Website Design Styles That Never Fail to Impress

Website Design Styles That Never Fail to Impress

Thanks to millions of businesses expanding onto the online platform, digital and web artists have been more in-demand. Be it online stores or websites used to inform and attract potential customers, the focus on eye-catching design is now at the forefront of every online business. While this is great when looking at the bigger picture, many designers are having trouble with creating websites that aren’t an eyesore. If you’re finding it a bit hard yourself to zero in on that perfect design that will leave everyone breathless, here are a few suggestions that never fail to impress.


If there’s one thing people always love its exclusivity, which is exactly why designing a website that sports a luxurious look and feel is a great starting point. Some of the best examples for websites with an air of luxury come from online casino sites. These game-packed sites are known for providing their players with hefty bonuses that boost their online gaming experience, so it only makes sense that they’d want their users to feel like royalty. You can click here to see a great example of this and even give a few of the exciting casino games a shot if you’re up for it.

A common theme that you’ll notice on these websites is a simple color scheme of black, white, and grey. When done right in combination with a nice calligraphic font, it’s easy for these websites to leave anyone feeling like a million bucks. The luxurious web design style is a perfect fit for online shops and websites that incorporate some type of animation. Still, designers should be careful when combining these components. Keep in mind that the animation should be in sync with the overall layout of the website and that it shouldn’t feature anything that’s too over the top.


We all find ourselves looking to the past from time to time, and with good reason. Times are changing fast and looking back to good memories from times gone by help us feel grounded. Nostalgia fuelled designs seem to always work well for this exact reason, so going for retro website design might pay-off if it aligns with your brand. These designs often work best when combined with pop culture references to fan-favorite movies & TV series, old-school games and gaming systems, and, of course, music.

What you’ll find on these websites is a combination of white, brown, and beige, often overlaid with a fade effect that makes elements of the website seem weathered. The use of illustrations and graphic elements is also quite a popular theme when it comes to the retro web design look. One thing you need to look out for when going for the old-school website design style is not to infringe on copyrighted material. Most of the pop culture references you might want to incorporate into the design will be subject to copyright, so always check before using someone else’s design.

Another important thing you should be up to date with when going for this type of design is meme culture. It might sound a bit silly, but meme culture today greatly affects the way we look at things. With things like old-school references, it’s always a hit or miss, and if you don’t manage to appropriately incorporate them into your design followed by the right sense of humor, your website runs the risk of seeming cringe-worthy.


The use of animation in web design has become quite popular lately, and it seems like it can do no wrong. Sadly, you might have just run into the good ones and had the pleasure of avoiding the many websites crammed with a ton of animated elements that make no sense. Choosing animation is without a doubt a good way to go when it comes to designing a website, but you need to be very careful about the placement of animated elements and whether they’re appropriate for the kind of image you’re trying to project.

Like we mentioned before when discussing the luxurious website design style, with animation, more is less, and it's best used when mixed in with other web design styles. A seamless animated banner on the top of the website and a few nice transitions while scrolling might be the magic touch you need to send your business into superstardom. A big downside to using a ton of animation is that it can often negatively impact the user experience. Heavy use of animation can slow down the loading time of your website, and not everyone has a powerful computer where that isn’t an issue.


It’s out with the old and in with the new, or at least that’s how things appear to be when it comes to website design. People often mix up the luxurious website design style with the modern one, and we can see how that can easily happen. In a way, the luxurious website design style is a version of the modern one, but where the luxurious one uses an often toned down color scheme, the modern one isn’t afraid to get creative with a color pallet. Unless you have a very keen eye for detail, you might need some time to differentiate between the two.

Like the luxurious one, the modern website design style mainly focuses on using flat graphics to enhance the look and feel of the website. A recent trend that’s quite apparent with modern websites is the use of pastels. This makes sense for a few reasons. First, pastel colors often give off a sense of whimsy which works wonders for getting people excited. Another reason is that while pastels are quite colorful, they’re not overly saturated. This way the website still has an interesting look that doesn’t draw too much attention away from the main content.


The 3D website design style is arguably the most eye-catching of the bunch. Going for this type of website design can be pretty risky, but when executed correctly it can bring incredible results. The biggest advantage that a 3D website design has over the other is its ability to immerse visitors into fully interacting with the website. As a rule of thumb, the 3D design style should take up the majority of the website, combining both the design and content into one whole. This style works perfectly when showcasing creative work and design services.

The 3D design style might look incredible, but you might have noticed that it’s quite rare. This is because even these days, creating 3D designs can be costly, especially for small business owners who don’t have big marketing budgets. If you’ve got the prowess to come up with a great concept for 3D design and the skills to pull it off, then don’t hesitate to give it a shot.


Here’s a website design style that everyone can get behind. The futuristic website design style is a somewhat new trend inspired mainly by the fashion industry. While in essence, it doesn’t differ too much from styles like the modern one or the luxurious one, the few subtle differences give it a whole different vibe that makes it seem out of this world. Of course, we’re talking about the use of neon and luminous color schemes.

The good thing about this website design style is that even though it looks like it comes from light-years away, it’s quite easy to achieve. The easiest way to get close to it is by setting dark backgrounds while giving certain design elements the neon glow effect. Surprisingly, this might take experienced designers mere minutes but still looks professional and polished. The trouble with this website design style is finding a website to match it with. This type of design align too well with most classic business websites, but it does do very well with everything gaming related.


Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, and it seems that most people on the web agree! The minimalistic website design style is a great option for websites used to relay information, or ones that sport a large repertoire of different content. The use of neutral colors, basic fonts, and minimal design elements are a staple of this style, making it easier for users to navigate content-heavy websites. Some examples of where this style could be a great fit include blogs, news sites, or websites that feature lots of photo content like online photography portfolios.

The best thing about this style isn’t that it just looks good, but it’s also pretty easy to achieve. Thanks to the flat design this style incorporates, creating a good looking website shouldn’t be too much trouble. The minimalistic design style works so well with content-heavy websites because of its subtlety. In most cases the main attraction on these pages is the content itself, so using a distracting design could have the opposite of your desired effect and draw viewers away from what you’re trying to feature.

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