Top 9 Essential Elements Every College or School Website Must Have

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever for schools and colleges to have their own websites. First of all, a website facilitates online presence and helps educational facilities drive more learners. It allows to streamline a variety of administrative procedures, create a seamless channel for communication between students, teachers, and parents, and also share important information concerning fees, schedules, extracurriculars, etc. What’s more, having a website helps create a brand image and showcase your facility’s level of education. Lastly, it can even help drive potential investors. 

While there are many reasons to build a website for your school or college, there are also a few challenges associated with it. Since most educational facilities won’t have an in-house IT specialist to design a proper website, there are many mistakes that schools allow on their sites.

To help you avoid this, a professional online paper writer from a trusted essay writing service for high school and college students who also specializes in web design has prepared a list of must-have website elements that every school and college should consider. Let’s dive in!

  1. About Us Section

First of all, a website is meant to inform parents, potential students, and investors about you. Of course, they will want to know as much as possible about your facility. Thus, an About Us section is a must.

In this section of your website, you should share the history of your school. Also, it will be great to state your values and mission. All these things will help you build a solid image and gain more enrollments.

  1. Admissions Information

In order to attract potential students, you need to keep them informed on your admissions process. Thus, having a website section dedicated to this matter is also a must.

In this part of your website, you need to provide accurate and relevant info about the deadlines and requirements for your admissions process. Also, it should contain all the details concerning fees and tuition.

  1. Handy Resources for Students

These days, students of all academic levels rely a lot on different tools. They use academic writing services to write my paper for best price, hire online tutors, and actively seek additional sources and tools to support their academic success.

By featuring a section with handy resources and tools for current students on your website, you will show them your care and support. Though this might not be an obligatory element of your website, it’s good to have it to help your students achieve success.

  1. Academics Information

Important to provide actual information to students fromsites like Essayhub reviews. You also have to tell your existing and potential students about your academic programs. In this section, provide an overview of the offered programs and courses. Also, share brief descriptions for every program.

Also, you must feature relevant info for current students. Namely, there should be full information on their schedules, grades, and course materials. This will help you ensure that your students always stay aware of what is going on in their academic lives.

  1. Faculty and Staff Directory

The teachers and faculty staff who work for you are the voice and face of your facility. Therefore, it’s crucial to let parents and students get to know them better. For this purpose, every school or college website needs to have an up-to-date faculty and staff directory with photos, names, and other details that will help students and parents meet your staff and learn more about them.

  1. Campus Life

This next element is a must-have because it will help you keep both potential and existing students engaged. This section of the website should be dedicated to everything that’s going on campus. This can include information about different events, news, clubs, student organizations, etc.

For existing students, this website element is a great chance to stay aware of what’s happening around them and participate in campus life. And for potential students, this section will help them get an idea of what their life in your school or college will be like.

  1. Contact Us Section

Once you create an online presence for your school or college, you have to ensure that students and parents will be able to reach out, ask questions, or provide feedback. That’s why you must include a section with relevant contact information.

This section should specify your facility’s physical address, email, and phone numbers. Also, you can feature a contact form to let website visitors ask questions or provide feedback quickly and easily.

  1. Social Media Integration

Modern students are digital natives. Over 80% of them are on social media almost constantly. And they want their favorite brands, the best research paper writing services, and even their teachers and schools to be there too.

Thus, the only way to build a better bond with them is to establish social media presence for your school. And once you do this, it’s also crucial to add your school’s social media pages to your website so that visitors can quickly find your accounts and follow them to keep up with the news.

  1. Clear Navigation

Finally, the last one on our list isn’t exactly a section of a website. Yet, it’s a feature that must always be there.

When you have so many elements on your site, you want to ensure that visitors will be able to navigate through them with ease. To make this real, you need a concise and user-friendly menu. This essential feature will let users quickly find the needed information on your site. Besides, user-friendliness and seamless navigation will also be rewarded by search engines in the form of placing your website higher in search results.

The Bottom Line

Having a website can help schools and colleges attain many goals at once. However, to make the most out of it, it’s important to create a wise website design that has everything visitors are looking for.

Luckily, now you know about the main must-have elements of such websites. Use this knowledge to build a great website that will bring you benefits!

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