How to Curve Text in Photoshop

The final logo
The drop down is at the top Toolbar
When creating curved text, people tend to use the Warp tool to deform and bend the text. This is the incorrect way to create this effect as it makes the text uneven and unsightly. In this tutorial we'll be looking at the proper way to bend and curve text by creating a vector path and then adding text to the path to create the logo shown above.

The drop down is at the top Toolbar
First, select the Ellipse tool and change the setting on the tool bar from shape to path. Holding Shift will create a perfect circle and you can then move it around and edit it further via the Path Selection tool. 
The base of the logo
Adding ellipse along the centre circle

The Path Selection tool icon
Select the Text tool and click anywhere along the path. When hovering over the path while Text tool is selected you should see a small curved line going through the cursor. You can now type in your text, but make sure to align it so that it's centered.  

The text will go along the path you've created

If you want to reposition the text you can hover over the path and adjust the start and stop points of the text. If you switch to the Path Selection tool you're also able to reposition it that way. It's also possible to resize the text using the Transform tool.  

The Direct Path Selection tool can be found by clicking and holding on the Path Selection tool icon

This will change the orientation of the text

You may also edit and use additional text settings by clicking the small icon that appears in the top toolbar ot using the Direct Selection tool. This changes the orientation of the text and can also flip it around the Path.
The finished logo

And now you're done! This is a very useful technique for creating your own logos and graphics.

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