Web Designing for Contractors: Useful Tips From the Pros

Whether it’s advertising your services or providing potential customers with an easy way to get in touch, your website should be perfectly designed for your target audience and tailored to your needs. However, designing one that meets these requirements isn't always easy. That's why you should always consult the experts on their best tips for successful web design for contractors! This blog post will cover all of the elements necessary for creating an effective online presence for contracting businesses. So sit back, grab yourself a cup of coffee (or tea), relax, and read on as we divulge our top web designing hacks for contractors!

Keep It Simple

When it comes to modern aesthetics, less is usually more which is why you should focus on simplicity. You can check out a new website design just launched and see how simplicity can still incorporate every important aspect that you may need. A page that’s overloaded with too many bells and whistles can make it difficult for users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. You should prioritize user experience, ensuring that key points like contact information, services provided, and customer testimonials are easily accessible. 

By providing necessary content succinctly and accurately, you’ll be able to create an efficient site while keeping users engaged. Ultimately, streamlining your website will help ensure that customers stay on your page without getting overwhelmed or frustrated by information overload. Designing a simple yet functional website is one of the most important things you can do when creating a web page for your contracting business.

Create Educational Content 

As a contractor, creating educational content for your website should be high on your priority list. Content such as tutorials and webinars can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field, as well as show potential customers the value you bring to their projects. 

Furthermore, ongoing engagement with readers can result in stronger relationships which could lead to collaborations and powerful referrals down the line. When you have quality, relevant content that educates people on topics related to contracting, visitors may come back time and time again to continue learning and keep a closer eye on your business — all leading to more awareness and increased opportunities.

For example, you could create a “Project of the Week” series where you document the progress of a specific project step by step. This gives potential customers an inside look at how you work and what kind of results they can expect when they hire you. Additionally, sharing your knowledge on topics such as budgeting for home improvement projects or proper safety protocols can help you establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy contractor in the eyes of your customers.

Add Your Portfolio

As a contractor, it's essential to think beyond the basics when it comes to creating a website. An excellent strategy to showcase your work is by creating an eye-catching portfolio page. This portfolio page should highlight any projects you have completed or are currently working on. 

Adding it serves as visual proof of your experience and skill set, showing potential customers what they can expect if they hire you. Focusing on having engaging visuals, concise text, and a straightforward navigation structure is key when designing this page. Creating an effective portfolio page is the perfect way to appeal to those looking for a skilled contractor!

This is crucial for people who will be choosing between you and some other competitors. Providing a portfolio page that stands out from the rest can help you land those lucrative contracts.

Use Simple Language 

As a contractor or business owner, the overall goal should be to communicate with your website visitors in a way that feels natural, with simple and friendly language. Using simple language is one of the key elements needed to create an effective website design. It allows you to quickly and easily explain who you are and what services your company offers without being too long-winded or complex. Here are some pointers to achieve this:

  • use analogies

  • use examples

  • plain language

  • define terms

  • break them down

  • use visuals

  • tell a story

By using clear and straightforward language, it also shows potential customers that they can trust you with their project. A user-friendly design featuring simple vocabulary also leads to better retention as users have an easier time understanding what your business has to offer. Using simple language helps create an appealing, professional website design for your contracting business that both customers and search engines will appreciate.

Make It Mobile-friendly

Making a website for your contracting business mobile-friendly should be an important consideration when designing. With the majority of people using smartphones to access the internet, having a site that is optimized for mobile means it will load quickly and look great no matter what device your customers are using. Not only does this help ensure your content reaches as many people as possible - it also lets you stand out from the competition by showing that you care about executing a comprehensive strategy. 

Furthermore, by utilizing the latest technologies behind mobile-friendly web design, your contractor business website could provide an immersive and engaging experience for customers. Optimizing your site so it can look beautiful on any device makes sure you’re staying ahead of the game in terms of digital marketing, allowing you to reach more prospects and build more credibility with potential clients!


As a contractor, making sure your website looks and feels professional is key to gaining the trust of potential customers. One way to ensure it is an asset to your business is by adding a CTA (call-to-action) button. This makes it easy for customers to interact with your site - whether they want to call you or read more about your services - by providing them with direct links to do so. It helps build a connection and bring potential customers one step closer down the journey of becoming loyal, repeat customers of your contracting business. 

For example, if you’re offering a free estimate for potential customers, adding a CTA that says “Get Your Free Estimate Today!” or something similar can help draw attention to your unique selling point. Designing an effective button also ensures you remain memorable in the minds of those browsing your site and makes it more likely they’ll take the next step to contact you. So if you're looking for ways to create a great web design for your contracting business, don’t forget about adding an effective CTA button!

Utilize Testimonials 

Comments and praise from former customers should always be welcome on your website and overall marketing strategy. You should strongly consider doing this and even creating a separate section for it. Testimonials not only provide the opportunity to highlight your excellent track record but also give potential customers an impression of quality and trustworthiness. 

The best way to maximize the impact of client testimonials is to make sure they’re persuasive, written in the customer’s own words, and that they include enough specifics about the project or service provided. This will help demonstrate both your range as a contractor and show visitors that others have had great experiences working with you - meaning they can too! When put together thoughtfully, testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool for any contracting business.

Create A FAQ section 

Another great addition, especially for contracting businesses as they have a specific area of expertise, is to create a FAQ section that caters to potential clients' individual questions and queries. While it may take some time to initially put together, it can lead to more efficient and successful customer interactions down the road, as well as an overall superior website experience. 

Additionally, having a FAQ section allows one to better personalize their services within the constraints of their specific brand and mission. It can help build trust among clients, make it easier for customers to find what they need on your site, and provide answers to their questions within the same experience. 

For example, if you offer roofing services, you could include questions about the type of products and materials you use, as well as answers to common issues related to roof installation that customers may have. This helps make your website more informative and easier to navigate for potential customers who are looking for solutions to their problems. 

Incorporate Branding Materials 

If you are a contractor looking to build an engaging website for your business, think about incorporating branding materials into your website design. Used properly, these can help create an online presence that is both creative and aesthetically pleasing. Think about how you want to represent yourself and your services through custom designs, colors, and logos that draw people to your website. 

Doing so will make you stand out amongst the competition and will ensure that potential customers see the professional image you wish to present. Incorporating branding materials into your website design may just be the key to creating an unforgettable (and profitable) web presence!

Working as a contractor isn’t easy – so any marketing strategy is valuable. The website design should always be included in this roadmap. It is an essential part of having success both online and off. By careful consideration for simplicity, education, portfolio presentations, language choice, mobile friendliness, call-to-actions, testimonials, FAQs, and your brand’s materials you can take the necessary steps to ensure success with your website design. Along with other helpful tips from Jane Friedman, ensure that your web design fits within your contract's business plan for continued success on the job.

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