How to add a texture in Blender

texture in blender
sample texture in blender

In this tutorial you will learn how to add a texture in Blender using Cycles render.

Step 1

Using the texture you have made or imported change the default screen layout to compositing for a detailed result.

changing layout to compositing 

Step 2 

Change blender render to cycles render at the top of the screen.
Blender Render

Cycles Render

Step 3

Right click in the plane, click on the material button on the top right corner of the screen, click new.

adding a material

Step 4

If a material is already in place use the subtract button then press new.

subtracting the existing material 

Step 5

Click on the dot right of the white colour.

Step 6

Select image texture, press open and navigate to the image you want to use, once selected open the image/texture.
opening a image texture

Step 7

To map the image on the plane go to edit mode by pressing Tab or changing it from the bar menu.

changing to edit mode

Step 8

Press A to deselect then A again to select everything. go to mesh, UV unwrap, unwrap.

unwrapping the cube

Step 9

On the left side the plane will be unwrapped. Next load the image.

applying the image onto the cube

Step 10 

Switch back to object mode, switch back to the default layout, go to render to see the result.

changing to rendered view

Rendered result 

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