5 Ways to Manage Stress While Working From Home

Life in 2020 has certainly been like no other. From a global pandemic and an upcoming election to your work from home transition, you probably have plenty of things to feel stressed over. The good news is, with the right knowledge, tools, and gear on your side, you can make managing WFH stress a total breeze. Read on to find out how!

1. Take frequent breaks

Working from home has plenty of perks — you get to wear your pajamas all day, you can blast whatever Spotify playlist you choose (or opt for peace and quiet), and you don’t have to waste time commuting in rush hour traffic. At first, these conveniences and time-savers might seem like they translate to more productivity, which feels great for a while.

However, being on a constant grind throughout the WFH day can lead to burnout fast. Even though you’re saving time not leaving for lunch or having to get dressed for work, doesn’t mean you need to skip out on those rituals for good. Taking breaks is health — and necessary — for your productivity. In fact, taking a 10-minute walk outside can be just enough to stimulate your creativity for the rest of the day.

Make sure to build breaks into your schedule, but do your best to avoid activities, like napping, that might set you back. Here are a few break ideas that’ll work in your favor:

  • Go for a 10-15 minute walk or run
  • Read a few pages of your book
  • Cook up a healthy lunch
  • Do one household chore
  • Call a friend or family member
  • Run one quick errand

2. Stay organized

While you may feel totally cool and comfy in your work from home zone, your digital workspace could be totally out of whack. Because remote work feels so free, it’s way too tempting to let go of the workflows and processes that are designed to help you. While your new autonomy gives you the freedom to do work your way, you certainly shouldn’t abandon all organizational standards.

Using a project management platform is a great way to keep track of all your daily tasks, create a daily schedule template, set monthly timelines, and goals throughout the year. What’s more, most allow you to collaborate with your team, upload files, and celebrate milestones.

3. Create a designated work space

As much as your home is a safe space for you to unwind and let go, it may very well be full of distractions, too. That’s why it’s so important to create a designated work space for yourself. Arm yourself with some noise-cancelling headphones, a second screen, standing desk, and you’ll be ready for productive — and not disruptive — weekdays ahead. 

Keep in mind, just like your personal life can distract you from work, the same thing can happen vice versa. To better manage your stress, try to keep work affairs in your workspace during work hours only!

4. Implement stress-reducing habits

In addition to minimizing stress throughout the workday, it’s also important to adopt healthy habits that help you manage your stress in the long run. Here are some tips to help you embrace a healthier, stress-free lifestyle:

  • Prioritize sleep: A good night’s sleep goes a long way when it comes to preserving your physical and mental wellness. If you’re having trouble catching zzz’s, try using a natural CBD tincture for sleep or take a melatonin capsule before bed.
  • Get regular exercise: When you workout, your body releases chemicals that both energize you while also squashing stress, pretty cool, right? Set up a work from home workout station and get physical, physical!
  • Take a breath: Breathing exercises are a powerful practice that can soothe your stress during overwhelming moments and over time with consistent practice.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Bottom line: times are really hard right now. If you’re like most people, the world around you is enough to bring you a heavy load of stress, let alone dealing with the stress of your job. As you navigate work from home life and utilize stress management tips, remember not to be too hard on yourself.

Which of these tips are you going to try out first?

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