13 Tips to Make Your Videos More Appealing

Tips to Make Your Videos More Appealing

Video is a powerful medium for conveying your message to the world. 

As the use of digital video continues to grow, it's important that you stay ahead of the game and ensure that your videos stand out from the crowd. 

Here are 13 tips to help you.

1. Invest in quality equipment: 

Your viewers can tell if you have used low-quality cameras, lighting, and microphones. Investing in good quality equipment will not only improve the look and sound of the videos but also give viewers confidence in your brand. LA businesses often hire this video production in Los Angeles to ensure that the latest technology and professional equipment are used in their videos. This makes all the content look polished and professional.

2. Get creative with camera angles: 

Camera angles can be used to create different visual effects and add drama to your videos. Experiment with different shots, such as close-ups, wide-angle shots, or aerial footage using a drone.

3. Add motion graphics: 

Motion graphics are an excellent way to draw attention to certain aspects of your video and offer an extra layer of professionalism.

Animations can also be used to explain complicated concepts quickly and easily. It is not that difficult to record a stop-motion, for example, or add it after.

4. Choose background music carefully: 

Background music has a huge impact on how viewers perceive any given scene in a video, so choose wisely when selecting music for your project.

Also, try experimenting with sound effects as they can help bring certain emotions out from the audience, such as suspense and excitement.

5. Make sure audio levels are balanced: 

Audio is just as important as visuals when it comes to making a great video, so work on all audio levels and find a balance throughout the entire production process – this includes dialogue, background noises, and any music you might consist of too.

6. Have clear objectives for each scene: 

Before shooting, think about what you desire from each scene of the video to do – does it need to set up an idea or concept? Do you want it to convey a feeling?

Having clear objectives will help ensure that each shot is effective in achieving its purpose and contributes towards creating a successful piece overall.

7. Utilize natural lighting whenever possible: 

Natural lighting can often produce much better results than artificial lighting when filming indoors (or outdoors). 

Plus, using natural light means that you don't need additional lights or stands, which saves both time and money. 

If natural light isn't available, then softbox lights are generally considered best for achieving even lighting without being too harsh on skin tones or surfaces – this will also help reduce shadows in your footage too.

8. Use color grading techniques where appropriate: 

Color grading involves adjusting colors within a video clip so that they match one another more effectively (such as making sure skies appear blue). 

It is an excellent way of adding an attractive look & feel during post-production stages, again helping create higher levels of engagement from viewers.

9. Incorporate subtitles into scenes: 

Subtitles allow people who might struggle with hearing issues (or simply having their sound turned down) to get access to vital information from within your videos; plus, it helps break up walls of text which could otherwise put off potential viewers from watching further.

10. Knowledgeably work with titles: 

Titles are key for introducing new characters and topics during any given scene or segment, so they should always be treated with respect when featured in a video.


Keep titles brief yet informative, ensuring they accurately reflect what is coming up next without giving away too much information at once.

11. Take advantage of slow motion:

Slowing down certain parts of footage allows us to see elements or movements that would otherwise go unnoticed at regular speed; plus, it helps add emotion and excitement to scenes if done correctly. 

When using slow-motion footage, make sure you have selected clips that showcase movement clearly without looking "jerky".

12. Employ green screens:

Green screens offer an easy and cost-effective way of digitally adding backgrounds onto sets that otherwise wouldn't be possible; think weather reports, spaceships, and so on.

Take as long as you need to prepare the green screen before shooting by ensuring there are no creases, dirt marks, etc.; this will save time when you are in the post-production stage.

13. Enhance visuals through editing: 

Editing is key for bringing everything together after shooting; use effects such as fades, wipes, and dissolves sparingly yet effectively—these transitions should always serve some purpose rather than simply being added randomly. 

Improving color saturation and contrast values during editing helps add life to clips that sometimes appear flat due to filming them directly.

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