How To Remove Green Eye In An Image

dog with green eye
Green Eye In A Photo

This tutorial will teach you how to remove green eye in pictures. Green eye commonly occurs in dogs and cats. This picture of a dog needs to be edited because the dog’s eyes appear green due to an effect the camera flash has on animals’ eyes. I will use the polygonal lasso tool, the sponge tool, the burn tool and the blur tool.

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop and import the image you wish to edit.

Step 2: Use the zoom tool to zoom in closer on the dogs’ eyes.

zoom on dogs face
Zoomed In On The Dogs Face

Step 3: Select the polygonal lasso tool and trace around the green part of the dogs eyes.

tracing the eyes using polygonal lasso tool
The Trace Around The Dogs Eyes Using The Polygonal Lasso Tool

Step 4: Select the sponge tool and set the size to approximately 15 pixels. Make sure the mode is set to desaturate and click over the dogs eyes so the green colour will desaturate.

using the sponge tool to desaturate colour in the eyes
Using The Sponge Tool To Desaturate The Colour In The Eyes

Step 5: Select the burn tool and set the range to shadows and the exposure to 17% and click on the eyes to make them darker.

using the burn tool
Using The Burn Tool To Darken The Dogs Eyes

Step 6: Select the blur tool and set the size to approximately 10 pixels and the strength to 15%. Click and go around the pupils so it will appear smoother and less sharp and jagged.

using the blur tool to smooth out the eyes
Using The Blur Tool To Make The Eyes Appear Smoother

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