Create A Table Quiz Poster In Photoshop

Table Quiz Poster
The completed quiz poster design

In this tutorial we will be using mainly the text and shape tool to create a poster for a table quiz. The poster itself will portray a group of 4 people at a table with paper sheets in front of them, and thus simply representing a table quiz.

Step 1.

For the poster, we will be using an A3 canvas, to create an A3 canvas go to File-> New and in the options window choose International Paper as the Preset and A3 as the size.

Step 2.

Select Blue as the primary colour and white as the secondary colour in the colour picker boxes. Next select the gradient tool (within the paint bucket tool) and use it to drag and drop from the top to the bottom.

Step 3. 

The next step is to create the header and footer sections of the poster. The easiest way to do this is to use the rectangular shape tool to create a rectangle at the top and bottom of the canvas. Rename the layers 'footer' and 'header' and change the colour of the rectangles using the colour picker box on the layer tab of each layer.

Step 4. 

To set the header and footer apart from the content which is to come add a stroke to each rectangle using the layer style window. Go to Layer -> Layer Styles -> Blending Options and in the window which opens select stroke, change the colour to white and set the size to one you are happy with.

The quiz poster background

Step 5.

To create the table we will use the ellipse tool and drag out a shape similar to the one seen below. Colour the shape brown, using the colour picker box on the layer. Rename the layer 'table' and position it beneath the footer layer in the layers window.

The table for the table quiz poster

Step 6. 

Next to create the people: use the ellipse tool to create the bodies, naming/numbering the layers as you go. Once the four bodies are created open the blending options window through Layer-> Layer Style-> Blending Options and set the setting to those shown below.

Add layer styles to the figures

Step 7. 

Repeat the process for the heads adding the same layer style and line them up as shown below. Once the heads and bodies are complete link each pair together as a smart object; Layer-> Smart Objects -> Convert to Smart Object. This will keep the layers neater and easier to manage.

Step 8. 

Now to create the sheets of paper. Select the pen tool and click to create anchor points that will form the shape of the paper. Set the colour of the 'pages' to white and add a black stroke using the blending options window as before. Unlike the bodies and head.

Each person now has a sheet to write their answers!

Step 9. 

That completes the shapes for now so we will move onto the text. First off add the footer text. Type in whatever text you need. The image below shows the settings used to get a realistic date in Photoshop using the tools in the character window.

Use the character window tools to optimise the quiz poster's text

Step 10. 

The headline text is next on the agenda. The font used here is called 'Agency FB' and is a standard font already available in Photoshop. You can choose any font you want but be sure to choose a font that is clear and easy to read. Be sure to make the word 'Quiz' the largest word as it will get the point of the poster across immediately. People pass by numerous posters and other visual material everyday so it is vital for the text to be as clear and easy to read as possible.

The quiz poster with the text added

Step 11. 

The final shape to be added to the poster will fill the remaining space on the left hand side of the poster and effectively frame the headline text. We will try to create a shape in the style of draped, hanging material like a flag. To do this first use the Pen Tool to create the shape of the flag. Next use the blending options window to add a linear gradient on the shape. Use the settings below to get the effect of highlights on the curving, flapping material.

Step 12.

Finally add your club crest or business logo onto the flag. Add a warp effect to the logo using Edit-> Transform-> Warp. This will allow you to make it appear as if the logo or crest is on the flag.

Table Quiz Poster
The completed quiz poster

Quiz Poster Variations...

If you have a strong existing logo you may decide to leave out the flag element and just add the logo by itself into the space on the left hand side, like in the two examples below.

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