Benefits of Obtaining a Master of Arts in Marketing

Recent years have witnessed an increased incline towards specialized master’s degree programs. Several online digital marketing analytics masters programs can also be completed from the comfort of your home.

Due to this, MBA programs have become a lot less popular, even though these used to be one out of four degrees that business schools offered. Below, we’ll learn what has made a Master of Arts in Marketing degree so popular, along with why you should get one.

What Is a Master of Arts in Marketing?

Marketing helps individuals understand how they can create advertisements and implement promotional strategies. Sound marketing techniques attract the right people who are most likely to become loyal customers. They keep coming back for more and are likely to recommend you, which helps form the backbone of your business. Marketing solutions promote brand credibility, a positive brand image, and improved customer experience, which allows your business to come into the limelight. 

Primary Benefits of Master of Arts in Marketing Degrees

Now that you know why marketing is so important to businesses, it is time to look at the benefits of obtaining a degree:

Great Payouts

It has been estimated that an individual with a Master’s degree earns 20% more on average compared to a professional with a Bachelor’s degree. If you already have a Bachelor’s in Marketing, then opting for a Master’s program can maximize your earning potential. 

A Master’s degree also opens up further avenues to attain new technological skills. If you are not already hired, a Master’s degree can increase your chances of being recruited by renowned companies. Many programs also include coursework related to key business leadership competencies. This makes you suitable for managerial roles as well.

Reinforces Marketing Expertise 

Many marketing departments have employees from diverse academic backgrounds, with most having degrees in history, humanities, or English. Here’s why a Master’s degree can be beneficial:

  • A Master’s degree expands your knowledge base, improves reasoning skills, embeds a practical skill set, and makes students aware of modern best practices.

  • Strategic courses also allow students to become experts, attain fluency in quantitative and qualitative analysis and obtain a brand-new vision.

  • The growing marketing field accepts experienced individuals with sound knowledge of best practices and new marketing techniques.

Aids Career Advancements

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that individuals switch between 12 jobs. Marketing is a superb field for business-savvy people looking for a more creative outlet. The degree offers the relevant knowledge and skills required to pursue marketing as a professional. You can launch a brand new career in marketing and even get promoted to a higher management or C-suite leadership role.

Attainable in a Short Span

A major difference between a marketing degree and MBA is the time it takes to complete each program. Specialized marketing courses can be completed in only 15 months, whereas other Master’s degrees, such as an MBA, will take two years to complete. 

This short period can quickly help an individual become an expert in the marketing field and experience career growth. The best part is that students with both marketing and non-marketing backgrounds can benefit from this.

What Does a Typical Master of Arts in Marketing Syllabus Include?

  • Data manipulation and visualization

  • Digital marketing

  • Reinventing your business model

  • Strategic marketing management

  • Strategic brand management

  • Design-thinking and product development

  • Data analytics for marketing

  • Marketing business KPI and business planning

  • Pricing strategy

  • Sustainability-driven marketing


A Master of Arts in Marketing degree can be a great way to launch your career in the marketing field. Expect a great salary, multiple opportunities, and chances for growth and promotions. You can also study online while working part-time to use your time effectively. 

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