What You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer

With technological advancement and readily available internet, most businesses are now moving online to capture the readily available online traffic. Any business should create and maintain a well-converting website detailing its goods and services. With the surge of website requirements, there is an influx of web designers who create these websites for companies. Not all are experienced, and some only specialize in a few sections. How do you find a reliable web designer? There are several factors you need to consider when hiring a competent web designer. Some of these factors include the below.

Web Design Project Requirements

Before finding a web designer, you first need to know your requirements. Not all designers do the same thing. The size and complexity of designing to be done greatly determine the kind of designer you will need. According to experts from this Website Design Company, you might need someone experienced or a large web design company if you are starting or have complicated processes that need optimization. Such optimizations include having email integrations, social media integrations, geological content filtering, custom layouts, SEO features, and much more. With this, you will require someone who has worked with such websites before and have got enough experience to handle your job. Freelancers and web agencies have different capabilities. The more complex the web design, the more experienced agency you will require for your website. 

Time to Work on the Project

In every business process, a lead time is crucial, including having your website up and running. How fast do you require your website, and how much time are you available to check on its progress? One agency will deliver the website in 24 hours, while the other might take several days. With some, you must keep constant communications, approvals, reviews, gathering of content, and have meetings to discuss your website's needs. Getting an agency far from you might create issues during these communications and might delay your website's design. If you have limited time, it's better to choose a web agency with several members to handle your website within a short time. Getting a freelance builder might take longer since they will have to outsource some information and tools to finalize your website. 


Where the agency or freelancer is located is a critical aspect to consider. As discussed above, creating a website requires constant communication between the person designing it and the client. When getting an agency overseas, time zones might differ, hindering your communication. While an overseas designer might be cheaper, it might come with frustrations. It's better to get someone locally or with whom you share the same time zones. If it's a must, you work with an overseas website developer. In that case, then make all arrangements before they start working to avoid inconveniences. While working with someone distant, you would also require adjusting your timing to have a flawless communication process. Working with someone, not in your area, becomes essential when you can't find the needed expertise near you.

The Web Design Process

Each web designer or agency has its design processes and might differ in many aspects. All these processes ensure the goals and timeliness for their clients are met. Before choosing an agency or freelancer to work with, you need to understand their processes, timelines, and deliverables before committing your job to them. You should know when and how to expect every step of website construction for your approval and where your input is required to plan for your availability. In most cases, repeatable, agile processes do yield higher results. A web designer who doesn't have a consistent strategy will inconvenience and might take more time in creating your website than one who is committed to their processes. Getting one who doesn't plan for themselves will ultimately lead to frustrations. 

Services Offered

You can't choose any web designer simply because they know how to make websites. You have to inquire about the services they deliver, and why they are better than the many others. Such is essential regardless of whether you create a new website, refreshing or redesigning an existing one. Some designers might not offer the services you need. First, you need to understand your needs. Do you require a web developer, a designer, or both? The reason is that there are standalone web designers who do either web developing or web designing. They don't do both, while others come with a team that does all the processes. Hiring a developer who does one process might cost you more and take much of your time to find the rest. It is vital to hire a web agency that does everything under one roof to have peace of mind when creating your website. With an agency, you are assured of having several processes done to your website, including web design, site development, adding SEO features, and content strategy. It helps bring all the skills together. 

Cost and Budget

As discussed earlier, web designers charge services according to their experience, skills, and whether working as a team or individually. Your budget and their pricing will significantly influence your final choice. Before hitting the market, you have to check your budget, mode of billing – is it per hour or project, what the contract covers - does it cover delays or jobs done unsatisfactorily? The metrics used to judge a well-done website. You don't have to pay much for a website that won't convert or increase your business sales. If you have the lowest budget, you can consider having a simple, Do It Yourself website provided by Squarespace, WordPress, and the likes. But if you require a sophisticated website that will effectively represent your brand, it would help to have a reasonable budget for designing, hosting, and maintaining the website to ensure it pulls and converts more traffic to your business. When finding a freelancer or agency to create your website, ask them about hidden costs and the added value you will get. Some of these agencies offer free hosting, free updates, and other after-sales services that benefit your business.

Your Personalities

Besides the factors listed above, the designer's personality will significantly affect how you will work with them. Creating a website is not a short time process and takes several months or even years when working on a long-term basis. It requires creating a long-term relationship with the designer and being in touch regularly. With this in mind, you have to check on your personality and the web designer's personality and check if you match. How do you do this? With technology, you can know this while conducting interviews for the best web designer. One who ends your call without giving necessary information or anyone that doesn't pick your calls as required might become difficult working with. Ensure both sides have a good rapport and you understand each other. Your designer choice should understand your attitude, and you must accommodate theirs too, for a better working relationship. Besides this, it will lead to the banging of phones, insults, and unfinished work that will delay your website's launch, and this will affect your business significantly. 

Previous Jobs

Do not hire a web designer if you haven't seen their previously done jobs. These jobs will prove that the person you have chosen will be able to handle your work. How do you get such references? A well-established agency or freelance web designer will show you their portfolio, which you can search online. You can also get links to the websites they have done and check how they are faring online. Things to check include: 

  • How much have they done: The number of websites done and how they are faring online
  • The scale of projects: Do they work with large companies or only deal with startups and the likes?
  • Aesthetic: Does the website look appealing to you? Are there visible mistakes? Do you love the construction and the finer details? You need to check how the content and images are placed.
  • Services and capabilities: How do they deliver their websites? Are they original, or are they working with copied concepts? Do their samples vary, or they all look alike? 
  • Process: Is their working process transparent, or is there something they are hiding? Can they explain all the stages in their website construction? Can they do the explanation flawlessly, or they have to contact someone? 

Your Deadline

You need to check if the person you chose to design your website can deliver everything on time. As discussed in time management, such is essential to ensure the launch is done on time and your business processes don't stagnate. If you need a quick turnaround, you will require someone fast, like an agency, to do your job. If you aren't in a hurry with your website, you can check someone slow but sure. Also, the budget determines this as many website designers charge more on urgently required jobs. 

Websites are becoming vital tools for every business to capture online traffic. They represent the brick and mortar business in the online market. Before choosing an agency, do your homework, do thorough research, and get someone competent for the job. Never get afraid to ask the hard web questions as the final result will affect you and your business.

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