since it has different preset banner templates for your banner ads. 

Furthermore, Adobe Spark has different customization options, such as objects, text, fonts, and images. Using Adobe Spark ensures that your design process is easy and quick. Also, the abundance of size presets and templates makes it easy to manage different banners in one place. 


Bannersnack is a cloud-based app created solely to design banners. It offers company, team, and individual plans, so you can choose which one best fits you. Also, Bannersnack is a professional banner design app that can be used without coding. 

Furthermore, Bannersnack is best suited for designing web banners/banner ads. It has several professional templates you can use to make your banner. Bannersnack also has a timeline-based animation feature that allows you to animate your banners without sophisticated tools. 


Typewolf is the perfect banner design software to use when choosing trending fonts. Like colors, fonts play a significant role in how people view your business or brand. From front checklists and free fonts to learning resources and lookbooks, this software has everything you need to know about typography. 


CorelDraw is one of the best banner design apps around. It competes actively with Adobe illustrator when it comes to design. CorelDraw is also easier to use than Illustrator. While it is easier to use, CorelDraw is primarily familiar to design professionals and students. 

Furthermore, CorelDraw offers professionally designed templates and digital images and templates you can choose from. It also has a wide array of fonts you can use to create unique banners. Most importantly, CorelDraw is quick to use and easy to learn. 

Additionally, CorelDraw has a feature that allows you to create gif banners with animated text or objects. It also has an AI feature that allows you to enlarge images for large banners without losing the image quality. 

Some Tips To Consider When Designing Banners

Size is Key

When it comes to designing banners, bigger is not always necessarily better. You want to catch your user's attention without blocking out their content or overwhelming them. Thus, it is essential to stick to the standard banner ad sizes when you're designing

Color Selection Matters

There is no set rule for selecting colors for banner design. Just ensure that the colors match and they align with your brand's visual identity. Also, you can use a color wheel to ensure the colors don't clash. Try looking into the psychology of colors to help you make better decisions on your banner color.


Keep Your Banner Simple

Simplicity is a very vital part of banner design. Don't put lengthy passages of text on your banner, and remember that a complicated banner will negatively impact your banner design. Also, you can decide to use an attractive visual to send your message rather than a lengthy piece of text. Your banner design must be simple and clean. 

Prioritize Text Clarity

Text clarity is one of the essential parts of banner design. While there can be a lot of text on banners, you must ensure that your text is clear and readable. Make sure the headline of your banner ad is bold and big. It also has to have a different color scheme and don't size from the rest of the banner text. 

Likewise, the font of your running text has to be at least four times smaller than that of the heading. This way, your users can see a clear contrast between the most crucial text categories in the banner design. 


Banners are a vital part of the web, and there will be moments when you need to design a promotional or header banner ad for your website. Banner design is something you can do by yourself with the proper guidance and tools. 

Similarly, the right banner ad can make all the difference in driving leads to your website. The apps mentioned in this article can help you create great banners, increase leads to your website and bring clients. 

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