How to Decorate a Classroom: An Ultimate Guide

Decorating a classroom is a complex task, and sometimes you don’t even know how to start. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a few useful tips on how to make your classroom look more interesting. First, ask yourself, do you really need to decorate your classroom? If you’re working with college students, it might be unnecessary, and the minimalistic design of the classroom is fine. However, if you really need it, here are some classroom decoration ideas.

Thematic Classroom Decoration Ideas

There are many ways to decorate a classroom. But a good design of any kind starts with the core, the main idea that will hold all the pieces together. Let’s look at three main approaches to decorating a classroom.

Meaningful decorations

This approach is universal and can be used for any kind starting with daycare, classroom, high school, and ending with university. The most simple but bright example of meaningful decoration is the alphabet table on the classroom wall. Done with bright colors and letters with interesting shapers, such a table truly makes a classroom look more interesting. At the same time, children see the alphabet every time they’re in class and will remember it. You can choose such decorations according to your needs or discipline. You can even make it on your own.


Christmas and New Year, Halloween, Independence Day, and so on. Holidays are always a good reason, and sometimes even demand to decorate a classroom. Luckily, the market offers many options from budget ones to quite expensive for such occasions. It’s up to you to buy high-quality decorations that you can use for years, or save some money and change decorations each year.

Times of year

Snowflakes for winter, green leaves for spring, flowers and seashells for summer, colorful leaves for autumn. If you want classroom decorations, you don’t need to wait for the holidays. Time of the year is a good reason to add some colors to your room and make the time your students spend there a little more cheerful.

Now you can choose which type of decorations you need, or combine them. At least, you can focus on the type of decorations you need the most right now. When this little goal is achieved, let’s focus on the way you can get the decorations.

Decorating a Classroom: What Your Options Are

The decoration depends not only on the aim you have, but also on the budget. We won’t recommend particular shops, because we believe that you know better where you can buy decorations and can google online shops if you want, as well as online people who struggle with writing papers easily find an online essay service like FastEssay. Instead, let’s pay attention to the three primary ways you can get decorations.

The first and the most obvious is to buy decorations or make them with your own hands. These two paths are united because you take all the responsibility and future efforts. You can choose the decorations in shops, or find a tutorial to make them. The second way can help you to save a lot of money because you pay only for the materials, not the work. At the same time, the internet is full of tutorials on handmade work, including those that can decorate your classroom. You can even search for something like “classroom decoration tutorial” or “classroom door decoration ideas” and find the things you want to make for your class.

Another way is to let students make decorations. If your budget is limited, one of the best ways is to make the emphasis not on the aesthetic side, but on the coziness of design and the memories it makes. Both children and teenagers can be glad to show their creativity by making decorations. Besides, by allowing your students to take part in making decorations, you provide them with at least part of the responsibility for how the class will look. Making decisions on their own and taking responsibility allows children and teenagers to feel like adults, and it can be pleasant for them. In addition, you can create decorations for educational aims. For example, if your class is English, you can provide students with a task to make big paper leaves for a tree, and they must creatively write a grammar time on each leaf.

You can also offer children to make decorations with their parents. This will hardly work for middle adolescents, but for younger children, it can make memorable moments with their parents. However, for such an approach, you need to get a little cooperation with parents or guardians. The most important thing is to inform parents beforehand about such activity with their children. This will provide you more guarantee that you’ll get the decorations in time, and that the desire to make good moments for children and parents won’t turn into a disaster when everything must be done at the last moment.

You can choose any of these ways, combine them, or use different ones for different reasons for decorations. It depends on your budget, preferences, and wishes. Sometimes you can have enough money for any decoration but need the particular ones, and it’s easier to make them with your own hands.

Good Ways to Decorate a Classroom Depends on the Aim

So, now you can decide if you need meaningful decorations or those that’ll simply please the eye. You also have options to buy decorations, make them yourself, or allow students (and their parents) to decorate the class in the way they want. Even if it seems that you have no money for decorations, online tutorials will help to create impressive and nice things that make your classroom look more cheerful. Handmade decorations can also be helpful if you want to make particular charts or tables that shops don’t offer or offer in the form you don’t like. You can not only allow the student to express their creativity but also show your own creativity via the way you decorate the classroom.
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