Airbrushing Skin In Adobe Photoshop

using the blur tool to airbrush

Airbrushing of a model's skin has been a very common practice in the photo editing industry for some time. This short tutorial will teach you how to airbrush skin in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Import an image that you wish to edit.

Step 2: Select the polygonal lasso tool and trace an outline around the area the face.

using the polygonnal lasso tool to trace an outline
Outline Traced Using The Polygonal Lasso Tool

Step 3: After tracing an outline around the face, select the option "subtract from selection" so that you can trace around other parts of the face and keep your previous traces.

Step 4: Using the polygonal lasso tool trace around the eyes, mouth and nostrils next.

tracing around the face
                   Outline Traced Around The Eyes, Mouth and Nostrils 

Step 5: Now use the polygonal lasso tool to trace around the eyebrows.

tracing around facial features
Eyebrows Traced Using The Polygonal Lasso Tool

Step 6: Go to Layer, New and select New Layer Via Copy and press the eye symbol to turn the first layers visibility off so you can only see the outline you traced on the face with the polygonal lasso tool.

creating a new layer via copy
The Traced Outline Of The Face

Step 7: Go to Filter, Blur and then select Gaussian Blur.

selecting a gaussian blur
Selecting The Gaussian Blur

Step 8: Set the radius of the blur to 15 pixels.

adding a gaussian blur
Applying The Gaussian Blur

Step 9: Press the eye symbol again so that the first layer is now visible. The layer with the Gaussian Blur is on top of the original image so the skin on the face will now appear smoother due to the blur that was applied.

the blur effect on the face
The Blur Effect On The Skin


before airbrush
Before Airbrush Was Applied


after airbrush
After The Airbrush Was Applied

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