10 tips on how to change the interior design without moving furniture

10 tips on how to change the interior design

There are many reasons for wanting to change our home, sometimes it is a matter of redesigning our spaces since we get tired of seeing the same thing every day. And it is not about doing it on a whim, it is the most common for that to happen, the good thing is that you will not need a lot of money to make the changes, just by considering our advice you will see how your house changes and you make it the most beautiful in a few days.

When modifying our most common spaces we have to think about aspects that we did not take into account before, sometimes it is only a matter of making small changes and giving a chance to certain elements that we do not consider such as moving the furniture, painting the walls with different colors or simply, locate spectacular works of art! Without a doubt, this will give a unique and quite exotic touch to your new home. Learn about our tips and learn to change your environment without much effort. And after reading the article, go to the Shoppok to buy beautiful and inexpensive things for your interior.

1. Choose a different color for one of the walls

One of the best ways to improve your dining room is by painting the walls in different colors, by doing this you will be playing with the tones and give dynamism to the whole. It is best to choose light tones such as brown, chocolate, and white. Creams and beige also work perfectly. Change the state of your spaces just by buying several pots of paint, as you can see it is not so difficult to do it, it is a matter of deciding on the range and that's it! Move the elements around and you will see how your dining room is reformed.

2. Buy an amazing design item

Having one or more works of art greatly revalues ​​your spaces. Of course, you have to have the room spectacular so that each piece looks new. Likewise, place the lights of the place strategically so that the beauty of each one stands out between the light and the shadow. It does not matter if they are sculptures or paintings. It is only a matter of giving that extra to your home, once you do it you will see the positive effects that it will generate for the property, and above all, for you, do you know which artist to choose?

3. Throw away unnecessary things in your kitchen

Tell us if it is not true that sometimes the kitchen looks like a market, rather than a beautiful and spectacular one like the one in magazines. This space is undoubtedly one of the most used by members of the household since everyone enters and takes what they need and leaves. If this is your case, the best advice of the day will be to discard all those objects, products, and other utensils that you do not need. There are times when we have the crockery stored and we do not use it, the best thing in these cases is to give it away or keep it in a stored cabinet, but not in the kitchen, in this place only what is used should go!

4. Change the mat and shower curtain

To change the bathroom you do not have to do remodeling or anything like that, it is about changing certain aspects of the space and nothing else. If you want to give more life to your bathroom, buy a mat and curtains of different colors that will make everything look different and more beautiful. Colors revitalize any room, we recommend choosing similar shades wisely, we don't want you to lose your investment!

5. Put new images in the frames

You enter the bedroom and you see that painting You come out of it and you see that painting again. Many of the objects that we have in our bedrooms we see so many times that we get tired. The solution to this problem is very simple because you need to change the image, you will not lose your frames! You can combine photos of your favorite trip and make a collage with them. Another great idea is to print an inspirational phrase so that every day you feel renewed and you are encouraged to start as it should, what do you think of: ’Another day to achieve your dreams?

6. Invest in amazing bedding

If you live with your partner this is an exceptional way to surprise him! Change the bedding, so you will vary the style of your room just by choosing a new model of the bedspread. Choose a silky smooth material and a current design full of unique figures to make the room look like new! And since you are in the romantic wave, what do you think if you light scented candles in the room to give it a more intimate and elegant touch, remember to combine the cushion covers and pillows with the rest of the set!

7. Organize the wardrobe

If you are fascinated by order and you want your clothes and outfits to look really good when you wear them, the best way to do this is not to pile the clothes in one place. Take advantage of the closet space as well as its drawers. To do this, you can roll the pieces so that they fit in the same place and when you are going to use them they do not have wrinkles. Another way to organize is to use drawers to store shoes and not have them scattered throughout the wardrobe since a very common mistake is to leave the clothes on the floor or stack them on an armchair.

8. Integrate nature at home

To improve the living room and dining room of the house you need to decorate with plants and flowers. Really, the colors of nature always enliven the environments, due to its beauty and its unique shapes. If you live surrounded by buildings and you don't have a garden or planter… Having them at home is the best thing you can do! Use them as centerpieces and combine them with a beautiful vase, chandelier, or sculpture. Another way to make them stand out, even more, is to point some green or yellow lights at them to bring out their natural hue.

9. Lighting matters

Light is a decisive element in this composition because it can attenuate some colors and sectors, as well as enhance others. A point light revalues ​​an area. In addition, you can play with indirect lights on the floor and bookcases, in this way you can highlight a small work of art or make a place colder or warmer. One option that we love is candles, they provide a feeling of comfort when you turn them on, they are ideal for giving heat to a formal dinner, avoiding odors, and giving a feeling of a warm home to any area of ​​your house.

10. Tiles and floorings

Lose the fear of experimenting with tiles of different sizes and colors, even made of other materials such as porcelain, and even dare to combine them! This is a new trend that can reinvent a boring room or spaces not designed for this material such as kitchens or living rooms.

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