How To Use The Curvature Pen Tool In Photoshop

The Pen Tool is one of the most used tools in Photoshop.  The tool is mostly used to create graphics and vector shapes.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have a hard time grasping how to use the tool due to it's many uses.  With a recent update, Adobe have created a tool within the pen tool called the curvature tool.  This tool uses all of the Pen Tool features within one tool.

Want to know how to use the Curvature Pen tool works?  Well in this tutorial we will be using various different shapes to show exactly how to use it. 

Step One

We first need to create a guide sheet.  With Photoshop open, create a new file and select the default size.  Next we next need to create some shapes to practice with so click and hold the rectangle shape and click on the custom shape option. If we go up to the tool bar and click into custom shape tool options to find the shapes we need.  If you don not see all of the shapes, you will need to click on the settings cog wheel to the right and choose All and when Photoshop asks if you want to replace the shapes, choose OK.

Step Two

First find the circle shape and create it, do this with the heart, moon and shield.  With the shapes made, make sure to go to the Layer Panel and rename the shapes so you know what shape layer you are on.

With the shapes created, our next step is to turn down the opacity of the shapes so that we can see have them as guides but we can see how we are using the Curvature Pen Tool.  Go to the Layers panel, select the circle layer and then go to Opacity and change it to 30%.  Do this with the rest of the shapes.

Step Three

With our guide created we can begin to use the Curvature Pen Tool.  Select the tool by going to the Pen Tool, click and hold and select Curvature Pen Tool or P for the shortcut.  If you can't find the tool, go to Edit > Toolbar and if you have extra tools they will be in the Extra Tools in the left panel and then find the Curvature Pen tool, find the Pen Tool in the Toolbar and drag the Curvature Pen Tool into it and then click Done.

Step Four

Click the top of the circle to make the first point,

Click on the the left side of the circle to create the second point.  It may just be looking like how the Pen Tool behaves but we still need to add more points.

Step Five

Click the bottom of the circle next to create a third point.  At this point you should see how the Curvature works as it's already created a curve.

Next, continue around the circle by adding a point on the right side of the circle and then add the last point where you started to close the circle.  To know if you are closing the shape hover over your point until you see a O appear.

Well done! You created your first shape with the Curvature Pen Tool.  Now we will move on to a slightly more difficult shape, a heart!

Step Six

As you can see the heart has a mixture of sharp edges and curves.  Starting from the center and working to the left, make a point at the middle of the heart, then the top and then the side.

Next make a second point half way down and then at the bottom of the heart.

Step Seven

Once you've made the point at the bottom double-click on the point so that it converts into an angle instead of a curve.  Proceed around the right side to make points.

Once you get to the top and close of the shape, you will need to double-click the point to turn into a angle instead of a curve like we previously did.

Step Eight

You might need to go back around the shape to fix any of the curves or lines.  To do this, you click on the point and drag into desired position.  You can also add new points by clicking throughout the shape and then dragging.  Lastly, you can also remove any of the points.  To do this you click on the point to activate it and then press the backspace key.  To know if you point is activated or not, it will turn blue.

The last two shapes have difficult lines and curves too, if you want to practice more, save the guide below for yourself!

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