How to model and texture a chair in Blender

chair in Blender
Chair with texture

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a basic chair and add a texture onto the chair.

Step 1

Delete the default cube by pressing X and then clicking on delete.

with no cube 

Step 2

Add mesh plane or shift A mesh and plane.Zoom in with the middle mouse button, or press 1 for a side view, press Tab to go into edit mode it should turn orange. E to extrude.

plane that's extruded

Step 3 

Press 7 on the number pad to get a better view. Use the middle mouse button to zoom in or out.

top down view of the plane in edit mode

Step 4

Press ctrl R to create a loop and place a loop at each side. Total of 4 loops.

plane with four loops

Step 5

Select face select. 

face select

Step 6 

Press the number 8 to flip to the opposite side(underneath the plane),Select one box then press Shift and right click on each of the boxes.

plane with all four corners selected

Step 7 

Press number 1, press E to extrude to your desired length. Use the middle mouse button to move around to get different angles.

plane with all legs

Step 8 

Press A to deselect, select one side and E to extrude. 

top down view with one side selected

basic model of a chair

Step 9 

To add a texture onto the chair go to materials bar on the top right corner of the screen, click on new.

adding a new material

Step 10

Change the specular to zero so a glossy effect wont appear onto the chair.

lowering the specular

Step 11 

Go to the texture section beside the material on the top right corner, click on new, change the type image to image and movie, click on open and navigate to your texture that you have downloaded.

adding a new texture

importing a texture

Step 12 

The texture will look like this on the chair, to fix this the texture needs to be unwrapped. Change object mode to edit mode.
changing to edit mode
chair with texture

Step 13 

Go to mesh, uv unwrap, unwrap. this will fix the texture on the chair.


rendered result 

finished chair with a texture

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