How To Review A Computer Game

How To Review A Computer Game
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Video games are unique in that they provide an interactive experience that differentiates them from watching movies or listening to music. Games require the active participation of the user and you can't do much else while playing. That creates a level of intimacy between the game and the player. Once you've spent enough time playing a particular game, you should have enough experience to write a compelling review of it. Regardless of the game genre, there are several key elements that you must touch on in the review in order for it to be considered complete and before you deliver your final verdict.

The key elements of any video game review must cover the following...

Game Genre:

Simply ask yourself, "What kind of game is this?" Is it a sports or racing game? Is it a role playing game? If so, is it turn-based or real time? Is it a first person shooter? Is it a strategy game? There are many different types of games out there, and you should categorize the one you are reviewing. This will help serve as an introduction to the review.

Game Story/Plot:

Most video games, with the exception of sports of racing titles, have some kind of story. Role playing games often rely on a good story to keep the player interested. Knights of the Old Republic is a good example of this. Often the plot description is enough to tell the reader whether or not the game is serious or childish enough for them.

Gameplay and Controls:

How is the game played? This is where you describe the basic way in which you play and whether or not it is any fun. Many games within the same genre have unique playing styles that differentiate them from the competition. For example, both Half-Life and Unreal Tournament are first person shooters, but their game play is completely different. Should the player use a mouse and keyboard or the joystick? Did the game have a learning curve? This section is the most important part of the review.

Game Graphics and Sound:

Your review should address the audio/visual quality of the game. It helps to provide a couple of examples or comparisons to other games, so long as you don't rely entirely on those comparisons. Is the animation smooth and the colours bright? Did you notice any graphical bugs? A big thing with PC games is to mention how well it runs and briefly describe your computer hardware.

Sound effects and music are a big deal in games, especially with some titles using digital surround sound. If the game features voice acting, you should tell if it is convincing or cheesy. Many well known actors are lending their voices to games, and you should mention them, if possible.

Game Replay Value:

Replay value is an important part of modern gaming. Tell the reader if there are any features which keep you coming back for more even when you finish the game. Are there top scores to beat or areas, power ups, weapons or characters to unlock? If so are they worth the effort or not? Things like this make the difference between a classic game or a one-play throw away.


The best way to write a good review is to consider yourself a prospective gamer who has never seen or heard of the title before. If you were going to buy this game, what would you want to know about it before making the purchase? If you keep that in mind while you write, your review should contain enough detail to properly inform the potential buyer or player if they should invest their money or not bother. One extra area to consider reviewing is price, which can still be a deciding factor despiste all the other areas.

Also remember that it is very important for you to mention whether or not the game is any fun. You can go on and on with technical details of the game and never admit to enjoying it. Sometimes even the dumbest story, lamest graphics, or poor sound can still lead to a very fun game. If you think a game is great or not, you should tell why. After all, it is a game, and games are supposed to be fun.

The Bottom Line Write like the reader has never heard of the game before.

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