Gaming Room Inspiration Ideas To Design And Organize Your Setup

If you’re a hardcore gamer, your gaming setup or the place where you spend most of your time playing games must feel like it’s the heart of your home. Even if you don’t have a spacious room that can fit all your gaming gear, you can still design your very own Game Room and decorate it however you like. Today’s technology offers better sound systems and High Dynamic Range visuals that make playing games the optimal way to kick back and relax. The 21st century has given us many new gaming dimensions that can help you create an exceptional gaming setup, whether you play on a video game console or a PC. Check out these inspiring ideas on how to design the best Game Room.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are everyone's favorite when it comes to sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a game. Even if you personally don’t want to use a bean bag when you play games, your friends and other Game Room visitors will appreciate the cozy nook and use it every time. A few bean bags over a rug can be all you need to design the seating part of your gaming room. They’re also really cheap and can come in all sizes and colors. That’s why they would go well with a game room; these stuffed seats can easily blend in with any interior design. Plus, you can easily place them almost anywhere and they would still look and feel comfy.

PC Gaming Desk

Every game room needs a PC gaming desk, even if you prefer console games, you still need a desk to place your computer screen on. The best thing about buying a gaming desk is that you don’t have to be very particular about its size and shape. What matters the most is the size of your gaming chair and how much space you have in your room for the desk. Ultimately, you’ll want a desk with a broad surface to accommodate your keyboard, monitors, and gaming mouse pad without having to cram everything very close to each other. You also want to make sure your gaming desk comes with multiple drawers and shelves so that you can find a place to store all your controllers, games, and other accessories.

Console Gaming Chair

If you are a PC gamer, you may prefer monitors that are close to eye level while playing. On the other hand, console gamers would rather use a gaming setup that consists of a floor gaming chair and an elevated TV screen. It’s all part of the more relaxed, comfortable gameplay experience that consoles made possible through smaller, handheld controllers. You can either get a rocker gaming chair or a floor gaming chair. Floor chairs are known as the traditional large, cushioned, floor-seated chairs that slightly resemble bean bags. Rocker chairs, however, are sturdier. They are L-shaped and can rock from front to back and be reclined to your convenience. Most gamers would say floor gaming chairs are more comfortable even though rockers provide more support.

LED Strip Lighting

Your gaming setup won’t be out-and-out without customizable, contemporary LED strip lighting. Blackout curtains are a must in gaming rooms, but nothing can beat their darkness and add more drama to your gaming setup than LED lighting. For a complete look, add LED strip lighting to your shelving units, under the rim of your desk, or along the edges of your room’s ceiling. These lights don’t just illuminate your game room and make it look like the inside of a Light Runner from Tron, they also come with a remote to let you control the strip’s brightness, strobe effect, and color. Place these lights behind your gaming screen to increase their faded effect and add refinement to your visuals.

Small-Scale Gaming Setup

You don’t have to give up on gaming if you don’t have lots of space in your home. There’s always space for a gaming setup, even inside the tiniest of rooms. Start by assembling the basic gaming gear like the gaming desk, gaming PC, and gaming chair. Then, declutter your room by removing unnecessary pieces of furniture, for example, the nightstand next to your bed. You can easily install shelves above your bed to place all your DVDs and other gaming items. Add LED strip lighting behind your shelves and computer screen and opt for a light-up keyboard to top it all off. Now, it’s safe to say you have a complete game room right inside your small bedroom.

PC Gaming Monitors

Having one or more monitors in your gaming setup is essential. However, the challenge is to place your PC gaming monitors correctly to avoid neck strain. This is just as important as choosing a comfortable gaming chair. You also want to make sure your screen or monitor stays in place for the longest time possible. This means securing it on the wall or on the gaming desk to avoid having it fall down or crash onto the ground. First, aim to elevate your monitors above eye level to minimize neck strain. This can be done by installing monitor mounts that can be adjusted freely. There are also height-adjustable mounts and full-motion mounts, but you need to ensure their safety before opting for one.

Console Gaming TV

Even the most basic console gaming setups must at least have a TV stand or mount that elevates the screen and an entertainment center. TV stands and entertainment centers would usually give you enough space to store multiple consoles, chargers, controllers, headsets, and many other accessories. However, you need a high-end TV with a large HD screen before you pick between these options. If you plan to design a game room, we’ll assume you’ve already got that taken care of. Just make sure you choose a TV stand or mount that is compatible with your TV’s model.

Artificial Succulents

Plants can add a vibrant, natural theme to your game room and make it look a lot brighter than normal. Just because you don’t let the sunlight into your room does not mean you can’t decorate it with fresh plants. Artificial plants solve this problem now. Without having a green thumb, you can easily decorate your gaming desk with all kinds of artificial succulents. Go for little pots that can be placed next to your PC or console screen to freshen up the space around it.

Daybed for Small Gaming Rooms

As mentioned before, a tiny room is never a problem for dedicated gamers. Another splendid idea that can solve the space issue is opting for a daybed instead of a conventional one to give your room more space and use it for gaming as well. These beds are small and don’t take up much room. They also provide adequate comfort for gaming when used correctly. Try mounting your gaming screen on the wall opposite the bed and use the bed to sit comfortably while playing. This serves as a practical alternative to buying an expensive rocker chair or having to stuff your room with too many furniture pieces.

Individual Gaming Sections

Some people see gaming as a way to bond and spend more time with their friends and family. However, for many, gaming is more of a “me time”. If you’re into the idea of individuality, you can still spend time with your friends and family members even while playing. This idea is expensive but still feasible. All you have to do is get more than one TV, gaming console, and definitely, a few round sofas that you can place in front of the TV screens individually. This way, different sections can be dedicated to different gamers. This will give you more room to invite your friends over and let them join you without having to convince them to play your own favorite games.


Gaming Corner in a Living Room

If you don’t even have enough space in your bedroom for a gaming setup, there’s still hope. Try moving your gaming gear to the living room and dedicating a special corner to gaming. It doesn’t even matter if your living room is not spacious. After all, you won’t need to rearrange any of your existing furniture. You only need to place your gaming setup in a location where it’s not facing the same direction as your living room’s television set. Make sure not to place the gaming chairs in an obstructing pattern where they can block movement or sight from in front of your TV.

Wall Decor

Wall decorations are perfect if you’re looking for a little more inspiration in your gaming room. This kind of art sets the mood for gaming and promotes a sense of relaxation whenever you enter the room. It can get really exciting when you manage to align your equipment and other decorations with your wall decor and art. You can even dedicate your wall decorations to a specific game character or video game for more inspiration. In addition, there’s a myriad of options you have when it comes to decorating game room walls. You can hang anything from posters to wallpapers or even spray paint the wall yourself to add a personal touch.

The perfect game room is not far from possible if you’re inspired and dedicated enough. That said, all you really need is a few creative ideas that can help you with your dream gaming setup. After ensuring you have the essential gaming gear, make the most of your home space and find the perfect location for your version of a game room. Whether it’s a complete game room with individual gaming sections or a tiny bedroom with barely enough space for a bed, you never have to give up on gaming. These ideas will inspire you and help you design the game room of your dreams.
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