Interior Solutions to Increase Productivity in Studies

Interior Solutions to Increase Productivity in Studies

Student’s productivity relies on multiple factors, covering physical and mental state, motivation, learning space, and more. If you find it difficult to study at the very right moment but have the assignment to do, you can always ask online professionals to help you with no delay. But it doesn’t solve the issue in the long run. So, it is worth taking serious measures to retailor your learning space to increase your productivity. Here are some ideas for you to implement and reach your academic success eventually.

1. Appropriate Space Layout

Appropriate Space Layout For Productivity

Your interior design has a great effect on your desire and readiness to study. There is no unique solution for everyone since you may have different tasks and requirements. If you are to work on your own, a simple cubicle will be the best option for you. It will help you to border yourself from outer distractions and concentrate better. A simple desk and chair are to be complemented with a small space to keep all necessary utensils and study materials at hand.

In case you have a group project to do, the learning space should be designed in a different way. You’d better get a table circled with chairs and couches. A movable whiteboard will be another good addition to generate qualitative ideas and organize cooperation properly.

Carl Nolan, a freelance software engineer, recalls his student years, “I always had some problems organizing my study time. I remember falling seriously behind and struggling to
write my coursework. Then it all changed. My girlfriend moved into my flat and decided to organize a study place for me. She furnished and decorated it properly. And I finally had where to concentrate and perform my academic tasks and assignments with enthusiasm.’

2. Color Psychology

The color scheme of your surrounding may be either a turn-on or turn-off for you to study even without realizing it. Many students are sure that pastel colors are the best option for study space but they will make you feel the opposite to productive. You will easily go sad or even depressed seeing greyish and beige walls and furniture around.

The main colors you need to study productively are blue, green, and yellow. Green and blue are colors of nature that are to fill you with creativity and enthusiasm. And yellow will grant you energy and optimism. Design your interior with these three colors and boost your productivity unconsciously.
Mind that red color is proved to evoke anger and aggression for some people or cause increased heartbeat and discomfort for others. So, avoid it by all means in your study surrounding not to decrease your performance outcomes.

3. Green Surrounding

Another point to consider is some green plants around you. It is claimed that dessert rooms without paintings or plants are doomed to poison your workday and decrease your productivity level. Green plants will refresh the air in your workspace, enriching your room and your brains with oxygen. In addition, they will add to a pleasant interior and enhance your creativity and productivity by only standing there. It will also give you a chance to take a break to look after your plants so that you can interchange physical and mental activity for the best outcomes.

4. Air and Light Conditions

If you want to become a productive student, you need to care about air and light conditions. Fresh air makes your brains function better. So, air your study space on a regular basis or get an air conditioner to supply the necessary amount of fresh air and regulate air temperature accordingly. Both too hot and too cold environments will make you uncomfortable and prevent proper operation. Cool and fresh air is the best turn-on for enhanced concentration and productivity.

The best lighting solution is daylight. Natural light soothes you, helps with focusing and doesn’t harm your eyes. But the issue is that students don’t always have a possibility to study in the daytime. When it comes to artificial light, the color should be taken into account. Someone says that warm light color is comfortable and adds to creativity, while cold one is irritating. Others find cold lamp color more energizing. But it mostly depends on your preference, so try out different variations before you make a final decision. Remember to get concentrated light rather than distant and diffused one. And mention not placing the source of light pointing in your face or shadowing your book.

5. Organizing Board

When you aim at increased productivity, it is vital to keep everything at hand. So that you don’t have to wander around in search of necessary things. You can keep needed things on the table or in the drawers in your worktable, but remember to avoid stuffiness and mess.

Another option is to organize a board-organized for your needs. It can be a cork, holed, or magnet board in front of your desk so that you can pin, stick, and hang the necessary work equipment there. You will easily find and get anything you need anytime with no extra effort and time wasted. Mind that there is no need to buy a ready one since you can always craft the top suitable board on your own.

6. Appropriate Desk and Chair

How not to sit at your desk!

Appropriate desks and chairs determine your productivity greatly. If you don’t take your choice seriously, you can end up with pain in your bones and muscles and find it impossible to concentrate and operate properly.

There are plenty of options for you to select from. A standing desk, barstool, spinning chair, small desk, a big table, a sack chair, the list can go on and on. Get ensured that you feel comfortable but not too much, and your position doesn’t harm your physical health in any way. Don’t go too cheap here since both your productivity and wellness depend on it.

7. Clean and Simple

Getting some sophisticated and ultra-design solution doesn’t guarantee a boost to your productivity and academic performance. On the contrary, you’d better keep your working place clean and simple, and it will become a great enhancement to your study results.
Don’t get your study space overstuffed and clean up on a regular basis. Don’t leave leftovers, dirty plates, and clothes around you. Air your room and do a wet clean frequently.
Keep the interior simple but useful. Let your practical side prevail. Don't waste costs on some pompous or high-fashion features but go after helpful solutions instead.

8. Positive Approach

Although it is recommended to get deprived of different distractions, there is no need to restrain yourself from organizing your interior to your taste. You should love the space you work at. It will help you to get more enthusiastic and nurture a positive approach to what you do there.

Print out inspirational phrases, put pictures of your beloved ones, hang favorite band posters, do everything necessary to feel cozy and confident in your personal space. Still, know the borders not to stuff your room with too many decorative elements and turn them into distractions.

9. Flexibility and Accessibility

Your working space should suit your lifestyle. If you tend to work anywhere and anytime when you have a spare moment, turn your study space into a mobile one. So that you can pack it all up in your bag and organize the comfortable study conditions in the café, library, lecture room whenever you need it.

If you study at home but do not have a dedicated room, it’s better not to study no matter where around the house. You need a little corner where you can switch on in the study mode and switch off when you are out of there. In case it is in your bedroom, care to face the wall or window, so that you don’t associate your bedroom with studies. The same with your lounge room. In case you study at the coffee table, care to change your position in a different way for studies and rest.

10. Regular Breaks

You will not boost your productivity in any possible way if you don’t have the energy for it. This means that you’d better not study several hours in a row and expect your brains and body to function properly. Regular and qualitative breaks will let you recharge batteries and enhance your productivity.
Put up signs around you reminding you to have a rest regularly. Break your work in sprints and visualize it on a whiteboard or notes in front of you. Set a kitchen timer or one on your smartphone to notify about the beginning or end of each sprint. Get necessary things for your break at hand. Relaxing music, ball, skipping rope, granola bar, water, a beloved book, meditation guide. Anything that helps you regain your powers will be a good option.

Final Thoughts

You surrounding plays a great role in the success of your study sessions. Whether you notice it or not, it can have a great impact on your concentration level, the pace of work, desire to study. So, you need to do your best to organize the nurturing surrounding for your productivity. Adjust space for your type of work, bring in some green plants and natural light, air your room regularly and keep the place clean. Remember to apply encouraging colors and get furniture not to harm your health or make you sleep on your books. Get necessary things to be reached at hand distance, both for studies and healthy breaks. Design your study so that it evokes positive emotions and you can succeed with any planned process easily.
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