10 E-Learning Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2021

E-Learning Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2021
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Since the large shift to e-learning began, there have been changes and evolutions that created new trends in how people are learning. Many of these trends have been great since they improve not only the life of the student/learner but of the instructor and the platform since it is their goal to provide the best instruction possible. Here we will look at 10 e-learning trends happening in 2021

1. Humanizing online learning

Humanizing online Learning means taking the individual person into account and building the structure of the educational format around them. an example of this would be the shift to interpersonal live synchronous learning where the student doesn't just look over material and pre-recorded lectures that were made long ago but get to speak with a live instructor who looks over their work and answers questions in real time so that the student can put a face to learning and better connect on a human level.

2. Adaptability and personalization

As an extension of the humanization trend, we can also see a shift into course adaptability and personalization which means custom courses for students of all levels and abilities which will leave fewer people behind and bring more people into the e-learning space. This emerging 2021 trend is all about putting the student in the right place in order to be successful, this is often done through evaluations, one to one courses and adjusted time tables which means those students who have to work will not be left out in regards to learning and developing online.

3. Microlearning

Many of us might be familiar with an online course that just gives too much information too soon or not organized well enough to take in all the information that is given to us, but this is where Microlearning comes in. An emerging trend in e-learning is arranging information in a "micro" sense so that it is smaller and easier to absorb. The reason this works so well is that by taking in information this way, it allows the student to learn in segments and then the course works as it goes to piece the information together in a way that feels comprehensive and absorbing without being overwhelming.

4. Communication tools

While it is not a new trend, there has been a surge in growth for the tools we use for e-learning. Everything from microphones, earphones/earbuds to cameras, customized documents and virtual whiteboards have improved the online learning experience in 2021. These tools have grown as the market and demand has grown and it is likely that this will continue into the future. These tools are not just limited to hardware but also there has been a large amount of growth with online video conferencing tools such as Skype, Zoom or Proficonf.

5. Mobile learning (mLearning)

While many people have the notion that e-learning is always on a desktop or laptop, that just is not the case in 2021 where most people work and network from their mobiles. Be it young people learning at school or business people who are on the go but looking to learn a new skill, the current trend in e-learning is a switch to a more mobile version of learning. By offering e-learning platforms on a variety of devices. Companies and schools can bridge the last gap to being a fully remote e-learning platform which will benefit not only them but their students who now have the opportunity to learn from anywhere.

E-Learning Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2021
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

6. Video-based learning

Years ago, e-learning was largely done through email with little face to face contact with your instructor, by 2020 that had all changed and going into 2021 the trend of video learning is continuing. Being able to see your instructor and interact with them on a daily basis provides a similar experience as in a traditional classroom, with the only difference being that no one knows you are wearing slippers. Distance learning in 2021 does not need to feel cold and alien but can be a great personal experience for students and teachers alike.

7. Social learning

Last year and into this year as schools and parents struggled to build a stable education curriculum in the middle of a pandemic, there were many concerns about the social skills students would be losing in the advent of a complete shift to online distance learning but as we can see that is not the case. The reason for this is social learning which is the process where students can learn and engage with each other. This can occur in a live e-learning classroom setting or can be something as simple as an online message board where they can ask each other questions.

8. Content curation

It is cliche to say that Content is king but in e-learning it is. The material and what the student is learning is the most important and online e-learning can provide some content that just was not possible before. Does the teacher need to show a video? Youtube, does the teacher need to explain an art technique? online whiteboard, This can mean anything from media production to customized PDF’s. There are new and exciting ways to expose students to the content they need for their education.

9. Virtual teachers

One cool trend that has emerged recently are virtual teachers. These teachers aren't robots but rather online chatbots designed to answer students’ questions when a live teacher might not be available. So when a student is working on a task and gets stuck, it can be very useful to have a virtual teacher to help explain the material.

10. Data

The driving force behind most things in the online marketplace now is data. While that idea is broad, there are ways data can be used in e-learning. Using analytics to understand when and how students can do their best, predict results and help give the teachers information on what areas students need to work on.

The previous year saw a large growth in the e-learning market and all signs suggest it will continue to do so. As with all growing industries, distance learning has been leading the way in terms of innovation and new ideas. These new trends won't be the end of the innovation but rather the beginning of a major new era of online education.

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