8 Tips for Going Mobile with Website Designs

8 Tips for Going Mobile with Website Designs

The world is moving fast, pushed by the thrust of digital revolution. All of the services once imagined to be physical are being uploaded on the web. Any person, as long as they have a network connection and a compatible device, can access a multitude of services. And, that too, with just one click.

Why are Mobiles so important?

What has enabled people to access the internet more freely is this device in the palm of your hands. Mobile devices are revolutionary in their approach.

Hence, to cater to this demand, it is vitally important to have your websites mobile-compatible.

The data traffic that was generated through mobile phones has increased exponentially.

  • In the second quarter of 2015, data consumed on mobile devices was merely 31.6%.
  • However, in the second quarter of 2020, this ratio has skyrocketed to 51.3%, making it consumers' first choice.

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Now that you would be able to understand the vitality of this platform. Consequently, we would make you go through some of the tips that will help you deliver a stellar mobile website design.

Right Font Sizes

Going Mobile with Website Designs

Even when a website is viewed on a mobile phone screen, it is compact. But that does not mean that it should not be impressive. And it should not strike a good mark on the viewer.

Therefore, it is a rule of thumb that is widely accepted that font size should be no less than 16 pixels. One might be wondering that if a mobile is smaller than a desktop screen, should the font size be smaller.

Surprisingly, the relation between screen size and font size is inversely proportional. You can read up on this entire manual here.

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Size Matters

When you load up a website, you would have noticed many features on the home page. These include:
  • Banner
  • Headlines
  • Content
  • And Pictures

When you have made up your mind to become mobile, make sure to get the size of the above aspects correct. The banner should not exceed the width of the screen. Besides, a user should not have to pinch in to view the content or the headline. 

Don’t use Pop-ups

For every platform, there are some niche features. Pop-ups happen to be niche desktop features. If you happen to include this for your mobile design, then brace for bad user experience.

Pop-ups will hinder the visibility of the user and they would prefer to go to your competitor to acquire the services. Best mobile site designs do cater to this need. 

Image Scaling

Building on the earlier point of the image, one needs to understand the right quality of an image. Mobile devices usually don’t have higher megapixels displays. Henceforth, if your mobile design has larger quality images, it would take more time to load. But it would make no effect on user experience as their device does not support this quality.

Hence, keep in your mind the quality of the mobile device when installing the right scaled image.

The purpose of mobile blog design is to convey the same message as its desktop counterpart. But in contrast, a mobile website has less space than a desktop.

This purposefully invites the use of icons. They have the built-in ability to deliver more meaning in less space. Subsequently, icons are an effective tool to optimize the mobile space. 

Use the right keyboard triggers

How would you like to spend minutes writing a line which can be achieved in seconds? Certainly, in this situation, the user experience would take a massive hit.

As a result, the best mobile site designs allocate the type of data to be collected in each field. So, when only numbers are required, the only digits would show up on the writing pad. And so and so forth. 

Don’t clog the screen

Too much information is no information. People do not like to be bombarded with overwhelming amounts of data. Henceforth, in the best mobile website designs, the presentation of data takes a center stage.

The design should align with the company’s motive. The information should be concise and legible to be read easily.

Renowned designers propagate the same idea to keep it simple. They understand that the first impression is cast within a few seconds of browsing. Hence, make this time count. 

Don’t add too many pictures, content, videos, or animation.
  • Some insightful tips for a great design are:
  • Keep Call-to-Action front and clear
  • Keep menus concise and not overloaded
  • Make it easy to navigate to the home page

You can view more detail about this phenomenon here

Keep Content Short and Sweet

Any internet marketer would urge it to you that ‘Content is King’. So, whenever you are displaying your content play smart with it.

Here, one needs to keep the basic theme in mind that content should not overwhelm the user. If this would be the case, the user would immediately leave your site. Wonder why? Because they would have to make extra effort to sift through the right content.

So, play tactfully, and place buttons and links so that if someone wants to inquire more, they can be redirected to pages with detailed content.

Below find some distinguishable features of crisp and targeted content.
  • Use of modern, easy-to-understand English
  • Use of bolding, and highlighting feature to stress upon a point
  • The content should be scrolling
  • Placed in relevant locations
  • Integrated with other pages, or websites

Contact information should be displayed at all times

As you would have discovered, writing and designing content is no easy task. A professional writer demands strenuous hours of hard work and a lot of practice.

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For some people, your website design is the first and the last digital experience with your work. If you have not paid the right amount of attention to it, they might run away for good. So, in a nutshell, build a nice-looking mobile website now.
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