Mirroring Images

This is going to be a simple tutorial on how to mirror an image in Adobe Photoshop and it is good for someone who is new to Adobe Photoshop to learn how to mirror an image since it is a very basic procedure within Adobe Photoshop.

Mirroring Images

Mirrored Images

Step 1

First of all to begin you will need to open up any type of photograph or file that you may want to work on and then you would do so by following File > Open and from there having to select an image from which to mirror. Then begin the work on the image.

Selecting the Image

Original Image

Step 2

Then you will need to go to Images > Rotate Canvas > Flip Horizontal.

Here is your final image when everything that was in the tutorial is done correctly in Adobe Photoshop. The image below shows the finished image after it has been flipped horizontal. Feel free to try this method of mirroring images for yourself.

The Result: Image Mirrored

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